Is OMG Machines A Hustle?

OMG Machines Review

Name:   OMG (One Man Gang) Machines
Price:   Starter pack $49.00
               Combo pack $179.00
Owners:   Greg Morrison and Mike Long
Overall Rank:   50 out of 100

General Overview of OMG Machines.omg patience is omg a hustle

OMG stands for One Man Gang. They use “Machines” to describe their websites that do all the work and apparently create a lot of money for the owners.

OMG teaches you how to get lots of free traffic from Google and then make money from your high ranking websites. Three of the ways you are shown in the training to make money are;

  • Buy or develop your own products to sell on Amazon or sell information products.
  • Optimising clients websites so that they rank higher in Search Engines, SEO for local businesses.
  • Affiliate marketing/CPA”

So, it’s a coaching course delivered as ebooks which you can convert to PDF. There are online videos, but they are not downloadable so you need to be online each time you watch these.

How OMG Machines works.

The coaching shows you how to do keyword research, buy a domain name, start a wordpress website, Create content and article writing instructions. You can find out how to add authority links, internal links and youtube videos. There is ebook pages about how to get backlinks, use anchor text and create link automation and site submissions.

Where is the value in OMG omg a hustle

The SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) techniques that are shown will get you ranked if you follow the steps precisely. Rank is critical to get traffic to your posts and sell your product.
You will get an overview of how to source potential clients in the local market.
These methods are repeatable and once you set up one successful website or one client relationship you can then, as they say, rinse and repeat.
To be as financially successful as the owners you will need to be webmaster of many sites and a consultant to many local clients in order to pull the quoted amounts, $60,000 to $100.00 per month, shown here in the OMG earning reports.

What are the risks with OMG Machine.

In my view the main risk here is that you will be disappointed with your results and give up. It takes dedication and time to learn all of these new terms and implement them correctly.
One point that worries me about OMG Machines is the system relies heavily on other programs. We need to discuss these.

  1. Magic Submitter. A software program that takes your original article and ‘spins’ it into 100’s even thousands of new ‘articles’. ..which are then posted on your sites and other article directories to saturate the SERPs (search engine results pages) with your chosen keywords. Yes, it seems like a great shortcut idea.
  2. Problem; Google can detect ‘spinning’ and auto submitting now. They penalise offenders of what is now considered a black hat tactic. Google algorithms 2015 are in search of organic, unique and quality content, so using a ‘machine ‘ to jumble your words into new articles is like waving a red flag to google.omg title
  3. Unique Article Wizard. This is a plugin that does similar work to the Magic Submitter with the added bonus of submitting ‘spun articles’ to social media platforms as well as to thousand of websites. Without it , you will be spending many hours submitting your original posts across facebook, twitter and all else.
  4. Problem; is spinning articles. UAW also submits articles to blogs and sites generating automatic backlinks and auto FB likes. You can see how this is artificially gaming the ranking algorithms. Long term, it produces an internet flooded with junk. As if it isn’t messy enough already, with so much outdated material!
  5. Squidoo Lenses. These were Mini websites focussed to capitalising on a popular tight niche (eg Lady Gaga costumes) by add links and ads to a main sales page. The Squidoo platform, originally designed to raise funds for charity, was taken over by hubspot in 2014. Not all articles at Squidoo were adopted by Hubspot.
  6. Problem; It is extinct.

Upsells at OMG

There is a constant stream of sales pitch in all videos and emails, mostly directed to the purchase of the intensive training for ‘No Holds Barred’. NHB was closed when I reviewed the option but the video teasers tell me it is a concentrate of how to buy products to sell on Amazon. The mentor interviews and information are interesting, but at a non refundable $6,990 I want it to be compelling and ,well, ground breaking.

    • Magic Submitter $5, it is worth mentioning the 60 lesson training with that.
    • Unique Article Wizard $67per month
    • Unique Article Wizard Pro $99per month
    • No Holds Barred full support and training $6,990.
    • Krakken’ Keyword research wonder tool, see Mikes video and the pricing below.

is omg machines a hustle

Troubleshooting at OMG Machines.

The support lines have specific availability if you need help. This can be a real problem if you live in a different time zone, like Australia! Other wise, members can access the OMG Facebook page for assistance.

Monday – 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM (EST)
Wednesday – 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EST)
Saturday – 2:00 PM- 4:00 PM (EST)

The owner is available through Skype in office hours to members of the NHB group.

Is OMG Machines for you?

The starter pack will get a newbie into their own wordpress website and teach you the fundamentals of internet marketing. Keep in mind, this information is available free on the internet, if you know what you are looking for.
The combo pack will head you in the direction of Article spinning and SEO and understanding keyword research plus information about selling your products on Amazon and Ebay.
If you are confident to study alone and determined to learn about how internet marketing works, this might be for you.

My Best Take Aways From The OMG Package.

To successfully sell through Amazon as a vendor or an affiliate, choose products that are Amazon best sellers across multiple categories.

My Opinion of OMG Machinesdisapprove-149251_1280 thumbs down

This program has all the hallmarks of a good place to learn the basics of SEO, Amazon sales and affiliate marketing.
The reliance on outdated and penalised tactics, like article spinning, disturb me. Your long hours, weeks and months of learning are at risk of being wasted because google can wipe your sites off the search map due to such black hat tricks.

There is so much hustle and hype and high cost at OMG Machines, my scam alert radar is going crazy.

Also, I was confused and lost trust when Mike Long recites the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of his videos. I’m sorry to not recommend it.

The Cashed Up Nomad finds honest and lucrative ways to earn your freedom online. My criteria to a high scoring review is simple. No Boss, No Stock, No Warehouse, No Big Cash Outlays and No Scams.
Check out my other reviews and my best choice. See more warning signs in the SCAM ALERT Category.

Round Up.

Name: One Man Gang Machines
Owners: Greg Morrison and Mike Long                       
Price: $49 – $179 – $6,9990
Scam Rank: 50 out of 100

Want To Learn How To make Money Online With A Cool Website?

(And not Get Hustled!)

best way to make money online


What did you want to say about OMG Machines, leave your thoughts and questions in the comment box.

Go with it and Go well,

From Janelle Founder of

‘Earn Your Freedom Online’


  1. Mark said:

    Hi Janell – Great review on OMG Machines. There are so many scams or bad mentoring programs on the Internet that are aimed at unsuspecting honest people trying to earn some extra cash.
    It annoys me so much, having been a victim to a number of these products. By carrying out these reviews the community at WA is slowly , but surely exposing them one dodgy program at a time.
    Great review – Keep up the good work

    October 8, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Mark, you know I was actually really sad to find out the costs and other drawbacks to this program. Their marketing is so skill full and I found myself wanting to believe the hype. It’s easy to see how beginners in IM get taken for a ride. No beginner could understand the jargon in some of these videos.

      Back to the drawing board.

      October 9, 2015
  2. Alblue said:

    Hi Janelle, thank you so much for reviewing this. I found it to be weird, expensive, and especially the No Holds Barred for $6,990 (wait, I found a typo in your article at conclusion, it is written as $6,9990 0.o )

    I don’t really like the easiness provided with those plugin. It sounds a bit like ‘getting-reach-for-very-easy’, which may come with negative impact in the future.

    I enjoy creating quality content rather that using some easy plugin to create mass and outdated-content. Thank you for reviewing this site before I even stumbled the site.

    October 8, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Well, you know what they say? If it sounds too good to be true!It probably is. You would have to be already wealthy to utilise the NHB. Just look at the pricing on the keyword tool. $675 per month. When I have millions to throw around I’d like to play with that one.

      Stay alert.

      October 9, 2015
  3. Alexx said:

    Hey J. First I have to say I just LOVE the look of this website. It really brightened up my sleepy head the second I looked at it… And it’s so clean and simple to navigate.
    This OMG review is very interesting. I had some real time wasting experiences with a couple of over-hyped BS training systems. That’s the biggest thing I’m afraid of is wasting time, because I am techy challenged and it does take me a bit to get it together to begin with, and every time you have to retool it’s just a killer online.
    Hey, my partner and I are fixin’ to be travelin’ fools also LOL I’ll have to keep in touch with you about that. We almost unloaded the house this summer, but then chickened out. We’re looking at RV’s and making plans, though!
    Take care – Alexx

    October 11, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks Alexx for your compliment about my site. It is great to get that kind of feedback on how a site makes you feel.
      If you are keen to improve on your technical skills as far as internet marketing goes, you can’t beat the WA coaching.
      Good luck with your travels, you’ll know when the time is right.
      Go with it and go well from Janelle

      October 11, 2015
  4. June said:

    Hi Janelle, I’m glad I found your review. I’ve seen so much different programs out there that I can’t count anymore. I can never say I’ve seen it all anymore with all the online programs coming out every minute. At least now I know this is one I can avoid. Thanks for this review.

    October 29, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi June . Yes You can just scratch OMG Machines off your list. Don’t give up though there are good programs around.

      October 30, 2015
  5. Neil said:

    OMG Machines sounds like a dream on paper or in fact a computer screen. But the reality is that the tools are outdated, as you have proved with the submitter, the spinner and Squidoo (which was once popular) but not any more.

    I know this for a fact as a former Squidoo lensmaster who had success online but lost it when Squidoo was closed down.

    The cost of the Upsells are also ridiculous, and this is not the program for me! Thanks for your review on OMG Machines 🙂


    March 6, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Neil. If only it was that easy to have TOTAL DOMINATION! What a joke. If it looks risky, feels risky and smells risky…..

      Go carefully and go well from Janelle.

      March 9, 2016

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