Want Cheap Website Domains? Do You Need ‘em Now?

Don’t buy domains from Namecheap and GoDaddy until you read this. Site Domains launched in  2016 has changed the world of domain names, for the better.

This post details the current average costs of buying a name, renewal fees, privacy protection and domain name email accounts. We compare those factors to the SiteDomain way to buy cheap domain names.Cheap Website Domains

What Does A Domain Name Cost

When you buy a new domain name for your website, it’s true that your initial purchase can be very cheap. Sometimes GoDaddy has a sales drive where just a couple of bucks will get you a domain name. But on a regular day, you normally pay from $10 to $13 .

Domain Name Cost Per Year

The problem with the old domain name registrars is their price jumps in the annual renewal fees. What started as a cheap buy turns into a bit of a monster. You can be billed a 50% increase, taking it from $10 to $15. With no locked-in price, each year’s fee can be a growing concern.

To a degree, I can understand how the servers justify these price increases. If you view your website as a piece of real estate on the www, the longer you own it, the more it can appreciate in value, just like REAL real estate. Think of the years of work, research and fine tuning. You have established authority and a following. Even a neglected site can show good returns on investment.
The only way I would ever want to lose good earning websites, is to sell it for a squill to a bigger player, or maybe bequeath it to the grandies in my will. Why? Because established websites are great passive income earners for years to come.

Because of these important factors, you will pay more and more each year to continue owning that name, a bit like ransom! Don’t forget it’s you doing all the work. Not fair!

WHOIS Privacy ProtectCheap Domain Names

Most domain name sellers charge a separate fee of $5 to $8 per year for the Whois Privacy Protection. It is a software installed by your domain name registrar which blocks outside access to your contact details, relieving you of unsolicited emails, calls and mail.

The cost of an email address for domain names

It’s important to give a professional look to your website with a custom email address for your domain name.  Different projects will need their own email address too. For this website my email address is janelle@thecashedupnomad.com.
I create a different email address for each website and project. To make life simpler, I have website emails forwarded to my private email address. Most servers charge an extra cost of up to $60 for 5 email accounts.

So You Can See How Prices Start To Add Up

What started as a couple o’ bucks domain name, can cost you up to $80….with no guarantee against annual price increases!Where To Buy Cheap Domain names

 How  SiteDomains

 ‘Changed The Domain World For The Better’.

  • One step, one price.
  • Fixed Price Guarantee
  • .coms, .net, .org, .info and all other top level domains in an instant
  • Full Privacy Protection included
  • Full email accounts for each domain
  • Domain Protection, never lose your name to a competitor
  • No Upsells, ever

The Backstory to SiteDomains

Kyle and Carson, the creators of SiteDomains, have thought about the annoying multiple steps to a buy domain name and refined it to one single step. They have created a seamless domain experience that everyone can use at an affordable, flat rate. Back in 2008, these two young Canadians also developed the training platform known as Wealthy Affiliate. They teach thousands of people from all walks of life how to build successful website businesses. It is a hugely successful online program with members from 195 countries.

More recently Kyle and Carson also implemented a state of the art Website Hosting Service within Wealthy Affiliate. It is a powerful system and a leader in this industry. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

With the development and launch of Site Domains, the Wealthy Affiliate team have locked another valuable jigsaw piece into your online business life. Their service enables a streamlined path to building more successful businesses online. In the end, that is where success on the internet comes from, a seamless user experience.

Get Site Domains Here

A note from the owners;

“Domains registered at WA can use hosting anywhere in the world by simply updating the DNS. For example, some folks have their own dedicated servers on other web hosts. You can register your domain at WA, the point to your dedicated server by updating your DNS. We do not force you to use WA hosting, although it is packed with features and security you cannot get anywhere else in the world!” Carson.

Site Protect, the Godzilla of anti spam ware;

The team behind Wealthy Affiliate are dedicated to making your online business as smooth running as possible. In June 2016 they added yet another awesome feature that no other domain hosting service comes near to. It’s called Site Protect and is a feature included in your hosting at no extra cost. Site Protect is a proprietary , state of the art spam blocker.

In the past,  website owners have needed extra plugins for wordpress sites to protect against spam. Site Protect is the Godzilla of anti spam and anti hacking ware. It is top of the line and automatically available to both free and paid members. Find out more here.

Comments from existing WA members;

“With value like that it’s hard to think of why I wouldn’t start buying all of my domains through WA. It’s easier, more cost effective and you get the privacy. Win win!” AntIsumat.

“I have my domain registered with Godaddy but pointed here at WA and my site is hosted here. (The best hosting and support I’ve ever experienced in my 11 years in the business by the way! )” Ange E. T.

“I was just thinking that WA would be perfect if we could register our domains without leaving the community.” M Beam
“There’s almost no reason to go anywhere else!” James T.

Buy great domains here now.
Do you have questions about SiteDomain, Wealthy Affiliate or online business growth? Drop a line in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you.

Go really well from Janelle
Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com                ‘Earn Your freedom Online’.

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  1. Kevin said:

    Thanks for this article Janelle.

    Information is really helpful. I will definitely go for the domain purchase of wealthy affiliate.

    Comparison table shows perfectly the advantages of each company and you can see which offers the best service.

    one question- If I have a domain from GoDaddy or Namecheap, can I hostit on Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thank you

    January 16, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hello Kevin and thank you for your interest. Domain names from GoDaddy and Namecheap and other registrars can not be moved to WA YET. The WA Team is looking at the best way to make this happen in the near future. Stay tuned for that good news.

      Meanwhile, when you are ready to start a new site, definitely look at the advantages through Site Domains.

      Success to you, from Janelle.

      January 16, 2016
  2. Derek Marshall said:

    Hi there,

    WA domains is awesome, unfortunately I have mine with Namecheap, which is not a bad alternative.

    I only went for namecheap because at the tine WA was not offering domain names. Most defo in the future, I will be using WA domain names.

    Great article, keep this awesomeness coming! **love this site!**

    March 13, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      WA Domains will be around for along time to come. That’s how they roll, really reliable company. When your renewal comes due you can skip it over to WA.

      March 13, 2016
  3. Matthew Thomas said:

    SiteDomains is just another “added value” to the Wealthy affiliate platform that the owners, Kyle & Carson, always seem to be working on. They truly have their members’ best interests in mind at all times, continuously striving for improvement amongst training and tools for their online business community. It’s a great thing to be a part of.

    April 7, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks for your backup Matthew. WA is becoming a stand alone suite for affiliate marketers. It’s fascinating to watch their maturation and exciting to be part of it. Go well Matt, from janelle.

      April 7, 2016

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