Tsunami Sites Review. Will It Get Fast Viral Traffic?

Can Tsunami Sites bring a massive wave of traffic to your site?

Let’s review how the MMO product Tsunami Sites actually works. The Cashed Up Nomad.com is all about finding honest and lucrative ways to earn money online. My criteria for a positive review is simple. No boss, no stock, no warehouse, no big cash outlays and no scams.

Product Name; Tsunami SitesTsunami Sites review


Price; USD $47.00 per month unlimited …single site $27pm

Owners; Shawn Casey and Brian Koz

Overall rank; 50/100

Product Overview;

This software product was created by Brian Koz and Shawn Casey, who are veterans of 15 years in internet marketing and won the award for Internet Marketer of the year in 2011. Their focus is automated traffic generation software.

You may have crossed Shawn and Brians path through webfire.com  or Cash Extractor Pro, or Desperate For Money Ebook, or Easy Profit Strategies Club, or Recession Rescue System, or Headline Creator Pro, or Fast Affiliate Cash System, Instant Profit ATM, Zero Selling System. There are many more incarnations for this dynamic duo.Shawn and Brian Tsunami Sites

Shawn and Brian have created a lot of excitement for their new product, Tsunami Sites, by piggy backing on the crazy success that Buzzfeed is experiencing (195 million visitors per year and $100million in revenue). The method involves auto-blogging and leveraging viral content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

How Does It Work?

Direct quote from Shawn and Brian’s Tsunami Sites promotion page…

“What is auto -blogging?

In short, auto -blogging is using content on the web and aggregating it into your own site. This is great for someone who writes weekly blogs and wants to supplement with daily content automatically.”

They have created a plugin automation system that finds existing social media content that is ‘going viral’. It sources the hundreds or thousands of shared text, images and videos that are related to your niche and automatically posts them to your blog, ready for more people to share.

In short, they have synchronised a keyword tool with a page index finder and social media pages in your niche or any niche. Your job is to‘curate‘ or ‘aggregate’ the duplicate content to make it your own and post it to the viral social pages.

You have seen the images that go viral on Facebook are often bizarre, amazing or ridiculous. Videos of people doing dumb things like picking their nose or injecting botox for fun or a cat doing cartwheels go viral.screenshot of stupid content

Even if 5 million people have already viewed a weird photo or crazy video there is still a vast audience yet to see it, considering that 3 billion people are using the internet today.

The Good Points About Tsunami Sites.Tsunami Sites Review

1.The founders are well established in internet marketing and offer a 30 day ‘iron clad’ money back guarantee.

2. You can build a fully automated website or multi sites that will seek and find viral content in your niche.

3. Using Social Media to drive more traffic to a website is an established method for Search Engine Optimisation. Tsunami Sites refine and speed the process.

4. You can create and edit your own original posts in Tsunami Sites, or buy them from a ghostwriter, or curate existing material online, if you know how.

The Bad Points About Tsunami Sites.

1. Shawn states.. “Duplicating content is the least of your worries, duplicate content not ranking is a myth!”  I have to take issue with this. It is clear that copyright infringement is illegal and you will be penalised for it by search engines.

2. Copyright laws  are not a myth. It is true that many people are happy to have their images and videos shared freely on the internet. Content writers, on the other hand, put a lot of research and effort into creating reliable, informative and entertaining or inspiring posts. Copying their work should be avoided.

3. Monetising your website is not automated in this system. To earn money from any website you need to use some or all of these methods… Affiliate Marketing, sponsored posts with product placements, Adsense, Amazon Ads, sell banner ads, get email lists and leads or sell your own product.

4. Tsunami Sites do not provide this crucial monetisation information. How do  you create a sales funnel that actually intercepts the tsunami of traffic before they are all lost?It is not explained.

5. Tsunami Sites does not explain SEO techniques, how to write articles that rank highly in search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing.

6. They suggest you simply add a comment and a link to a viral post to create unique content. They say not to change any content because it is ‘attributed’. But, they also say that you should edit, delete and make additions to the viral content.

7. There is no mention of website hosting or related costs.

8. Remembering it is a simple plugin, why pay every month for it instead of a one off fee like other paid plugins?

Tools for Tsunami Site Users.traffic siphon

There are a number of add-ons to go with the basic Tsunami Site Package which can be purchased separately.

  • The Underground Traffic Siphon…A simple sales funnel.
  • Tsunami Viral Ad Syndicate… How to share different pages to and from your many sites.
  • Expired Domain Finder… How to find expired domains that are still ranking and draw them into your suite of auto Tsunami Sites.
  • Traffic Rank Stealer. No need to try and rank, simply steal traffic from page 1 rankers by posting a comment on their page. This is a keyword research tool.

Training for Tsunami Site Users.

  • Tweet and Facebook Lead Finders…Helps you set up Facebook and Twitter Developer Accounts.
  • Elite Traffic Training Webinar… Traffic strategies on how to target high end, top dollar clients.

Tsunami Sites Support System for Users.

The Tsunami Sites support ticket system has had very few complaints about getting help with your site so far. They do have a designated support team but it is common to experience lengthy delays.

Who Is Tsunami Sites For?

Do you describe yourself as a tech savvy social hound who is familiar with all aspects of SEO, Keyword Research, Social Media Management and Monetisation of websites and blogs?

If you said ‘Yes’ then Tsunami Sites offer an interesting technique to increase traffic.

If words like niche marketing, affiliate networks, linking, deep linking, back linking and all of the above, leave you scratching your head, then Tsunami Sites is not for you.

You need a course that will educate you about internet marketing the real way. Read my number one recommendation here.

Costs Of Tsunami Sites. USDupsells

One website will cost $27 per month.

An unlimited number of websites will cost $47 per month.

The Underground Traffic Siphon is $27  per month or $197 per year.

Traffic Rank Stealer cost a one off price of $97  so long as you are also a paid member of the Underground Traffic Siphon.

All payments are upfront by credit card and carry a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

My Opinion Of Tsunami Sites.

I think automatically linking your website with existing viral social content is a clever idea, thanks Buzzfeed.

I do have a problem with duplicating content and it is something that would have to be handled with great caution, at risk of copyright infringement.

I also have a problem with a trend like auto-blogging that ‘dumbs down’ the audience (even further than Twitter and Facebook already have with their short grabs for short attention spans) by rehashing the same information over and over, thinly disguised as unique content. The search engine algorithms for ranking will be adjusted again to circumvent the ‘system gamers’.

To profit from Tsunami Sites, I believe you must have a substantial niche website already in place with established healthy conversion systems.

At best, Tsunami Sites is just another expensive plugin. Tsunami Sites is not a stand alone product, so be prepared for upsells.

At worst, it games a system that is meant to be helpful, entertaining and human. Tsunami Sites work hard to bypass the human element that is desired by the internet community.

How To Get Real Targeted Traffic.

Without traffic your website is a non entity. The best way to generate real targeted traffic to your website is to provide the information, solutions and products that your audience are searching for. Content marketing, niche marketing, blogging and videos created around relevant keywords is the key to increasing traffic to your site. Blog sites, info sites and review sites are responsible for influencing 31% of all online purchases.

Be careful when buying traffic, it’s a bit like buying bubbles!

Here is what the guys at growtraffic.com say about purchasing traffic.

Just like with most internet marketing services, there are right ways and wrong ways to do things. If the traffic is junk, and if you can’t choose how long your traffic campaign will be, specify an exact number of visitors, and target your visitors location and interests, then what’s the point in buying traffic at all? We give our customers the best targeting options and flexibility, which sets us apart in this industry. Find out more.

The Cashed Up Nomad.com is all about finding honest and lucrative ways to earn your freedom online…No Stock, No Warehouse, No Boss, No High Cost Outlays. Sadly my review of Tsunami Sites finds that they meet only 50% of the criteria.

Product Name; Tsunami Sites

Tsunami Sites Review


Price; $47.00US per month unlimited …single site $27pm

Owners; Shawn Casey and Brian Koz

Overall rank; 50/100

Verdict; Tread Carefully. Thumbs Down.

Want to Find A real and enduring way to make money online?

(Without getting washed away in the hype!)

best way to make money online

See my top recommendation on how to own a successful online business. If you would like to join the conversation about my review of Tsunami Sites please jump in with your comments below and share your thoughts.


Go really well,

from Janelle.

Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com         Earn Your Freedom Online.

Image credit Artist Katsushika Hokusai ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’.



  1. Esteban said:


    I’ve never heard of Tsunami Sites and when I started reading your review I thought … damn this sounds awesome!

    But then I continued reading and quickly realized that this could actually damage your website quite a lot. Due to the copywriting and duplicate content it quickly hurts your SEO ranking.

    I will make sure to stay away from this… that’s for sure!

    Thanks for writing this review! Always good to find out about products to stay away from!


    July 8, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Yes, Esteban, I think that the linking to high activity on social media is a great idea. Buzzfeed proves that it can be a successful marketing tool. Joe Blow in the street however needs a lot more understanding of monetisation methods to make this system profitable.Let’s not fall for another ‘press button millionaire’ pitch.

      July 9, 2015
  2. Chad said:

    Great Article. I agree that duplicating isn’t the way go. I wouldn’t use this product but someone that doen’s do any work will. Thanks for sharing.

    July 8, 2015

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