What Is No Cost Income Stream 2.0

No Cost Income Stream 2.0 package promises to help you  earn  multiple  streamsThe Cashed Up Nomad of income online, without spending money. Hi, I’m Janelle, founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com. This website is all about finding honest and lucrative ways to earn your freedom online, so you can be free to do the things you love. NCIS 2.0 looks like a promising idea. Will it work for you? Let’s take a look.

No Cost Income Stream 2.0 REVIEW

Name: No Cost Income Stream 2.0
Website: www.nocostincomestream.com
Price: $37 USD
Owners: Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts, Jeff Wellman
Overall Rank: 68 out of 100

What is NCIS 2.0 ?

NCIS 2.0 is a downloadable course that teaches affiliate marketing. It has been around for a few years now, which means that you can trust it to some degree. In the world of affiliate marketing a shyster will be fed to the wolves by his competitors if he is found to be a ripoff. Scams don’t last long anymore because the reviewers will shout it from the rooftops. They love to expose a scam and so do I.No Cost Income Streams Directors

In the case of NCIS 2.0, I am really happy to report that the owners  have been honest internet marketers since 1999. They are legitimate and have solid reputations. Eric is on the left.

What do you get for $37.00?

You get 89 videos! That sounds daunting, I know! Personally, I don’t mind paying for education if I can see value. If I was completely new to internet business I would consider buying this just for a broad introduction to affiliate marketing.

What Eric sells is freely available on the internet, but it would take a learner almost a lifetime to find it, even if you know what to search for. In my other reviews I have slammed marketers for selling free stuff , but in this case Eric is honest enough to tell you that is what he does.

The videos clearly outline 16 methods to get traffic and buyers to your products. I’m really pleased they don’t teach the social media spamming methods that some programs use. Spam is not a legitimate or effective business technique.

They show you how to become an affiliate with shopping sites like Amazon and earn commissions  selling other people’s products. This is the essence of affiliate marketing. They show you strategies using free videos for your campaigns.

They explain how to leverage social media to drive traffic to your site and therefore (hopefully) make some sales. You can also learn how to create your own e-products and successfully launch them.

You will be introduced to email marketing and free list building software. No Cost Income Streams reviewYou will see how to set up a free autoresponder for your email campaigns. You can find out where to get free websites and free keyword research tools.

Some of the courses can be downloaded as PDF files.

The real value here is that the information is sourced, broken down and presented in very simple videos for you.
There is enough information in the videos that you could  make money.

What are the risks with NCIS 2.0 ?

  • The risk is more about how much time you might waste on an introductory course, when you could get a genuine education from a better provider. It will take a while to get through all of the Eighty Nine videos! Then there are the upsells to dodge around. You quickly learn to block them out.
  • If you get totally lost amongst the 89 videos, unfortunately there is no real support system to help you out. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and that makes it easy to back out and look for another shiny object to throw your money at.
  • I think it would be a better system if they had a forum or a chat group where members could bounce their ideas and get feedback from other marketers. There are times when just knowing that others are having the same problems, gives you the resilience to continue.
  • Some of the software in this package are redundant and the work takes too long because free versions typically have a number of manual steps.

The free keyword research tool is a good example. To find a quality keyword you need to click and scroll in search for every word… then you take notes about your findings…then you manually compare the metrics …then you choose a keyword. It is annoying and there are far better ways to do keyword research.

  • Also, beware of using free websites because some of them have a poor record for rankability and the user experience can be disappointing. These are important factors in internet marketing.

The best I can suggest with NCIS 2.0 is to simply work through each and every video including the bonus videos. Just follow the instructions. They are numbered instead of using titles, which makes it easy to follow but difficult to review unless you take more notes.  Watch the NCIS sales video below, if you have 22 minutes to spare.

Tools for Better NCIS 2.0

Bonus tools are included but they are more suited to advanced users.

  •  The Graphics Tool Course  has it’s own 14 video training course. The best thing about this is that you also get the resale rights for this product and when used successfully , can earn back your initial investment over and over.
  •  The Video Maker Course with 11 videos, free SCREENCASTING tools and more resale rights.
  •  The $100K Affiliate Marketing Course, a 127 page PDF book on how to choose the right offers and outsourcing your content work.
  •  10 Private Label Rights Course about how to publish your own online magazine, cover graphics, reports and more.

Troubleshooting at NCIS 2.0

If you have problems working through the videos, there is an email contact and a help ticket link. It is hard to know if the link is broken or unmanned. Either way, there has been some negative feedback about a lack of response.

But, it’s not such a big deal because, like I said in the beginning, all of this information is available free on the internet anyway. You will eventually find your answer by googling.

Cost of NCIS in USD

You could be forgiven to think that No Cost would mean No Cost! Of course, that is what caught your attention in the first place. It did for me!
The No Cost Income Stream 2.0 actually costs $37 USD
With a 60 day and 100% money back guarantee, as a Clickbank listed product you can feel safe about refunds… but always, always read the fine print.

Is No Cost Income Stream 2.0 for you?

Is $37 too much to pay for all the free information Eric has jammed into this package? I don’t think so. So long as you don’t expect it to be an instant success and don’t think that this is the complete encyclopedia of making money online.

You are guaranteed to learn the jargon of affiliate marketing and the strategies they use to drive traffic and make money. NCIS is like a peephole into affiliate marketing, you only see a little bit, not the full picture.
Once you get a glimpse of what is possible you will want to build on it and find a better and more supportive environment for learning and growing your business.No Cost Income Streams

My Opinion of No Cost Income Stream 2.0

Are the owners legit?…YES
Is the product legit?…YES
Will you earn money? IT IS POSSIBLE
Is it safe? YES. NCIS has been around for a few years now and it is cheap. Your risk factor increases dramatically with those expensive upsells.
Can I do it anywhere? YES
Would I buy it? NO
Why not? It is a waste of your valuable time because a lot of the free software is cumbersome and slow. You can do better.

To invest this amount of my time learning how to create a lasting business online, I would choose a course that provides the complete range of training and support. You will need it it some point, why muck around?

People starting out on the internet marketing journey have various learning styles, time constraints with jobs and family and cost considerations. They don’t have time to waste and they need flexible training schedules. They need teachers who are available to give fast and reliable answers about all aspects of internet business.

Most importantly they want quality instructions that develop a successful business to carry them into a more comfortable financial situation. See what I think is the best choice here.
If you are serious about learning how to make money online, you can find a better program than NCIS 2.0.

Name: No Cost Income Stream 2.0

Website: www”>www.nocostincomestream.com

Price: $37 USD

Owners: Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts, Jeff Wellman
Overall Rank: 68 out of 100no cost income stream

The Cashed Up Nomad is all about finding honest and lucrative ways to earn your freedom online. The criteria to my review scores is simple. No Boss, No Stock, No Warehouse, No Big Cash Outlays and No Scams. Check TheCashedUpNomad.com SCAM ALERT Category for warnings.

My Top Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate

Would you like to earn your freedom online with an internet business? Drop me a line in the comment box and tell me your opinion of this review.


Go really well from Janelle
Founder of TheCashedUpNomad.com         Earn Your Freedom Online



  1. braxa0103@gmail.com said:

    This was a very good review.

    There are so many affiliate marketing training courses out there in the marketplace and it can get very confusing for aspiring affiliate marketers to find a reliable source of training to invest in.

    This review discusses this training opportunity from a position of integrity and i think that anyone reading this post will be able to determine whether this opportunity is suitable for them.

    February 9, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks for your complimentary reply sir.

      February 9, 2016
  2. Derek Marshall said:

    HI there,

    I absolutely adore the name of this site and salute your creative genius in coming up with the name cashed up nomad.

    No cost income stream does look like a decent product of 89 videos. It might flag up some scam alerts in people because the videos for the internet and did not make them themselves but it does take a heck of an amount of time to trawl the internet to find them.

    March 7, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Just to be clear Derek, I am not recommending No Cost Income Stream version 1 or 2. Thank for your compliments on my domain name. Go really well from janelle

      March 9, 2016
  3. Christine said:

    No Cost Income Stream seems very contradictory when they charge $37 for the program. 89 videos is a lot of videos to watch and be able to remember. They sound like they have great information in them but you can get this information for free anywhere on the internet. What I am looking for is not just a lot of information but help and support from other members which this system doesn’t seem to provide.

    March 21, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      No I am not recommending the No Cost Income Stream. You are not going to find the support that you need with that program.

      If you want to learn how to build a real online business and you want good support system, I would advise that you inspect the Wealthy Affiliate program, which is my no.1 recommendation for online business.

      March 21, 2016

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