What Is A Free Keyword Research Tool?

A free keyword research tool is a basic software program that simply generates keywords, like Google instant. Problem is, the free tools are limited in their usefulness. As you know, a keyword or key phrase is the cornerstone of your content. They are the target of a defined search, they tell google what your post is about.

How to get the most out of a free keyword research tool.rodeo barbie

If your site promotes and discusses all things related to let’s say….’rodeo’ for example, then your content will be created around that keyword. If your audience is also interested in ‘rodeo cowgirls,’ they will specifically search using those keywords, hoping to find the perfect match.

Most people rarely search past page one in google.

Which means you will be overlooked if you ain’t there, little pardner!

A keyword tool finds the words and phrases that are popularly searched. Google, Bing, Youtube and other search engines  analyse the relevance and quality of your post compared to all others for that same keyword and then rank it accordingly.

Google’s autosuggest.

The drop down you see when you type into the Google search box is a predictor, based on your own recent searches and popular searches. As a free keyword tool, Google Instant will show you what people are interested in, what they are searching for. But as a means to generate traffic to your site it won’t help. Why? Because it takes you to where the competition for your chosen keyword is most dense.

Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing search engine has created a good free keyword tool and offers the increasingly important ‘Long Tail Keywords’.  The advantages of the free Bing Keyword Tool are these..

  • All Data is from Organic Search
    All query volumes and keyword suggestions are based on organic search, not on paid search or search advertising data, giving you the most natural ideas and accurate numbers.
  • Up to 6 months of Data
    The Keyword Research tool shows stats and suggestions based on up to 6 months of historical data. No averages.
  • Keyword Ideas by Language and Country/Region
    The Keyword Research tool can generate keyword suggestions in wide range of languages and countries/regions, allowing you to fine-tune your keyword ideas for the markets you serve.
  • Research History
    Simplify your keyword research with a history of up to 25 keywords for quick access to prior topics you researched.

Youtube Keyword Tool

It helps you find long tails for your video SEO work. You do need an Adwords account to use Youtube Keyword Tol.. So it is a bit convoluted for beginners and tends to be biased to paid video promotion. And actually the search results are often not that relevant. Meh!

Amazon Keyword Tool

OK, so Amazon is the biggest shop in the world, right. As an Amazon affiliate, do you think it would be good to find a way to uncover the BUYER’S keywords that they use to search for their desired products.

Well there is a way and it is pretty simple. Just go to Amazon and put your keyword into their search bar at the top. A list will appear of what buyers are regularly searching for. As with all keyword research, you need to dig around and find the phrases to attract your niche audience. The Amazon keywords are directly liked to the volume of queries for that product.

You still need to seek out the other factors, like search volume and competition, but this is a great start point for Amazon Affiliates.

So what makes a good keyword?

In regard to trending or popular topics, a good keyword has the ability to compete strongly with keywords that are already ranked in the SERPs, (Search Engine Results Page.) 

How to judge a keyword’s ability to rank?

PsstIn sport and gambling, the best way to make sure you win is to reduce the odds, by eliminating competition. Right? With keywords too, we want to find the ones with the least competition. 

Example; If you enter a lottery with 100 tickets for sale what are your chances of winning, compared to a lottery with 100,000 tickets? Or if your team made it to the final playoff, you have a fifty – fifty chance of success, but at the beginning of the season you guys were just one of 50 teams in a bunch of rounds.

Even in business, it can sometimes be a good move to buy out your competition, therefore owning the whole sector.

Using keywords with low competition  will help you rank on page one, admittedly to a smaller audience. Combined with a solid quantity and quality of content and other important SEO practices, your website can have a large presence in your niche by using those low competition keywords. 

How to assess keyword competition.

Using our example keyword rodeo cowgirls, a Google search for that keyword will show 508,000 results. If I search for it again, inside quotation marks, google gives me a lesser count of 187,000 results for an exact match.  Scroll to the last page at the bottom. Yes 18 pages of “rodeo cowgirls” to compete with. That’s way too many, we’ll have to search for a better metric.

keyword research tool

High competition keywords are more difficult to rank.

But that doesn’t mean you should abandon your keyword. Refine it or expand it by digging around for another angle on the same idea.  Review the keyword list again. Let’s try “rodeo cowgirl barbie”. We are looking for an exact match, right?

Well, Boy Howdy!

The exact search result for that term, “rodeo cowgirl barbie” is 4, yes Sir, just 4. It should be easy to compete with four posts using that same long tail keyword. 

Good Keywords have two important metrics. 

1. A reasonable amount of interest (search volume)

2. A small number of competitors for that term.

One great and free Keyword Research Tool

KEYWORD.IO is a free keyword research tool.(http://www.keyword.io)

This has been independently developed by Robert Jung in Germany. In 2016 Robert also launched a Pro Version (paid) offering 80+ million keywords to play with.

Free Keyword.io gives keyword suggestions based on what already ranks for your query and is simple to use. I liked it because it can also generate great phrases (long tail keywords) to develop your new content around.

For our rodeo cowgirls case we got 92 keyword phrases. That is a good amount of ideas for posts that might have low competition, while staying within your niche.

keyword research

Keyword.io also has 3 other useful metrics to consider;

  • Search Trends; which logs the interest in your keywords over time, in web searches. The data is from 2004 till present. Rodeo cowgirls had a spike in search volume in January 2014.
  • Relevant terms; a list of words related to your keywords, which can give you a host of new ideas to work with.
  • Pages; You can view  (in live time) the pages (SERPs Search Engine Results Page) and websites of every post on page one competing with the same keyword. It is Google instant in disguise. For the cowgirl example, you can see below, the top ten spots are currently occupied by a couple of associations, facebook, wikipedia and a youtube.

keyword research

With the free keyword.io  tool you can estimate the interest in your keywords using the trend tab. With keyword.io pages tab you can view your immediate competition. A Google search for competition volume can be done manually, as explained above.

Research every keyword before you write an article. Why let it be buried on page 10?

Many Paid Keyword Tools on the market.

The paid keyword research tools automate the steps that we just did manually, therefore saving crazy amounts of our valuable time. Some keyword tools are more sophisticated and powerful and offer many more metrics, training and services.

Here is my shortlist of good paid Keyword research tools.

  • Wordtracker; 10 free searches, $27 per month – $99 per month, Competition metrics.
  • Keyword Discovery; 100 free searches, $29 per month – $199 per month, trends, comprehensive data
  • SEO Book; $10 per day, search volume, CPC, optional  $ervices, comprehensive data
  • Wordstream; 30 free searches, QSR (competition), search frequency and volumes
  • Jaaxy; 30 free searches, $19 per month pro, $49 per month enterprise version, comprehensive, QSR, volumes, est traffic, SEO rankability. 
  • Kraken Keyword Tool; $69 – $99 per month, advanced, complex, comprehensive.

I have used most of these paid Keyword Research Tools, not Kraken yet. For value, ease and speed I recommend Jaaxy. Read my review of this product.

I hope this post was helpful. Know your search volume and competition.My Top Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate

If you have any questions or want to tell me about a free keyword research tool, please leave a note below. To get all the training to be a competitive business online go to Wealthy Affiliate.

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Go with it and go well,

from Janelle.

Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com          ‘Earn your Freedom Online’

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  1. JP said:

    I’m a big fan of this keyword search tool because i’ve only been using it for a few months and I’ve been able to see that my site has been ranking in google and even getting on some of the top pages, which really got me excited to keep it going. Keep up the good reviews!!

    March 11, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thank you. I’m glad you found my review useful.

      March 11, 2016
  2. David said:

    This is a very interesting article, Janelle. Keyword.Io sounds like a very interesting tool. I tried to sign up for it , but was not able to do so. I like that it provides the first page of SERPs. Does it also give you some indication how your own article might rank against these on the top page? You state that JAAXY is your preferred too. Does JAAXY provide a way of comparing your own post against those on the top page?

    March 11, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi David. You can get your first page of serps by searching the keyword. Yes Jaaxy will give you your page rank and site analysis. There is another great tool called Moz that will show you how hard or easy it will be to ot rank competition.

      March 11, 2016
    • Robert said:

      Hey David, this is Robert from keyword.io. Sorry to hear you had problems signing up, I’m not aware of any problems. Please let me know if you continue to have problems and I’ll look into that!

      March 24, 2016
      • Janelle B.M. said:

        I think David’s problem with the io sign up is now resolved. Thanks for your input guys. Janelle

        March 25, 2016
  3. Riaz Shah said:

    Hey Janelle,
    The keyword toolio is really cool, I love its ability to give you a variety of related keyword choices from just one search.

    From there, I got a lot of ideas on what to write about but I still need to get a keyword tool which can give me the exact number of competitors and traffic and Jaaxy seems like the most affordable one. Definitely trying that out, thanks for taking the time to write this. Cheers!

    March 11, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks Riaz. Jaaxy has a new domain name checkability now too. So you can use Jaaxy to find super in demand keywords for a new site domain. Coolio toolio!

      March 11, 2016
  4. Robert said:

    Hi Janelle, Thanks for the nice write-up of keyword.io!
    There are a bunch of new free tools now like longtal keywords from different sources like bing, youtube, amazon and more.
    Since some people asked for it in the comments: There is now a PRO version for related keywords that include monthly search volume, competition and adwords prices for 80+million keywords.

    Greetings from a fellow nomad, currently @Vietnam,
    Robert from keyword.io

    March 24, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Welcome to the Cashed Up Nomad, Robert. I,ve been wanting to get to Vietnam for a couple of years. So many beautiful places, precious few days to a year!
      Thanks for dropping by to update us on the developments for io keyword tool. That is much appreciated. I’ll update this post with the Pro version info.
      Go well from Janelle and say Hi to everyone in Vietnam for me. Yes, everyone!

      March 25, 2016
  5. Heathguy33 said:

    Great post I didn’t know that YouTube and Amazon had a keyword tool. Is it true that if you aren’t on googles first page that you will be over looked? If so then why do they offer all the hundreds of extra pages?

    I will look into finding better key words for my post. Thank you for this wonderful article. I will bookmark your site.

    August 23, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      It is true that most people do not search far past first page on Google, some determined reader’s will go to page two or three but they will find that the info is less relevant as they move down the listings. I guess the reason they offer more pages is the juggle element. ie; one day your post is on page one and a few days later someone else’s story has newer or more relevant info so they get to page one and yours gets bumped down the list.

      August 31, 2016

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