What is Affiliate Millionaire Club? Is it Another Affiliate Scam? Read the Review.

Can you earn more than $500 per day for 5 minutes of press button work?

The short answer is…Of Course Not.! Yet The Affiliate Millionaire Club claims you can.  Is it a scam?

Well let’s review the facts.

The mission of TheCashedUpNomad.comAffiliate Millionaire Club Review is to find honest and lucrative opportunities  earning money from online business, wherever you are.   My search criteria is this…

No Stock, No warehouse, No boss, No big cash outlay and definitely No scams.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Review.

Name; Affiliate Millionaire Club

Website; www.affiliatemillionaireclub.com

Price; Well that depends..please keep reading.

Owners; Mo and Ahmed. Ameena, LLC.

Overall Rank; 25/100

Overview of Affiliate Millionaire Club

Mo and Ahmed are two guys marketing a revolutionary software package. The software enables automatic linking of a keyword tool + your Google Adsense account + your instant website + your affiliate links + ranks your website on google.mo and ahmed

Membership to Affiliate Millionaires Club gives you access to the software that supposedly makes it possible for complete newbies to set up (ten minutes) unlimited websites and affiliate links. Mo claims you can start earning $547  per day at affiliate marketing once you are set up. Then you just press a button which only takes five minutes each day.

After that you can own expensive cars and homes etc., etc., etc,.

What is good about Affiliate Millionaire Club?

  • You can choose your own products to promote.
  • Unlimited websites, hosting and domain names.
  • The revolutionary software does actually enable automatic linking of a keyword tool + your Google Adsense account + your instant website + your affiliate links.
  • The overall  concept of software auto linking the key techniques to achieve affiliate commissions is great.

What is not so good about Affiliate Millionaire Club?

  • The software concept needs a lot further development to make it successful in the real internet world
  • The unique content required to rank your site on Google must be generated by someone. This will take more than 5 minutes even if you outsource or steal it!
  • Hidden costs.You will be offered upsells ($195.00) to learn more about the foundation of websites ie;keywords, ranking, linking, content, etc.
  • The basic premise of the system is it works by spamming your Facebook contacts.
  • The techniques are blackhat and could get you banned from Facebook and Google.
  • SEO methods are not human enough to rank on search engines.
  • The testimonial videos on the Affiliate Millionaire Club website are actually paid actors.
  • Websites limit is 10 and domains are really sub – domains which can create ownership and ranking difficulties.

The Bad News

This guy on the right is just part of the scam. The link doesn’t work because I’m not going to

paid actor insult you with his video. If you really want to hear what he has to say about Affiliate Millionaire Club go to the website, just remember he is being paid to say it.

You can also find this same actor on a site called fiver.com where he sells his ‘acting’ services for 5 bucks. Ugh, it’s infuriating!

 Who is Affiliate Millionaire Club for?

If you already have an understanding of unique content generation using quality keywords and you know how to build out an authority website, you might possibly benefit a little from this program.

Be aware though, that  the content editor facility at AMC is extremely limited. Because of this problem I believe that, in its present form it is not very useful  even to experienced marketers.

WARNING. AMC is completely unsuitable to newcomers to affiliate marketing.

People taking their first steps in internet business would have a greater chance of success by learning a step by step method to affiliate marketing. There is a great deal to learn and you would need a good support service to help you, one that explains the whole process clearly.

What kind of training and resources are provided at Affiliate Millionaire Club?

The training to operate this system is downloaded as eBooks.  Unfortunately the information is sparse and incomplete. You will need to rely on Google and YouTube to fill in the many gaps. I have seen unanswered calls for help on the Affiliate Millionaire Club Facebook page.

You can send an email to “supportATaffiliatemillionaireclub.com and replace the AT with @”, this is quoted from their website term and conditions.

How much does it cost? The answer is crazy!

According to Mo at Affiliate Millionaire Club the software program should cost $997.00 because it is so unique (patent pending).

Let me warn you about the Affiliate Millionaire Club website. It is annoying from the start because a sales video will automatically self start and  there is no stop/pause button! Don’t you hate that?

The only way to stop the video is to leave the page. Then you will be prompted to ‘not leave’ and instead click to ‘stay on the page’. Now this is where it gets funny…

If you choose to ‘stay on the page’ the price goes down! True.

A new video starts up and this time you will be offered a discount to join. Now $997.00 drops to $495.00 wow! But no, I’m not paying $495, so I leave.

There comes the prompt again, please stay on the page!free really?

I stay and guess what? The price drops again, massively to $37.00. Double wow! From $997.00 to $37.00 (otherwise known as hype!).

I was enjoying this game, so I tried to leave again.

Yes, price drop, FREE, no I’m serious they offered it for FREE. (Is that a rat I smell?)

Just for the fun of it, I decide to leave the page again and… you won’t believe me…. so go check it out for yourself.

They are going to pay me $20.00 in exchange for my email address! (I’m not holding my breath for that 20 bucks!)

Sorry, I can’t tell you what the real price is. I’ve also read $67.00 and here along with the ‘daily sales figures’ of $2,054.00 and $1,248.50 etc., etc,.  is another price of $17.00.

Any guarantees?

Affiliate Millionaire Club  guarantee a 100% refund up to 60 days from purchase, on the condition that you prove you have worked the program 5 minutes every day for at least 45 days. How do you do that, I wonder?

To contact someone for help or a refund could be very time consuming seeing that it is outsourced to a third party.

platinum aff mill

Credit card payments.

If you do decide to pay one of their membership prices be aware that the payment system is not through a secure site.  Pay Pal would be safer, but Affiliate Millionaire Club payment system will only processes credit cards.

Also, when you make a payment, you may be receipted by AffiliateMillionaireClub.com or AMCLUB-HELP.com or CLICKBETTER.com. Three different accounts for  no obvious reason.

Final take on Affiliate Millionaire Club

I don’t think you are getting the full story from this company about what you really need to run a successful affiliate marketing business. There are important processes involved to create a great internet business. As with any business, you must learn and understand how affiliate marketing works before you can even think of taking short cuts with automation software.

Affiliate Millionaire Club VS WealthyAffiliate (the industry leaders.)

Wealthy Affiliate is an Open Learning Platform that teaches anyone how to build and grow a real affiliate marketing business. At Wealthy Affiliate there are no ‘press button’ magic tricks or promises of overnight millions. You actually have to learn and do the work to set up a real business. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be avoided.

Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s top ranked provider of affiliate marketing education. With over 800,000 active members, Wealthy Affiliate is a safe entry into online business. Read my Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review here where I have scored it 98/100.

I have done previous Wealthy Affiliate reviews which you can see here… 2014 and 2015 .

My final opinion

Those of you familiar with TheCashedUpNomad.com will know that I’m a boating girl.

After reviewing Affiliate Millionaire Club I went straight  down to the Marina to grab my trusty barge pole. I use it to fend off unwanted stuff.

As the saying goes, I would not touch this Affiliate Millionaire Club with a 20 foot barge pole. Steer Clear! The Cashed Up Nomad criteria forces a very low score for this ‘Club’.

Affiliate Millionaire Club

Website; www.affiliatemillionaireclub.comSCAM

Owners; Mo and Ahmed

Price; variable

Overall rank; 25/100

VERDICT;  Points for the concept only. Thumbs down.


Affiliate Millionaire Club recommends the affiliate payment network www.clicksure.com (based in Mauritius). As with all of your dealings with the different commission payment networks, you must read the terms and conditions clauses carefully.

Clicksure is the only affiliate network to charge sign up fees.

“Clause 1.8. Both Advertiser and Seller accounts are subject to a one time activation fee of $49.95 US Dollar.”- Clicksure.com

My Top Recommendation Wealthy AffiliateYou Can Be Successful In Internet Marketing, given the right training and support. Get it here.

Tell us what you think about this review and Affiliate Millionaire Club.

Share me, Tweet me, G+ me…and warn your entrepreneur friends about AMC.


Go really well

from Janelle     Founder of TheCashedUpNomad.com     ‘Earn Your Freedom Online’.



  1. Janette said:

    The one thing that really keeps me wondering is, how long does it take for scams like this to finally close up shop. It isn’t long after joining something like this that one finds that the scammers benefits far exceeds the scammees. Wealthy Affiliate is so wonderful in that the whole time your are improving and tweaking your website, you continue to learn and add to what you already know. Wealthy Affiliate is the one greatest treasure on the internet! Thanks Janelle!


    April 1, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Good question. I actually wanted to review another site called ‘work from no home’. It interested me because I’m always searching for honest and lucrative ways of earning on the internet that are suitable for travellers. I’m on the road and the ocean a lot so a regular business doesn’t suit me.
      ‘work from no home’ sounded like an opportunity. But when I looked into it, I found that they have SOLD OUT. When you see that for online training courses, you have to wonder, how is it even possible to sell out of digital products?
      So I guess one answer to your question is that when negative reviews and unhappy customers get enough exposure…then the guys bale out.
      Meanwhile, they gouge your wallet from every angle they can find. Stay alert!

      April 2, 2015
  2. Daisy said:

    Hi Janelle, Thank you so much for such a thorough review. I really got that message. I like your site and your style. Good stuff!

    April 1, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      My pleasure to pass on the information. Actually it wasn’t really a pleasure, it got me quite agitated. Do they think we are stupid? Thanks for the comment.

      April 1, 2015
  3. Moez Mekni said:

    That will be so great if my dream will come true
    Let me win $1,000,000 and change totaly my life .
    Please let my dream come so true
    Please let my dream come so true
    $1,000,000 can change totally my life

    Best Regards

    May 21, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Moez Hi. I’m sure a win of a million bucks would change everyone’s life! If you read the whole review of Affiliate Millionaire Club, you would have seen that I do not recommend it. Stay cool.

      May 25, 2016

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