The Angelina Jolie Guide to Affiliate Marketing… learn from a pro!

 Angelina Jolie doesn’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing!

If that is what you think, well you would be quite wrong. Angelina is the queen.
But she isn’t sitting at a laptop all day typing up reviews and pumping out content for her website. In fact she doesn’t even call it affiliate marketing. She calls it ‘endorsements’.

Angelina is a publicity machine.

Her techniques for  successful marketing are top notch.  She is unrivalled in the art of holding top rank on the internet and in print. The only person who comes close to Angelina in the marketing/ promotion stakes is of course the BIG O…yes Oprah.
These ladies know how to turn an idea into a juggernaut. Their presence across all media snowballs seemingly on its own momentum.

What tips can Affiliate Marketers learn from AJ’s branding and self marketing?

Angelina has affiliated herself (she is her own brand) with the exclusive Louis Vuitton. It is estimated she received around $10 million as the face of the Louis Vuitton ‘Core Values’ campaign.jolie-vuitton by Annie Leibovitz

Louis Vuitton has been prominent the luxury goods market for over a century. Respect for the brand and their reputation for quality has been well earned. Their leather wear, handbags, shoes and watches are the most profitable luxury items in business today, running at 40% profit margin.

For Angelina to align herself with such a trusted and revered brand is not only lucrative but clever business. And of course Louis Vuitton is aligning themselves with Angelina’s large following and her well publicised humanitarian achievements.

Doing good is good for business.

Angelina is an official United Nations Special Envoy for Good Will in war affected countries, helping to protect the innocent victims and instigate recovery programs. She has a long history of being active in many charitable and human rights programs like the ‘Conservation Cotton Initiative’ which helps small holding cotton farmers in Uganda sustain their industry and livelihood.

Her impressive story, outside of movies, include adopting children, promoting safety from violence, sexual equality and independence at home and at work (director) and philanthropy . She has created an altruistic aura that consumers believe and respect. She has become an authority they trust.

Tell an informative story.

The Louis Vuitton ‘Core Values’ campaign used a storytelling approach in the extended commercial to engage their audience. The combination of perceptions around humanitarian work, fame and luxury proved irresistible to their market. (Please take a look, yes it runs for ten minutes!)

This mini- doc video helped the visitor feel more educated about the product and therefore developed trust.

  • They ‘shared’ the story with the consumer on every social media platform . Sharing encouraged interaction and feelings of being connected. minded. Social media allows the consumer to join in and express their own unique take on a given topic.
  • Consumers like to buy the same products that celebrities use or recommend. People will follow what is popular. They want to deal with people who they perceive to share the same beliefs as them.
  • Angelina’s authority and respect was catapulted higher by the gutsy way she handled her breast cancer dilemma. Angelina is a beautiful and sensuous woman who has great visual appeal.
  • When the consumer feels informed, included and ‘touched’ by the story, they also feel connection and affinity with the brand.
  • Purchase is the next logical step in the story.
  • The ‘Core Values’  story  made it easy for their customers to show  their support by purchasing. They felt good about their purchase.

All that is missing from the online shopping experience is human connection. Today’s online shopper wants human connection in tune with their own fundamental beliefsAffiliate marketers are the human link between a product and the buyer. That is why you should endorse products you believe in.

Angelina Jolie is  out there making a positive difference. She knows, like Richard Branson and Bono, that doing good is good for business. She brings a sense of humanity and inspiration. Women want to be like her.They will buy what she is selling.

Are your customers feeling included and informed?

Do you help them feel good about their purchase?

If you want to learn more about being a great internet marketer, read my best recommendation here.

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