New Jaaxy 3.0 Review 2017 – Best 3 New Features Revealed By A User.

Jaaxy 3.0 is made by Affiliate Marketers FOR Affiliate marketers. They know we need to find the sweetest keywords with the best search volumes and least competition. The only way to win this game is to beat the competition. Right?

Read this article and be prepared to ACT SOON.

Hi. My name is Janelle and I’m here because I am Keyword Research Addict!

I want to tell about the Best 3 Features of the New Jaaxy 3.0 Keyword Tool for 2017.

# 1 Best New Feature in Jaaxy  3.0 – Price!

The best news is really for existing customers of Jaaxy whose subscription fee will remain the same as it ever was! The new price increase takes effect on September 1st, 2017, so if you are or become an existing member any time before then you will get the huge advantage of paying the old price.

Co-owner Carson states “anyone that is signed up as Pro or Enterprise before the price increase will be grandfathered in at the current pricing. You WILL NOT be subject to a price increase. If you are currently a Pro or Enterprise account holder, you WILL NOT see a price increase.

Like I said – Be prepared to read this article and ACT SOON!

The current Jaaxy pricing is as follows:

Jaaxy Free is currently, FREE for 30 searches. This won’t change.

Jaaxy Pro is currently $19/month or $199/year

Jaaxy Enterprise is currently $49/month or $499/year

After the price increase, new PRO and ENTERPRISE memberships will be charged the new rates of:

Jaaxy Pro is going to be priced at $49/month or $499/year

Jaaxy Enterprise is going to be priced at $99/month or $999/year

Compare the Pricing for Other Keyword Tools

#2 Best New Feature Jaaxy 3.0 – SiteRank

I’ve been using the old Jaaxy SiteRank for a year or more to find where each post is ranked in Google. The posts which rank highest for me will get my regular attention with updates and refreshes – keeping them on page one in Google. Anything else that can help me do that is gold.

The New version Jaaxy SiteRank has the ability to track your rankings and set them up to scan automatically each week or fortnightly or monthly across the 3 big search engines, not just Google.

With the Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise level accounts you have the ability to check a domain for a given keyword in the search engines, then see the results in a chart over time. So you can trace fluctuations in your posts rank AND you will be notified when you achieve the ranking metrics in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Spy Jaaxy!

New Jaaxy SiteRank also allows you  to track other competing websites in your space to see their rankings…this is just so incredibly powerful now that you can set-up automated tracking!

You are able to spy on what makes them rank in their position. See where they rank, their word count, backlinks, ad placements, alexa rank….that juicy stuff which can help you improve your own performance.

How SiteRank Monthly Scan Credits Work –

If you want to use the new SiteRank auto tracking feature in new Jaaxy 3.0 you will start out each month with a number of credits. Each time a SiteRank search is performed automatically in the background, three scan credits are used. One for each of the search engines that are checked.

If you are tracking a lot of posts and use all your credit you can either upgrade to Enterprise or just simply wait till the new month rolls around when your credits are reset.

Manual SiteRank scans do not count towards this limit.

  • Free Accounts come with 100 scans total
  • Pro comes with UNLIMITED manual scans and 2,000 auto scans per billing period
  • Enterprise comes with UNLIMITED manual scans and 5,000 auto scans per month

#3 Best New Feature in Jaaxy 3.0 – Keyword List Manager

I’m a long time Jaaxy user and I love to collect lots of awesome keywords. I collect keywords like a Bower Bird collects blue plastic! I store them in Jaaxy just in case I start a new niche or I meet someone who could use a quick list of keywords to get started. Occasionally I write for other websites, so I collect keywords in their niches too.

I only save high search volume of >300 and low competition of < 100 keywords. Still, my collection is extensive.

In the past my list of saved keywords was getting out of control. But I’ve been playing around with the new Jaaxy 3.0 and solved this problem.  Jaaxy introduced a couple of simple moves that give me more control over my saved lists. Now I can edit, rename, delete individual words or delete a whole list.  I can export a whole list in CSV or TXT format  to spreadsheets for further analysis and reference.

You can check out Jaaxy 3.0 and login here:


Every aspect of Jaaxy has been updated.

  • New Jaaxy logo and website is clean and beautiful
  • It is faster and easier to use
  • The tool is more accurate and helpful keyword search
  • Improved keyword list management
  • Siterank and auto tracking
  • Affiliate program search – where you can find an affiliate program to match your keyword in a single click
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) is reported in plain English – Good, Normal, Poor
  • Brainstorm platform
  • Alphabet Soup technique
    …and you’ll be happy to see that both the Jaaxy website and member’s area are now running over a SSL secure connection (https://)!

PROS of Jaaxy 3.0

How Do You Benefit From A Keyword Tool Like Jaaxy 3.0

  1. Save huge amounts of time and gain the competitive edge in terms of managing all aspects of your keyword research, website, competition and market research.
  2. 500 million NEW search terms are being sought every day online. You need a tool that can give accurate insight fast. Be one of the first to find the hot and untouched keywords and use them to drive your SEO campaign to success.
  3. Uncover amazing new niches with little to no competition using The ‘Brainstorm’, ‘Affiliate Search’ and the ‘Alphabet Soup’ features in Jaaxy 3.0. These can help you find an untapped niche  or dig deeper into the niche you’re in.
  4. The only way to win is to beat the competition, right? Jaaxy SiteRank lets you spy on the statistics of your competition. Once you know what they are doing you can plan a course to beat them. Get the edge.
  5. Where are you ranked in search? You need to monitor your ranking so you can act on a downturn in traffic or prepare for an upswing. The SiteRank feature with auto tracking is unique to Jaaxy 3.0 and makes monitoring your rank AND your competitor’s rank so easy.
  6. Want to build a valuable domain name portfolio?. One simple domain name can sell for $100s, $1000s and sometimes millions of dollars and the Domain search feature in Jaaxy helps you uncover .coms, .orgs and .net domains with every single keyword search.

CONS for Jaaxy 3.0

Presently there is only one thing wrong with Jaaxy that I can see. The training has not been upgraded yet. This may become a little confusing for newcomers because the images in the training don’t match the live Jaaxy website.

Jaaxy 3.0 is still very new and I imagine training will be updated when the new pricing kicks in.

Jaaxy upgrades help to boost affiliate incomes by saving so much time.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is built by the very successful owners of Wealthy Affiliate who constantly strive to be leaders – delivering exactly what internet marketers really need.

As an affiliate marketing training school Wealthy Affiliate understand the long hours involved in keyword research. They provide a complete range of lessons about keyword research, analysing competition in Search Engine Results Pages, finding awesome low competition keywords and high demand niche topics.

Jaaxy upgrades make your SEO research faster and easier.

Research efficiency sky rockets when you know

  • who your competition is
  • what the competition is doing
  • and you can see search volumes in a click
  • and you can monitor your page rank automatically

You can play with this new toy, I mean tool!  Get 30 free searches in the New Jaaxy 3.0

Bring it on, Jaaxy!


Go far, go well and go do your research!

From Janelle

Founder of the Cashed Up                      Earning Freedom Online.






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