Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps Review – Save the American Dream in 2017?

From Nothing To Something Great.

In 2017, Tai Lopez and the 67 steps might save  the American Dream…which is to go from nothing to something great. There are many obstacles on the road to success in 2017,  like the bad economy, sexism problems, racism issues, fractious Government and those out of control politicians! How do you fight your way to success? Tai Lopez wants to show you how in 67 Steps.

What 67 Steps is not.

Let’s be clear. 67 Steps is not a money making system or a scheme. No one is going to pay you a dime for doing the 67 Steps. It is not a business plan. There are no products to sell, no people to refer. There is no upline, no downline.

What is it then?

67 Steps is a “cross roads event” that will change your life. It’s a collection of important methods and attitudes, that when applied to your everyday life, will make you confident, determined, successful, healthy, wealthy and happy. It’s kind of like a mastermind book club where all this amazing information is condensed for you and explained in easy terms.

Mr Lopez is working from the ‘shoulders of giants’ in the business and self improvement and humanitarian world.’ .  He has ‘downloaded the consciousness’ of masters who have gone before us and distilled their wisdom into the 67 Steps. 

Lopez has repackaged this priceless information into an inspirational video course presented in a style that evokes a friendly blend of Oprah, Tim Ferris  and Vinnie Barbarino.

Have you ever asked anyone for help to design your life?

I did, way back when I was a teenager. That person, who loves me very much, told me this…

“Janelle, you gotta go to school, then get a job, always do what your boss says, work that job till you retire.”

Well, it wasn’t the answer I was looking for. I had to go against that advice and find my own way. It isn’t an easy path but somehow I found bits and pieces of inspiration from the same sources Tai Lopez used to create the 67 Steps. This TED Talk is about Tais roots and his path to success. It’s a good story.

Who Is 67 Steps For?

  • Aspiring young entrepreneurs can save themselves years of research with the 67 Steps.
  • Anyone who needs motivation to take the first steps towards a healthier view of themselves and the world.
  • Anyone unfamiliar with quotes and lessons from Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Peter Drucker or Warren Buffet and many other business icons.
  • Anyone who feels they don’t have a chance at making their life successful.
  • Anyone who wants the abridged version of at least 12 powerful ‘how to succeed in life and business’ books put to video.

Who Is Tai Lopez?

Although Tai Lopez has an estimated income of 3 mill per year, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He struggled through early years, son of a single mom and a dad in the lock up. Tai became a college dropout and started self employed work. In his early working days he owned a nightclub in Hollywood and wisely invested some profits on self education, becoming a Certified Financial Planner, leading to a career in finance and investment.

In 2017 Tai runs a podcast “The Grand Theory of Everything” and a popular Youtube channel. He does online mentorships, inner circle campaigns and conferences.  Mr Lopez is a keynote speaker and advisor to multi-million dollar businesses.

What do you learn from the 67 Steps program?

If I could use one word to describe what you learn from Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps, that word would be RESILIENCE. The ability to recover from difficulties quickly and move ahead. It is a kind of toughness required to get through and keep going.

You will learn things that people like Richard Branson and Elon Musk know, but you were never taught. It is worth noting that Richard and Elon learned their life resilience skills by experience. They figured most of it out for themselves.

Young Richard Branson was a dyslexic fidget who honed his attitude of ‘Screw It, Let’s Do It’ into an infamous portfolio of innovative and successful businesses. Branson made his mark long before Tai Lopez came on the scene, but I think there are some good lessons gleaned from Branson’s life ethic contained within the 67 Steps. And you’d have to agree that Elon Musk wrote the book on Resilience! Both men have created enormous wealth by their bootstraps.

Tai Lopez will tell you things that will make you sigh with relief.

In the back of our minds, we already know our true potential, we just haven’t set it free. Whether it’s our fear of failure or fear of being successful or self doubt or bad influences…. it’s time to drop it and learn how to be happy.

“What separates average people from amazing people is not luck…it is what you do with your luck moments, your sparks of brilliance, your determination and your self deservedness.” – Tai Lopez.
Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps Review
Tai Lopez has a theory about the Wealth Pyramid and how we can go from the bottom to the top.

The 67 Steps Introductory video is where Tai Lopez explains his concept of the Pyramid of Wealth. Let me save you 1 hour 20 with this quick recap.

The Pyramid of Wealth has 5 levels and Tai shows three ways  we can move up the pyramid of wealth.

      5.  Debt –  is at the bottom of the pyramid, where nobody wants to be if it causes headaches, worry, arguments  and suffering.

      4.   Scarcity – is on the next level up. This is hard times when you are barely scraping by, going without, skimping on nutrition, clothes or education.

       3.  Health – is on Level 3. This is when your bills are covered and your family is well fed, well housed and happily entertained. You can relax a bit and allow your body to recover from the stresses of the lower levels.

      2. Prosperity – on level 2 You are living well,  growing income, investing profits which grows more income. Happy growth cycles.

  1. Wealth and Impact – Top of the pyramid. When your prosperity moves to solid wealth you are free to have impact in the world. It’s up to you to decide how you want to influence the status quo.
Want to Know Tai’s 3 ways to scale the Pyramid of Wealth –  in a nutshell?
  1. Find Your Life’s Purpose
  2. Win Friends and Influence People
  3. Feed Motivation – Eliminate Procrastination.

How The 67 Steps Program Works.

This is an online Video program which costs $67 per month. Payments are protected by the ClickBank user agreement, which means the 67 Step money back guarantee/ refund is enforced by Clickbank. You can’t lose.  Just sign in and go.

Each video runs for almost one hour and has action steps at the end for your self evaluation. These videos are designed to mentally position you to scale that pyramid of wealth.

Speed up the videos,  because Tai is not the fastest talker. He likes to explain things slowly from a couple of angles. You can always pause and go over the real grit when you need.


But there’s a lot more to 67 Steps  than just watching a bunch of videos.

You can also..

  • Get access to the interactive community, where you can discuss and comment on the questions inside in each video. They tend to be very supportive and encourage other members.
  • Get monthly phone calls with the 67 Step team. They discuss your progress and any new ideas.
  • Get a bonus lesson in Speed Reading.
  • A free ‘book of the day’ summary.
  • Access the private Facebook Community.
  • Exclusive invitations to the Live Events.
  • A Progress tracker
  • Free list of Tai’s mobile Apps that he uses daily for business and private, a massive time saving bonus.

How Popular Is Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps?

67 Steps has 1,245,566 likes on Facebook,

306,767 Twitter Followers,

563,307 Instagram Followers and 677,973 Youtube subscribers.

In early 2017, the membership count at 67 Steps is 188,818.

67 Steps  Video Help To Work Up the Wealth Pyramid Levels;

Let’s face it, if you are on the bottom of the pyramid..there’s a lot of work to be done!

The first group of videos are looking at;

  • where you are now,
  • some of the influences and stories that got you there
  • examining self perceptions and self worth
  • the importance of values and friends with values.

From these videos you may have some revelation moments about yourself and the parameters you keep within. Tai goes into the Worth a Damn Factor – valuing yourself and making yourself valuable, adaptability and humility, how your friendships impact your whole life, when asking for help is a strength not a weakness. You will learn to re-evaluate habitual ways of thinking and come to grips with your dedication.

The middle section of the 67 Steps  starts a transformation in your action and thoughts.

Tai discusses in detail ;

  • Taking an investor’s approach
  • Re-engineering the present
  • PASE – the time saving apps
  • Weeding out financial waste, time waste, energy waste and bad influences

Also you will uncover a new work ethic, understand the natural seasons of a project, learn why aiming high makes you a winner….addressing the ‘contrast bias’ and guidance on reliable fact finding…productivity, planning and who to ignore.

The last group of videos is only for the 5 percenters. Yeh! The winners, the achievers, the healthy, happy people who get to realise their ‘life’s purpose!’

Any members can view these last videos, it’s included in the cost. But the reality is most people (it’s human nature) will not complete the course. Sad and dumb! because this is the best bit.

I definitely agree with Tai when he says..”I don’t know how people sleep with all this opportunity.”

  • Be a mover, a shaker.
  • Prioritise your life like a genius
  • Build systems and scale them
  • Pareto efficiency
  • Addressing fear, failure and judgement

There is more about backing your decisions, enhancing your financial vehicles, courage, bravery, forgiveness. Recognising the one trait that makes you “unstoppable” – curiosity. Be the master of your field. Managing impatience. Drink deep of your interests. Sticking with uncomplicated fundamentals.


Books Tai Lopez Recommends Within the 67 Steps.

If you have read any of the awesome books Tai mentions in the 67 Steps, you will recognise that a few of his ideas contradict the advice of some gurus.  In fact he emphasises the need for objective analysis of commonly held beliefs and black/white thinking. Just because an idea is widely accepted does not mean it is correct.

( Some of these books are classics written last century.)

My opinion of the 67 Steps;

In 2017, 67 Steps could be called a MASHUP with style. If you are trying to catch up on the teachings from the wealth masters, 67 Steps will get you there. Tai Lopez has distilled the principles, thoughts and biographies of the world’s most successful business icons and human behaviour psychologists into his video Program.

I have spent years reading these amazing (almost cult) books recommended in Tai’s videos. Each of them has valuable information. Some, like Dale Carnegie’s  ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’ is a little dated but the principles are sound. The thing is,  you will not get any of this information from a school or university.

Anyone who does the full 67 Steps will..Thumbs up

  • benefit from the collective experiences of the masters of prosperity.
  •  can expect a positive change in your world.
  •  discover passions, ambitions and emotions that may have never seen the light of day till now.

Tai Lopez is a great salesman. No doubt about that. He knows wealth tactics, for sure. He also understands one very important fact, which is this…”Doing Good Is Good For Business.” He talks about this in the later videos – every bad action needs 3 good deeds. It’s why he puts so much importance on striving to achieve your life’s purpose. We will all benefit.

What I like most about this course is that only 5% of people reading this review about Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps will act on it. Which means the competition drops away, leaving more opportunity for us, the stayers.


I hope you got some insights from this review of Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps. It could just be the nudge you need to go from where you are now, to something profoundly great, if that’s your dream for 2017 and beyond.

In the words of Richard Branson I say…

“Screw It, Let’s Do It!”CTA

 No more procrastination! Click here for Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps Video course

Go far and go well, from Janelle.

Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com    Where we Earn our Freedom Online.

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