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30 Awesome Jobs For Nomads. Earn Your Freedom Online.

It is estimated there are 40 million nomads in the world today and .5% are digitally enhanced. But,don’t confuse them with hobos and vagrants.

These people are cashed up and on the move out of choice, seeking adventure and escape from the common rat race. They cruise around in RV’s and yachts,  planes. Some appear to be barefoot drifters but they actually have full control over their work/life balance.

Mostly they are entrepreneurs with a passion for travel and they are willing to spend their money onmodern nomads  interesting experiences, wherever in the world it may take them.

Modern nomads across the planet.

They are an elusive mob because of their freedom. Mostly they work alone at any location or any time of day or night. Some travel in family groups or couples. They are of all ages and diversity in country, language, education and skill sets.

When the modern nomad is at work online they utilise the latest internet technology and equipment to earn a living. They are defined by a portable office and no fixed address.

Portable business Nomads online

I have listed some portable businesses that are best suited to nomads ie; no stock, no warehouse. You need to be able to work independently and with self discipline because no one is going to write your roster. Working nomads often combine a couple of online occupations, creating multi strand incomes.

  • Some nomads still work for an employer, but  from a remote location

Instead of working at the company  office, they can literally be in a different country if  the job requires everything to be handled by email and phone. Surveys of remote workers and their employers are citing 25-30% increase in  efficiency, mostly attributed to  the removal of simple office distractions. Job satisfaction and motivation is heightened. Plus they are free from office politics and the daily commute.

  • Virtual assistants provide a professional office administration service to businesses  via Skype, email and  conference calls. They can manage a number of clients simultaneously without meeting them  in person, or even being in the same country.
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Life is good online
  • Virtual web master, virtual content writer and virtual marketing assistants  manage aspects of company websites. They are responsible for keeping websites fresh and relevant and appealing to a targeted  audience. They write and update articles, blogs and images. They link scheduled marketing systems to expand the reach of a business to social media platforms. They can administer marketing campaigns using mammoth  networks like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

An example is the remote web master who manages a website focussed on issues relating to diabetes.  Once a week  she updates the site with news items, monitors the forum, and mediates comments. She charges a fixed fee for her service and the institute that owns the website doesn’t have to do much more than pay. Win ,win.

  • Document translators, Proofreaders and Resume writers  all work from a mobile office utilising the current internet technology and a website or an agency.
  • Website designers are engaged in the production and maintenance of websites involving graphic design, interface design, authoring and coding. Their focus is on a positive user experience and some of them branch out to search engine optimisation (SEO) to  make the website rank high in a related internet search.
  • Freelance travel writer and Freelance Photographers  by necessity take their office with them. They submit quality articles and unique images to the print an online media. They are adept at targeting their articles to a particular audience and also work with agencies who match niche to demographic. . .seller to buyer.  These writers understand how to rework the same story from different angles to make it appeal to a variety of  readers/ buyers/advertisers.
  • A professional photographer is a visual recorder of the history of the world and beyond. Captured images of important events taken ‘as it happens’ are  well rewarded financially.  Buyers of photography exist in  popular media, industry journals, marketing collateral, entertainment,  arts and science . They document and influence people, products and trends. Commercial  portraiture and wedding photography is big business. Consumers are insatiable when it comes to fresh images and  new, quality content.You can also simply sell your photos and copy rights  to a stock photo gallery or agent.
Samoan outrigger Manono
Paddle your own canoe
  • Professional Blogger makes money from their sponsors. Success is measured by the number of followers and hits to your blog. When a blogger generates a large following,  sponsors want to tap into their influence on those readers. The activity is usually in the form of  a positive written review of products or services such as airlines, hotels, tour operators. The blogger is always required to experience the service at the sponsor’s expense plus meals, accommodation and travel expenses FOC, yes, Free Of Charge.

Payment is generally related to the number of  followers and can be around $1,300US  per day for a popular blogger. A positive review can  cause dramatic  sales increase  for the sponsor.

Occasionally, tourism campaigns pay fantastic money to professional bloggers to tell their experience to the world. A good example is the  ‘Best Job in the World’ campaign run by Tourism Queensland, Australia.  They ran a world wide competition for a caretaker  job on an island in the Great Barrier Reef. It involved cleaning the pool, feeding the fish, walking the dog…and to blog once a week about exploring the islands and his adventures. That  job paid the winner $8,800.US per month plus all expenses.

  • Domain Flipping or Domain Name buying and selling. Domain names  such as are registered to the owner, me. There are many names unregistered, unwanted, expired and not renewed that might  be valuable to someone else. If you buy low and sell higher, you have made a profit, a successful flip. Domain names can sell for thousands of dollars. You need some capital to play this game and a nose for marketing gold nuggets.


  • Work online through an agency., Upwork and Textbroker are just some of the many agencies where you can offer your services or to find someone to work online for you. Do your homework before signing up with them.

Here is some of the hires;

Android Developer… Bookkeeper … Content Writer … Copywriter … Customer Service Reps …Email Marketing Consultant … Excel Expert … Facebook Marketer … Graphic designer … iOS Developer … Instagram Marketer … Python Developer … Sales Consultant … SEO Expert … Social Media Consultant … Technical Writer … UX Designer … WordPress Developer.

  • Affiliate Marketer is a website owner who is an authority on their particular subject or niche or is passionate on their field. They provide information to their audience and offer links to related products and services. They make money by commission on sales.

Affiliate’s business activity is promoting and reviewing products or services of companies they are affiliated with. They research and create content using keywords  and other SEO methods to rank high in Google and other search engines .  Affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Clickbank, Amazon and ShareaSale provide the links to affiliates to promote products in their niche.  There are Private Affiliate programs too, that can be less competitive and perhaps more lucrative.

Find Out More Here

Consider the vastness  of the online market.

Working for a commission can be substantial and with a website, you do the work once but it is seen over and over for years to come. This is how recurring, passive  income is established.

For example a small 2% commission on an  item through Amazon can compound dramatically with the high volume of shoppers. Small profit X high turnover = good earnings. 

Alternatively, larger commission on big ticket items with a lower sales volume can also earn a good income. Success in this industry depends getting traffic through your trusted website and helping the customer make an informed purchase. Read how the super affiliates go about marketing.

Stay tuned to for more posts about the practicalities and the perks of being a nomad working online.

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Here is  a couple of free websites to play with.  Let your dream take wings and tell me how you go.

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Go really well, from Janelle.                  Founder of



  1. Darren said:

    Being financially free myself gives the flexibility to move around to choose to reside where I like, is the best lifestyle imaginable.
    Opportunities are everywhere we just need to be alert to them, tapping into these and creating passive income is the key.
    You have listed some great ways to create passive income well done a good read.

    January 29, 2015
    • admin said:

      Thanks Darren. I find it very exciting to be able to say yes when opportunities present themselves.

      January 30, 2015
  2. Janette said:


    I like the idea of being a nomad, no company “culture”, office politics and ETC. I didn’t realize the number of methods of employment/income that were possible.
    You listed at least ten possible ways to live outside of the normal 9-5 life.
    Finally a way to live your life and not let life live you!


    January 29, 2015
    • admin said:

      Hi Janette, thanks for your very clever comment.I think there’s room in the world for diverse lifestyles.

      January 30, 2015
  3. alison said:

    There are some really good ideas here and I like the idea of a combination of many to enable a few streams of income. Like you I’ve had traditional bricks and mortar businesses as well and have put everything into them and sometimes haven’t been rewarded so well. I’d like to diversify. Hopefully I can utilize some of the skills I’ve been honing building my own website with WA to do that.
    There’s a whole world out there, I just love this site, always inspiring!

    October 26, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hello Alison,Currently I have a couple of sites running and a wholesale consultant business where I reach most of my customers through social media. I am still interested in writing for magazines, which will be so much easier than it was when I first started (shh 20 years ago.)

      October 27, 2015

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