Wealthy Affiliate Review – Can You Get Cashed Up?

This is my ultimate and final review of Wealthy Affiliate, who have been my top pick for four years running.

Everyone wants to know…

  1. How much money can affiliate websites make? We examine the profitability of niche websites and the Return On Investment – ROI.
  2. Is Affiliate Marketing A Real Business with a Real Future? Get the latest Statistics and forecasts. Find out which of the Big Names have affiliate programs in this $Billion Industry and find out 5 more ways to monetise a website.
  3. Who has succeeded with Wealthy Affiliate? 3 profiles of successful WA members and how affiliate marketing works for me.
  4. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? A quick walk through the Wealthy Affiliate free trial and the members classrooms. Get an insight into all of the other services Wealthy Affiliate provides.
  5. How to reduce the cost of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and still get ALL of the benefits.

Company Overview

Wealthy Affiliate Owners
This is Kyle and Carson the creators of Wealthy Affiliate. Click to See what they have in store for 2017. It’s amazing!

Name; Wealthy Affiliate

Owners; Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, Canada.

Website; www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Cost; Free 7 Day Trial, $19 first month, $49 per month, $399 annual

I have reviewed Wealthy Affiliate each year since 2014 because they keep upgrading the service. WA 2014. WA 2015. And this review from 2016, updated 2017. So I’m pretty clear on what kind of value this service provides. Every year they just get better, Kyle has laid out the WA 2017 plans here.

The Service;

Wealthy Affiliate can teach anyone to build a scalable online business with niche websites. The service includes training, website hosting, technical support and access to a community of professionals and beginners.

How much money can a WA website make?

So if Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to make profitable websites…how much money can you make?

ROI – Return On Investment –  It’s the big question on everyone’s lips.  “How Much Money Can I Make?” What is the Return on my investment?

Look at the calculations below for a website in the ‘household compost tumbler’ niche. I didn’t know just how popular compost tumblers were until I saw these heavy search numbers.

affiliate marketing

This ‘compost tumbler’ website is predicted to earn $4,269.02 per month. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms used in this image, let me translate it for you.


    • Main Keyword Searches; This website gets approximately 720 people searching in Google for the main keyword each month.
    • Longtail searches estimate; The combination of all the long tail keywords used get an estimated 310,320 searches per month (an example of a long tail keyword in this niche; “how to keep flies out of a compost bin”.)
    • Average SERP Position; Search Engine Results Page. Most posts on this website are found around position 5 on page one in Google , Yahoo or Bing.
    • Visit Affiliate Link; 40% of website visitors click on the affiliate link which takes them to a product on Amazon.
    • Amazon Purchase Rate; 5% of those visitors actually purchase a compost bin or other Amazon products.
    • Amazon Average Purchase; The average spend by a shopper on Amazon is $150.
    • Available Visitors; 310,320 + 720 = 311,040 total monthly searches.
    • Estimated CTR from SERP; Click Through Rate is 6.1% of visitors to the page one posts.
    • Visitors per Month; Site gets 6.1% of the total search number = 18,973 visitors.
    • Sent To Amazon; 40% of visitors click on the Amazon links. 18,973 x 40% = 7589 visitors get through to the Amazon sales page.
    • Actual Buyers; 5% of the 7589 visitors actually purchase a product 7589 x 5% = 379 purchases.
    • Amazon Rate; is the commission paid to the affiliate. The rate is based on sales volume, starting at 4% and increasing to 8%. This example is high volume on 7.5%
    • Predicted Monthly Income Total; Average Amazon Spend = $150 x 379 purchases = $56,850 x 7.5% Amazon Rate = $4,263.75

(OK so there is a discrepancy of $5.27 between my calculations and the example above, it’s because I left off the cent fractions. But you get the picture.)

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to profit from Amazon and all other affiliate programs. Learn to understand the importance of Keywords and searches, longtail techniques, SERPS, CTRs and visitor numbers.

Find Out More Here

You see, the Amazon affiliate program is one of the oldest and largest programs on the internet. Amazon is unique because they pay commission on any product purchased through your link, not just on the items reviewed.rodeo barbie

For example, Average Joe reads your article about an awesome juice machine, clicks the link to Amazon, but then browses around Amazon and buys Rodeo Barbie for his niece and 2 pairs of 501’s instead!….The good news is you still get the commission on those 3 items! True!

Now that estimated earning power of your website just jumped up a few more notches. I wish all affiliate programs worked this way. Most affiliate programs only pay commission on the actual product purchase. BUT most other programs pay much higher commissions than Amazon, commonly 10% -15% and up to 75%.

Amazon Associates is not exclusive. Affiliates can have their fingers in many  pies, so to speak, by using a variety of affiliate programs.

Let’s say your niche is ‘Latest Laptops’ and you are an Amazon Associate. You can also diversify and protect your income by using other Affiliate Programs, like Microsoft, Shareasale, Flex Offers who all have computers and related products. Udemy affiliates can also offer computer and internet training courses.

And of course, it is always worth remembering… “It takes the same amount of work to sell high end products as it does to sell cheaper items”.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to set up a website. The Wealthy Affiliate Entrepreneur Certification  Course details the steps to niche selection, content creation, affiliate ventures, product selection and assessing competition. They teach the strategies of  how to get ranked in search engines and how to promote a website on social media. The step by step instructions are suitable for beginners. As their skills develop, they learn how to scale up the business. 

Find Out More Here

How Much Does A Website Cost? What is the Investment?

$800 + up, Buys a pre made website, almost ready to start earning.

$2000 + up, gets a custom made website.

$5000 to $1M or more will buy a proven, profit making website business.

When you buy a ready made website you also need to know how to manage it,  or outsource a manager, a researcher and writers.

Wealthy Affiliate  teaches how to manage a website and do effective research with a free keyword tool. They show where to get all the free online tools to make a website beautiful like free images and videos, free infographic builder, buttons and charts. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Entrepreneur Certification Course takes a member through every step of building and running a website business. Their costs are very low. To get all of this information at a Local Adult Education Centre or Business College or University would cost thousands.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial shows how to kick off a website with zero investment. They teach exactly how to build and manage your own websites.

There are two membership options at Wealthy Affiliate;

    1.  FREE Starter Member
    2. Premium Membership @ $49 US per month

(Later, I’ll give you 5 tips to reduce the cost of WA Premium Membership.)

(The biggest investment at Wealthy Affiliate will be your time. I will show you some real life profit/timelines in the profiles in a moment.)

For now, it is important to know ..YOU WILL NOT GET INSTANTLY CASHED UP at Wealthy Affiliate, because Wealthy Affiliate education is about building the solid foundations of an online business that will reward you for years to come.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Real Business with a Real Future?

If you shop, surf, Google, study or compare products online you have almost certainly used an affiliate’s website. No matter how random or obscure your interests are, there is an affiliate marketer who shares your passion. Affiliates make sites that have all the answers and products in any niche.



$3billion US was spent in affiliate marketing in 2016 and the industry is set to explode to $6.8 billion in the next 5 years.


Affiliate marketing as a business;

achieve more and live a bigger life
You can Earn Your Freedom Online

AM business has routine procedures, schedules and overheads, profits and losses, taxes and deductions like every other business. But affiliates don’t need to purchase, store or ship products, greatly reducing startup and ongoing costs. The advertiser or affiliate network handles all of the physical aspects of a purchase.

An affiliate marketers work is purely digital. Income is generated through profit making websites.

It is a completely portable business. The only equipment needed to be an affiliate marketer is a computer and internet service. There is definitely an opportunity to create multi income streams with many affiliate connections and multiple websites.

Most Affiliate Marketers work as solo entrepreneurs. They are typically passionate about their work. As with other types of business, the AM business owner needs the qualities of self direction and self motivation. Many will join a support network of like minded people to bounce ideas and get help as required.

Find Out More Here

The Wealthy Affiliate Domain service searches availability of website domain names and provides access to all .com and .net and .org domains.

The Wealthy Affiliate website hosting service offers hosting of 25 free websites and 25 domain names. You can in fact own 50 websites as part of your WA Premium membership.

The Wealthy Affiliate training focusses on how to provide good quality content on a website. They show how to find and add affiliate links to an article. They teach how to identify a ‘ready to buy customer’ and how to encourage them to click a link.

The Wealthy Affiliate website builder gets a site up and running in minutes. Then the training takes you through the steps on how to build out a website to produce a recurring income.

The Wealthy Affiliate content strategy is designed to grow visitor numbers. More visits to a website gives it authority in the eyes of Google and pushes a post up in rank. When a post ranks on page one of Google, the visitor traffic increases dramatically.  As traffic increases, so too does your revenue.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community connects professionals and beginners in a supportive, friendly environment. They ask questions, get answers, solve problems and entertain each other. The WA community has 5 ways to contact other members through a chat room, Private Messaging, a Question and Answer forum, a personal profile blog and a ‘follow’ system.

Wealthy Affiliate Community Rocks
The Wealthy Affiliate Community has over 800,000 members all learning and working in affiliate marketing, building niche websites and helping each other.

Global companies and big Brands Can You Get Cashed Up At Wealthy Affiliate

Almost all of them now welcome affiliates to promote their products. Mostly they have designated affiliate managers, who help affiliates succeed,  in turn selling more of their products.

Have you heard of any of these Companies, they all have affiliate programs and there are hundreds more. . .                               

Olympus, Mattel,

Walmart, Microsoft,

Amazon, Ebay,

David Jones, Country Road,

Myer, Net-a-Porter,

Burberry, Liberty London, ASOS.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to find the best affiliate programs for any niche. WA training shows when to add affiliate links, where to put them, how to give them visual impact. Wealthy Affiliate training shows how to build a site with authority and ways to diversify income through multi affiliate connections.

5 more ways a website can make money.

  • Google Adsense, Google pays cents per click on ads they put on  websites.
  • Email List Building, usually you give away something like an ebook in exchange for an email address, then send offers of products to purchase to the people on the list.
  • Relevant Advertisers, where businesses related to your niche pay you to place their ads on your website.
  • Create your own product and sell it through a website or get affiliates to promote it for you.
  • Domain flipping & website selling, where you sell operational websites or sell registered website names.
Wealthy Affiliate training touches on these other methods to make money with a website. They also teach Pay Per Click methods and promoting a websites on all Social Media platforms.

How Affiliate Marketing is Working for Me

The Cashed Up Nomad
Janelle, The Cashed Up Nomad, always sniffing out safe ways to make money online.

I own a few simple websites each with around 75 posts each and growing. Roughly, 50% of those posts contain affiliate links. Just over half of the ‘money posts’ achieve regular commissions of $5 – $200.

I use 7 different affiliate programs, two of them being private affiliate programs who pay generous commissions of 31% per sale and 48% recurring monthly payment per referral.

12 months ago I wrote a 3000 word product review with affiliate links to that product. It ranked in at position 5 on page one of Google for the search term.

The $600 product started selling through my affiliate link about 8 weeks after publication.

I receive 31% commission each time a customer buys through my link. I am notified of each sale by email and automatic payments are sent to my Paypal account on the 1st of each month.

New visitors read my review everyday and about 14% of them actually buy the product. So I get $200 for that one article, over and over again.

It is interesting to see how Affiliate Marketing can function smoothly on a global level.

For example; I am based in Australia, the Private Company who owns this product is in England and the payments are made to me in US Dollars.

(At present the USD is much higher than the AUD so, with currency conversion, I get quite a bit more than $200 per sale. Of course, the reverse is possible when international currencies fluctuate.)

Wealthy Affiliate training shows how to set up the website, write content that sells, get ranked in Google, find affiliate programs, link to products and set up payment accounts.

Profiles of 3 Successful Wealthy Affiliate Members.

Wealthy Affiliate Review
Colton has been a WA member for 2 years.

Name; Colton James       Age; 21       Joined WA; November 2014

Niche; Electronics

Affiliate network; Amazon

Time line to Income; 1st month Nov 2014 $2.35, Nov 2015 $5,000 per month,  December 2015 ‘My first $10,000 month.’

Colton is a freak at affiliate marketing, he just follows the WA training and earned $2.35 in his first month of training. This is not typical. He chose a hot niche and went from strength to strength using the WA training steps, earning $5000 per month by the end of his first year. After just eleven months of working on his website Colton had his first $10,000 month. He said if he had worked harder it would have happened a lot sooner.

Colton’s Secret;

“No secret, I just follow the training.”

Colton’s Tip;

“You have to get to the point where everyone else would quit. Once you get to that point, you keep moving. You keep posting. You keep evolving.”


Wealthy Affiliate Review. Member Profiles
Nathaniel has been a WA Member for Six Years.

Name; Nathaniel     Age; late 20’s        Joined WA; June 2010

Niche; Home Brew Beers and Niche Marketing

Affiliates; Amazon, New Egg, Wealthy Affiliate and other private networks.

Timeline to Income; Figures undisclosed.

Over a six year period Nathaniel has built a solid business by following the WA training very closely. His mentions Las Vegas, below, which is a reward offered to successful Wealthy Affiliate Members who achieve 300+ referrals in 12 months. Achieving this means Nathaniel is earning a considerable monthly recurring income on top of his home brew income. 

Nathaniel measures his success by what it allows him to do;

“In the past six years, thanks to WA, I’ve

  • Quit my job in China and moved back to the USA
  • Bought a house and truck with my affiliate earnings
  • Been to Las Vegas 3 times for the WA conference
  • Traveled across the USA to visit friends I made here in the community

Insights From Nathaniel;

  • “Most of us do not start out as experts, so in order to have ideas that we can write about, we need to do research into the niche we chose. That’s normal! Sometimes it may take a day or two to compile enough information to write a really good article on topic or keyword you think is important.”
  • “It’s best to write your own content in the beginning. Homemade mistakes are free. Paying someone else to make mistakes can get super expensive!!!!!”

Nathaniel is not an affiliate rookie anymore and admits he has had a couple of failed sites.  His comment about mistakes came after spending thousands of dollars on outsourced content writers without making any money.


Wealthy Affiliate Review member profile
Doug has been a WA member for 2 years

Name; Doug Beney       Age;17        Joined WA; September 2014

Niche; Digital product, ebook, gamer

Timeline to Income;

July 2015 – $600, October 2015 – $1371.78, May 2016 – $6458, August 2016 – $4552.

It took young Doug nearly 10 months to make $600 a month.  He more than doubled that over the next three months and smashed it out of the ball park after that. Fluctuations in his reported income are attributed to Christmas. Dougs digital sales slow down over the festive season.

Dougs Growth Explained;

“My outsourcing efforts. I’m working on scaling everything that has been working as well as building oot other blogs to be authorities. I have 4 writers that are creating content on a regular basis. Articles for me cost $10 per 1000 words which is pretty cheap for content. It took a while to find cheap-ish writers that didn’t suck, but I think I have the dream team now!”

Dougs Insight;

“Last month I made nearly $3k in affiliate commissions alone! It was a very good month! I feel like my site would’ve made more money, but it is mainly profiting off digital product sales which are a little difficult for people to wrap up and put under the tree.”

Find Out More Here

 Wealthy Affiliate has taught over 800,000 members how to create and optimise web content for success.

Each of the people profiled here have done the Wealthy Affiliate training. They have taken action by simply following and implementing each step. Their choice of niche is their passion, so investing this much time is not a problem because they love what they do.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Starting with the Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial you get 10 free lessons and 2 free websites. You will learn how to choose a niche and a domain name, make a website and add your first pages.

By the end of your 7 day free trial you will have a new website live online. You will learn about building a solid foundation for your online business.

After the free trial, if you decide to become a part of this multi billion dollar industry, you can proceed to WA Premium Membership. This gives you full access to everything in the Wealthy Affiliate members centre. Membership costs are $49 per month, but be sure to read my tips below on how to reduce WA membership Fees and retain all of the benefits.

Core training is presented by Kyle, one of the owners. The lesson format is standardised across all classrooms in 4 easy to follow steps….

  1. Read the tutorial.
  2. Watch the video.
  3. Confirm that you have applied the instructions.
  4. Move on to the next tutorial.

19 Important Things Wealthy Affiliate Members Know About Making Money in Affiliate Marketing.

  1. How to build a website fast.
  2. How to choose a great niche.
  3. How to research and provide useful information on the website.
  4. Where to find free images, free keyword tools and other free resources.
  5. How to use keywords to reach a target audience.
  6. Where to find the most relevant products for a niche.
  7. How to make awesome content to convert readers into buyers.
  8. How to define a ‘purchase- ready’ customer.
  9. How to engage with the audience.
  10. How to make webpages beautiful and easy to use.
  11. Make your website work on all mobile devices and computers.
  12. How to evaluate and outrank any competition.
  13. How to make use of YouTube videos and make their own videos.
  14. How to set up Fan Pages on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  15. Techniques for effective social media promotions.
  16. How to find the best and most reliable affiliate programs.
  17. How to link your website to affiliate programs.
  18. How to set up accounts like Paypal, to receive commission payments.
  19. How to protect a steady income by diversifying affiliate programs.

9 Extra Services For Wealthy Affiliate Members

  1. Access to a vibrant community of human affiliate marketers willing to help and encourage each other.
  2. Wealthyaffiliate Site Domains purchase area for .coms, .orgs and .net domain names
  3. State of the art website Hosting for up to 50 sites
  4. 24/7 Technical support with average response time of 10 minutes
  5. Live chat, private messaging and blog with members and the owners.
  6. 30,000 free and paid website themes to choose from.
  7. Friendly support from WA Ambassadors.
  8. Bootcamp Training for those who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.
  9. Unlimited email accounts

5 tips to shrink the cost of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and still get ALL of the benefits.

how to start an internet business with no money* Take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership, even if you have loads of experience. I’ll explain why.   ALL FREE STARTER MEMBERS GET A SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER.             

During the 7 day free trial you will     be offered one full month of Premium Membership for only $19 US. In essence you get 5 weeks of training for less than half price. The Free Trial gets your website up and rolling within the first ten free lessons. It also gives you a taste of how the Wealthy Affiliate training works.

If you choose to continue the lessons beyond the first month of training the cost will go to the normal monthly fee of  $49 US (unless you use my other tips to reduce WA Premium Membership Fees.)

how to start an internet business with no money* * Wealthy Affiliate Annual Premium Membership is a good way to bring down overheads. At $399. this once per year payment can start whenever you are ready.  

By choosing to pay Annually the cost comes down to $33.25 per month, which is an instant saving of $15.75 if you were previously paying monthly.

On a daily basis, Annual Premium works out to $1.10 per day!

Imagine getting all the Wealthy Affiliate training, up to 50 websites, premium hosting for your sites plus  running an intrnet business for just $1.10 per day!

how to start an internet business with no money* * * Once every year Wealthy Affiliate holds the Black Friday – Cyber Week  sales frenzy. Cyber week runs from the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday thru to Cyber Monday, where all things online are discounted. This is when WA slashes their annual membership fee dramatically.

In past years the deal was under $300. It is exactly the same membership deal as the annual membership, but way cheaper in this short time offer.

With the Black Friday deal you get 1 year of coaching, websites and hosting, tech support, access to professionals, community connections, live video trainings, multi email accounts … everything… for approximately 82 cents per day. Keep your eye out for this years November Black Friday announcement.

how to start an internet business with no money* * * * Incentivised training. After you’ve been a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member for 3 months, you will be eligible to create your own tutorials. If you have relevant information that you believe will be useful to the other members, you can share it within Wealthy Affiliate and get paid.

WA advises to search all trainings before you add a new one, to avoid duplication.

Payment for your tutorial is based on engagement from the community and a credit/level system. A minimum payout of 5 credits, each credit having a value of $1. The first level is always 5 credits and once you reach this level with any resource, the credit will be released to your affiliate account.

Upon achieving Level 1 success, you will move on to subsequent levels. The levels DO NOT end, therefore a single resource could earn you money for years and years. Many members will create training that continues to pay them (key to this is keeping your training updated.

how to start an internet business with no money* * * * * The WA Affiliate Program is one of the most generous commission payments I have seen. The rates table is below. All Wealthy Affiliate members, including Free Starters, get a unique Wealthy Affiliate ID code. To create a WA affiliate link place your unique code into text or images on your websites, or use one of the prepared banners like this one below.

When a visitor clicks your link to join WA, you earn a commission payment. If two people join, or three, or more…well, you can see how the membership fee will soon be covered.

Did I mention that these WA commission are recurring? Yes, for every month a referral remains a Premium Member, you will receive $23.50. For Example; If 5 people decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through your link, you receive $23.50 X 5 = $117.50 per month.It is possible to go into profit with this method alone.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is designed for those who want be rewarded for telling others about Wealthy Affiliate. There is no extra cost for Bootcamp training and even Free Starter Members can do phase one of the Bootcamp course.

Wealthy Affiliate Review, WA Commissions

Wealthy Affiliate provides a superior education for online business in the massive sector of affiliate marketing.

The explosive potential for getting really cashed up with Wealthy Affiliate is initially hard to fathom.

Think about the facts that sustain the affiliate marketing industry;

  • an endless array of niches,
  • the increasing supply of affiliate companies and products,
  • the insatiable demand for online help and advice,
  • the ease and fun of online shopping and learning.

If you are interested to start an online business around one of your passions…

Or you want to bolster your offline business with a website you can manage yourself….

There is no better or cheaper way than to learn how at Wealthy Affiliate. Join Wealthy Affiliate now.

WA free trial


Company Name; Wealthy Affiliate

Website; www.wealthyaffiliate.com  JOIN NOW

Service; Learn how to build a scalable online business with niche websites. The service includes all training, website hosting, 24/7 technical support and access to the affiliate marketers community including professionals and beginners.

Cost; Free 7 Day Trial, $19 first month, $49 per month, $399 annual

Your Brain Is Capable Of Amazing Things


This review shows why I think Wealthy Affiliate deserves 98/100. It is now my #top recommendation to make money online professionally. I believe the WA training is so valuable and actionable, it is capable of turning out ‘Elite Affiliate Marketers.’

Wealthy Affiliate is worth investing a lot of energy. You will be rewarded.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate too. If you want my help to get started, go here now. If you have a question about this review please drop it in the comments box below.

Thumbs up

Go Far and Go Well,

From Janelle

Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com    You Can Earn Your Freedom Online

Thank you to Statista for the best statistics resources. @ Statista.com


  1. Pitin said:

    Hi Janelle,

    Thanks for sharing. Took me 15 minutes to finish reading but all worth it. Your experience is inspiring. I know Colton and Nathan’s story but not Doug, which is equally inspiring. I am currently on my 58th post and have only earned less than $100 for almost 14 months of work. The things you wrote gave me a push to keep grinding. I need inspirations nowadays!


    November 22, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hi. Just stick with the training. The first couple of months you can’t expect income. But it will come as you build up your keywords that rank.

      November 23, 2016
  2. Cris Santos said:

    Hello Janelle,
    That is a very encouraging website. Lots of information how to earn money on line. I guess when people need to succeed he needs to stick with it and finish it. I have learned a lot from what you have shared. I am also looking forward to succeed someday. Having an 8 hours job with boss supervising your every move plus the heavy traffic that your dealing with everyday back and forth, it is really tiring and no life at all. Thanks for sharing this wonderful website.

    November 26, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hi Chris. Thanks for your thoughts. I hope you get to where you are aiming. Cheers Janelle.

      November 26, 2016
  3. joshua collins said:

    wealthy affiliate is an awesome program to make your own business online.

    i have been a member for almost 3 months now and have loved every second of it so far. some people say you cant make money on it which is where they are wrong as you can make money as long as you put the effort in to it

    November 27, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hi Joshua. Keep on trucking my friend. Rome wasn’t built in a day…or a week or a month. Go far and go well from janelle

      November 27, 2016
  4. roamy said:

    Hello Janelle
    I have really enjoyed reading your Wealthy affiliate review,well written and everything explained so well and in an easy to understand way.
    Reading your review made me want to read your “about me page” something l never do and im glad i did as it made me understand more about you.
    Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer members and at $49 a month,it`s hard to believe that one can learn and be successful, l mean l have also seen rubbish programs charging 1000s of dollars.
    Your statistic on world spending online is staggering,one can really make some serious money online with the right training.
    I have really learned quite a lot from your review and l feel confident there is still enough space for newcomers in affiliate marketing, one just has to learn the right way to be successful.

    November 29, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hi Roamy. I’m glad you checked my profile. I’ve recently updated it just to let people know what I’ve been doing these past 3 years….I’ve been doing affiliate marketing.! Its the best.

      November 29, 2016
  5. Kenny Lee said:

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate of a year. And I just renewed my membership to another year. From not knowing anything about internet marketing to having a decent website that has made a few sales, I’m hoping to learn more.

    And I do appreciate your sharing of the number of posts and reviews that you have done and the commission that you are actually earning. It drives other affiliate marketers to persevere in what they are doing.

    December 2, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hi Kenny. I started at WA from absolute zero knowledge and learned how to make a recurring income from many sources. That is why I am happy to recommend this course.

      December 2, 2016
  6. Derek Marshall said:

    Hi there,

    Jenelle, great in-depth review of WA. Great reading how successful one can be if they stick with it. I have just completed one year at WA and boy what a ride going from spammy random sales prior to joining to regular consistent sales and a solid foundation for a sustainable business.

    What really stands out with wealthy affiliate is that your business that you are building, regardless of niche, is not dependent on fads or product life cycle of a single product like many other “internet marketers” out there pushing scammy schemes on facebook groups – It really can keep on generating an income for years to come.

    December 11, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Yes. You are correct. I’ve reviewed the Facebook ‘opportunities’. The narrow thread to earnings is a waste of time and money. You need solid understanding and foundation to make a real and enduring income online.

      Thanks for stopping by. J

      December 11, 2016
  7. Chris Towers said:

    Thanks for this information.

    I am looking for an avenue to make money online and am at the inquiry stage only at the moment.

    There is a lot of information on the internet, some of which I understand and some not!

    I can see on your site here you have a calculator for Amazon. Now I have of course heard of them, but wanted to ask about the information you mention!

    What are longtail searches? I have read a little on keywords and SERPS that you mention, but longtail searches is a new one on me!



    December 22, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hi Chris. Keywords are words that people use when they are searching for stuff online….like ‘rare parrots’ for example.

      A long tail keyword in this search might be something like…’where to buy Australian rare parrots’. Longtails are just a more precise search.

      Another example of a long tail in this category might be…’how many eggs does a rare parrot lay per season’.

      If rare parrots happen to be your niche, these long tails would be great posts to write about…if the search numbers are high enough and the competition low enough.

      Wealthy Affiliate training walks you through all of these details and many more.

      Hope this clarified longtails a bit more for you. Janelle.

      December 24, 2016
  8. Dathanmas said:

    Hey great information!

    Surely WA offers the tools and training anyone would need to get underway. With the support from the community, there’s really no way to fail!

    But everyone who joins needs to enter with the understanding that you will get back what you put in to it.

    Meaning there will be some work and commitment required to achieve your goal. Too many people come into network marketing with the thought that it will be easy money.

    Not realizing they must first put in the work for the easy part to come later.

    Thanks for providing such a detailed review of WA!

    December 28, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks for your comment and I agree with almost everything you say.

      Except for one point. Wealthy Affiliate is not NETWORK MARKETING.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing which is a method of real marketing that earns commissions by promoting other peoples products through a niche website.

      Go well from Janelle

      January 1, 2017
  9. Shirley said:

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of months now and I have to say, the training is fantastic. To go from knowing nothing at all to having a beautiful website (that’s already starting to make me a little bit of money) is just the best feeling. I’ve bumbled around with other affiliate marketing ‘education programs’ over the years and got nowhere. Your review is spot on…this one is definitely the best!

    March 28, 2017
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thank you Shirley for your confirmation of my opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

      I wish you well on your journey and success. J

      March 28, 2017
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thank you Shirley for your confirmation of my opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

      I wish you well on your journey and success. J

      March 29, 2017

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