Human Proof Designs 3.0 Review 2016. DFY Websites

 2018 (APRIL) Update for Human Proof Designs review!

Human Proof Designs makes niche websites for beginners and experienced online marketers. I’d say it’s the quickest, smartest way to get into online business. Their websites are Done for You. Affiliate Done4You!

The core business of Human Proof Design is niche websites. Throughout 2017 they’ve been adding an exciting range of support services to make life easier for niche site owners, boosting productivity and revenue. This article examines the full spectrum of HPD products, prices and quality.

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Read on to see my opinion of the Human Proof Designs range of services.

Human Proof Designs 3.0 Review

Name ; Human Proof Designs 3.0

Website ;

Owner; Dominic Wells

Cost ; from $499.00 – $799.00 

Rank ; 97/100

What Is Human Proof Designs?

In a nutshell, Human Proof Designs is a company that builds niche websites for you.

Their point of difference is this; each HPD website is unique and comes preloaded with the essential basic pages and posts. It is not just a website frame that you have to then add to. Individual niche sites are professionally researched by experienced marketers and well positioned to rank high in search engines. The products are proven to be in demand, only promoting the very ‘best sellers’.

HPD sites come with loads of free training and support.

If you have ever sat and wondered why your Amazon Affiliate Site doesn’t make you a dime, maybe it is time to look closer at the Human Proof Design training methods here. If you’re struggling to find a niche, build your site, or get it ranking, this 7 step course will walk you through each stage for only seven dollars!

Or even easier just go flick through their catalogue of available ready made sites here. They have calculated the potential earnings of each site for you too.

The two biggest barriers to growing affiliate websites are time and skill.

If you are short on either of these qualities then the Human Proof Design catalogue of ‘Done For You’ websites  is definitely worth a browse.

Who is Dom Wells?CEO Human Proof Designs

The founder of HPD, Dominic Wells, started as an ambitious, if impatient,  affiliate marketer. He studied online marketing with the famous ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ training program. Dom jumped from niche to niche trying to crack the ‘cash cow’ formula.

As so many others before him, nothing happened fast enough. He built a few websites that didn’t make big money immediately.

A concept all online marketers need to accept is that it takes time to get website wheels turning. Dominic recognised his natural impatience was also extremely common among his peers.

He realised too, that beginners in online business often have limited skills and a fear of ‘breaking’ a website. Hence the tag line  “They’re so well designed they are Human Proof.”

A ‘New School’ Entrepreneur

Dom’s style of entrepreneurship is unusual in that he likes to publish monthly income reports. The reports go back to day one,  showing that HPD business growth is exponential. See the financials below. He also likes to share publicly the methods he has used to make that growth happen. I like this style because it is open, transparent and inspiring for new entrepreneurs.


Human Proof Design Income Statement January 2016

Done For You Websites: $24,656 (9,500)  +  Articles: $3,612 (1,683)  + SEO: $2,241 (600)

Gross Total: $30,509

Affiliate Income; (Dom’s site only has 8 affiliates.)

Long Tail Pro: $7 + Wealthy Affiliate: $302 + Jaaxy: $60

+ Thrive: $33 + The Hoth: $1,430 + Bluehost: $0

+ WebHostingHub: $700 + Rank XL: $175

Total: $2,707

Grand Total Gross Revenue: $33,216

The expenses are made up of the following:

* Cost of fulfilment (How much it costs us to perform/create the services and websites we make).

* Subscriptions (Various things like Majestic,, SECockpit, and other tools we subscribe to).

* VA Fees (Fees paid for Project Managers, Editors, Writers, And Web Development)

Total Expenses: $13,043

Net Profit January 2016: $20,173



Clearly the Human Proof Design group is  progressing in leaps and bounds- evidenced by the increased website sales —- to date totalling 600 +.


The newest Human Proof Designs version 3.0

In 2016 HPD introduced the new version of their niche site product, making it  a smooth and almost painless entry to online business. I say almost painless because, although these sites are ready made, they are still not quite a full  ‘ autopilot’ business model. With all the new services they are adding each month this has got to be the closest thing you can get to auto income.

The 6 steps to successful affiliate marketing;

Human Proof Designs Review Womens Boxing Gloves Niche
The Boxing Gloves For Women Niche Is Larger Than You First Imagine With Scope To Update The Product Line Due To Changing Fashion An Improved Performance. Bang On Target In Health And Fitness Category.
  1. Find a popular and profit able niche that will last long term.
  2. Find the best related affiliates programs and create agreements with them.
  3. Research the best Keywords and products.
  4. Gain prominent ranking (page one) on search engines like Google.
  5. Drive targeted buyers to your site.
  6. Convert traffic into sale$.

How has HPD addressed these 6 points?

  • There is no doubt that HPD have honed a clear and reliable formula for pinpointing a money making niche, so the beginner doesn’t have to. From my own first experience, I can tell you that this alone will save days if not weeks of brainstorming and second guessing.
  • Human Proof Designs provide training manuals to navigate affiliate programs with Amazon and others.
  • Every HPD site comes with a minimum 8 posts of keyword rich content, selected product reviews and other helpful articles related to the niche.
  • All of the supplied posts and pages are professionally optimised for search engines which make them rank well.
  • The manuals explain social media networking and Dom’s favorite method to drive traffic to a site, ‘outreach’. Frequent emails also detail how to apply techniques of backlinks and guest posts to generating more traffic.
  • HPD  uses high quality Thrive premium website themes, which are designed to focus on conversion. In my opinion the they are extremely stylish and enhance the user experience well, which in turn keeps a visitor on site longer and make it easy to access information and purchase products.

Making Money Online, Let’s face it.

If you want to earn decent money online then you really must work in niches that are popular and profitable. Some niches are hotter, some are not. Some are evergreen but impossibly competitive. That’s what makes it difficult to choose a niche and take the steps to build out a site. I like that HPD sites remove the angst and guesswork  (and the groundwork!) for you.

HPD’s catalogue of sites cover popular niches with products in Amazon and non Amazon affiliate programs. New HPD sites are constantly coming available. To get notified of new sites you can register here.  You will get a ‘Happy Friday’ email that lists new niche sites as they come to market.

How does a HPD website make money?

  • The content is focused on one main keyword in all of your articles which is proven to have high search volume and beatable competition. As that  keyword gains rank in the search engines, your traffic increases.
  • A percentage of traffic will make a purchase after reading your reviews. Most people who read product reviews are already at the point of purchase. Boom! You have a sale through your review article.
  • The review pages are linked to an affiliate program like Amazon Associates. Amazon pay 4% commission on each sale made through your affiliate link. This commission rate increases as your sales volume increases.  Amazon will also pay commission on any other purchase from any category made by your customer during that 24 hour period.
  • Your home page article and your ‘how to’ posts gather and send more visitors to the review pages and the sales cycle continues. When you are at this point, and it will take time, you can think about adding fresh relevant content to grow your site authority.
  • New ‘best selling’ products will come to the market from time to time. It is important to keep up to date with best sellers and trends. You want to be in front, ready to write reviews and convert them into sales.

Make Money From Amazon Sites ( The HPD Crash Course).

This new 7 part training course was recently introduced for anyone to use, not just those who buy a HPD website. It is probably the fastest way you can learn about Amazon sites.

Learn how to research and validate a niche so you never enter the wrong niche again.

See how to copy their exact site structure and how to build it out.

Learn about the 5 different content types for Amazon sites and how they make you money.

See how to use backlinks the right way to get rank and which ones to avoid.

You can find out all about the quickie Amazon course here.




The wonderful thing about Amazon Sites;Make Money IN Affiliate Programs

Say you owned a website called ‘Best Bird Feeders’ dot com. Joe Average finds you by searching ‘the best bird feeder online’. But while he is looking at your product, other products catch his eye.

Amazon shows him…”people who bought this bird feeder also bought this bird cage, this hat and this exercise bike”.  Now,  if Joe buys the exercise bike but not the birdfeeder, you still get paid commission for the exercise bike. Cool huh!

How Much Can A Human Proof Design Website Earn?

affiliate marketing
Here is the estimated potential earnings of a well managed Amazon site in the ‘compost bin and compost tumbler’ niche. Who woulda thought?

Let me translate this above image for you.

  • This website about compost bins gets 720 people searching for the main keyword (eg; compost bin) every month.
  • It gets an estimated 310,320 long tail searches per month (long tail example; how to keep flies off a compost bin)
  • SERP; Most posts on this website sit at position 5 on page one in Google , Yahoo or Bing.
  • 40% of website visitors click on the affiliate link which takes them to a product (compost bin) on Amazon
  • 5% of those visitors actually purchase a compost bin (and /or other Amazon products
  • The average spend by a visitor to this Amazon link is $150.

More niche opportunities;

Women’s basketball shoes,    gaming laptops,    mirrorless cameras,    anti aging,    3 week diet,    ear protection,    yeast infection,    hammocks,    diabetes.   The list is endless.

What do you get in a new HPD 3.0 website

Human Proof Designs Review Shower Head Niche
DIY Showerheads For Those Who Want The Latest And Greatest. This Niche Has A Massive Product Range And Continuous Demand
  • A premium theme. value $75
  • Premium images. value $16
  • Thrive content builder $67
  • Thrive Leads $67
  • Easyazon Pro $67
  • Domain name $15
  • Keyword Pack from SECockpit $79 monthly
  • 8000 words content valued at $240

To build your own website using these same products, your upfront costs are $626.00 plus you would carry the ongoing monthly cost of the keyword pack. Alternatively, you can pay a developer to build a site . To have it populated at this level would cost thousands and be prohibitive for most beginners,( if they knew what to ask for!)

How much is a basic ready made niche website from HPD? $499.

Click here to See Site Availability.

HPD Training and Support…Is Cutting Edge!

Human Proof Designs Review Ski Goggle Niche
Ski Goggles Is A Seasonal Niche In A Global Marketplace. Affluent Customers Need The Latest And Best Goggles. Product Range Updates Regularly.

I was seriously impressed with the amount and quality of the free information provided upfront.

Masses of actionable info and a free video crash course about affiliate marketing.

* research keywords * quality content creation * site design * Search Engine Optimisation * tips for ranking *  monetisation * outreach *  link building *

When you want to grow a site, this sort of training is priceless. You will find the free articles plus case studies on the HPD home page.

Some niches require different methods, and some site designs work differently from others. We customize the training we give you, and your path will match your site and niche. This is highly specified training. Dom.

HPD encourage backlinks;

Backlinks are considered a gray hat technique in some circles. When the backlinks are connected to relevant content they can radically improve rank and therefore traffic. It’s hard to find reliable training like this elsewhere.

You can subscribe to HPD to get more detailed info about Dom’s methods. Dom shares exclusive lessons and content with his subscribers, and you can join for free here.

An extensive video library comes with each site. Site buyers also get access to the members area and the private Facebook group. It is a good  place for members to nurture professional connections and stay abreast of the market. There is a good email support service. Most email support is handled by Dom and it’s very reassuring to be in easy contact with the owner.

I have personally made a number of enquiries over the last couple of years to HPD. Each time I was answered within 24 hours by Dom and every time my issue was resolved. Happy customer!

Best Practice SEO.

In Human Proof Designs 3.0 version for 2016, The content provided and the training for your own content creation is in line with current best practice, on page SEO. It is a simple but critical formula for rankability.

The HPD 3.0 website content structure;

  • 1 x 2,500 word homepage pillar post including a comparison table and internal links to 5 reviews.
  • 5 x 800 word review posts that are linked from the homepage. The reviews are about the top selling products in that niche.
  • 2 x 700 word supporting articles on topics like “How To” or shorter articles on “The Best Of”.
  • Also included is a privacy policy, about page and contact etc.

 Extra Services from HPD;

Human Proof Design Review Article Content Packages
No Time For Content Creation? No Idea About SEO? HPD Has High Quality Content Packages For You.

You can pay someone else to write those extra articles as your site begins to grow. Outsourcing your articles to professional writers takes a lot of time. You need to find a suitable writing style, a decent price and most importantly top quality articles. 

HPD now has a stable of ghost writers who produce article packages at a reasonable price. The SEO quality of these articles is first rate.

The article packs are certainly affordable and unique but I personally thought they were a little weak.

This problem has been addressed in with a choice of standard and premium article quality

What you get;

In case you’re not familiar with the service. 1 article is 1,000 words. You can actually vary from this though, so if you were to pick up the “8 articles” pack, you could have any combination of lengths, as long as the total is 8,000 words. So for example, 2 x 4,000 words, 4 x 2,000 words, and so on.
The new article pack prices will be live on October 1st 2017

Here’s a quick before/after breakdown…

Here is what Dom says about the new article packages.
“In this day and age, it’s difficult to find good writers at a good price. Even though we have to increase our prices slightly, we still offer one of the best quality content services for the best price.

This is something we’re proud of and will continue to improve. Which is why we’ve added a second tier to our article service…

We’re bringing you even better articles for those of you who are looking for more than just “Standard” niche site content.

Our “Premium” service is written by Native English speakers with tons of experience. This service is for those of you who are looking for content that your readers will really fall in love with.

Check out those packages and options here:

To summarize…

“Standard” Content price increase will be effective October 1st.

“Premium” Content is our new second tier content service for those of you looking for more than the standard niche content.

P.S They do still offer bulk discounts for orders larger than 24,000 words, get more info here.

The HPD Keyword Pack ;

The Keyword Pack service a brilliant idea and I honestly hope it makes a $quillion for Dom.

From what I see in forums, writers frequently get stuck in content production because of their keyword research deficits. It causes a halt in website progress and rank, writers get disheartened and maybe surrender – fail – quit! Oh no!

The keyword packs will save a bloggers A$$.

What do you get in a HPD Keyword Pack?

The Keyword Pack is designed for affiliate niche sites monetised through Amazon. Some packs are suited to Adsense. You don’t need a big site. The structure can be similar to the basic HPD content structure, having one pillar post, product reviews and supporting articles.

“Each package comes with 8 main and secondary keywords. These are always 6-8 main keywords, and 0-2 supporting keywords. These keywords always have at least 1,000 local monthly searches but are still considered relatively easy to rank for. On top of that, we always include over 100 long-tail keywords.  These keywords usually have 250+ searches a month, and are considered low competition.”

Check out these Keyword Packages just sold;

  • Keyword Package 001 (Sold!)

6 main and 2 secondary keywords totaling 21,600 monthly searches. Comes with 161 long tail keywords.

  • Keyword Package 002 (Sold!)

8 main keywords totaling 63,200 monthly searches. Comes with 179 long tail keywords.

  • Keyword Package 003 (Sold!)

7 main and 1 supporting keyword totaling 38,600 monthly searches. Comes with 287 long tail keywords.

Who gets excited about keywords? Me!

Human Proof Designs Review Hydroponic Supplies Niche
Aquaponic Garden Supplies Provide a Niche Opportunity In Both Private And Commercial Areas…And An Ever Growing (ha ha) Product Range.

Yeh, my inner geek loves this stuff, mainly because I understand the massive potential of well chosen keywords. Dom’s the expert at Keyword research. To me, these packages are worth jumping up and down about.

Look at those monthly search numbers! Content creation is made easy when you are supplied 7 main keywords and 287 long tails! If you cannot create content around these K-packs, maybe it’s time you got out of the business! Nah!, Just get HPD to create your content for you.

HPD keyword packs are capable of earning  $300 – $1000 pm.

Find out more about the keyword packs here.

Costing of the new Keyword Packs.

The new edition packs will be limited to 10 per customer @$49
Now a keyword pack has the following:
1.) All the keywords we could find in the niche, researched using Secockpit ($40+ per month usually).
2.) The top 100 best-selling products in the niche, researched using Amasuite ($197 one-time fee usually).
3.) Hand-picked 8 keywords that we suggest you use to get started.
4.) Competitor reports for 3-5 other sites in the niche. Now you can reverse engineer their rankings (Semrush is $60 per month usually).
Not only do you save time,  you get $300+ worth of keyword data, for $49.

NEW; Outsourcing your content on autopilot.

HPD offers a ‘monthly’ article service @ $149.00 Get 4 original, tailored articles for your HPD website each month.  Business just started looking a whole lot easier with this new service. Here is what they do for you…

  • Research new keywords and products for your site – we ensure that same keywords and products aren’t being done 2x
  • Send you an updated Keyword pack for your site, showing the keywords and products that will be targeted in the new content as well as all previous keywords and products covered
  • Write 4 keyword optimized articles of 1000 words each (Our default is 2 info articles and 2 product review articles each month)
  • Edit the articles
  • Upload the articles to your site
  • Format the content with H tags, hyperlinks, spacing
  • Add a stock image as the featured image for the post
  • Set the content to be published 1x per week for the next 4 weeks

NEW; Aged Sites. No More Sandbox!

Aged sites have been built months ago and like a fine wine have been ‘aging’ online gracefully.

Have you heard of Google sandbox, it’s a bit like a playpen for new websites. Google lets the site sit quietly in the corner, if the site behaves well ie; not too spammy and not trying to game the system, after a few months Google lets off the handbrake and the site begins to claim its rank.

The HPD Aged Sites have been indexed with Google for at least six months. So if you buy one of these,  you to skip the Google sandbox, even if you are brand new.

Benefits of an aged sites;

Human Proof Designs Review
The HPD Aged Sites allow you to skip the Google sandbox and they are Human Proof Too
  • No Wait Time, because they are already built and ready to go.
  • No time in the sandbox.
  • You can preview the existing aged site, unlike the new sites which are done for you when you order.
  • They are already ranking
  • They are ready to monitise immediately

The Human Proof Designs Aged Sites come with all of the good features of their new sites like Premium Themes, 16000 words of researched content, Social Media Accounts and all the usual plugins.

 3 bonus extras exclusive to a HPD  aged site.

  • A customised eBook Lead Magnet to give away to your email subscribers
  • Email optin forms are already installed.
  • ranking report which shows exactly where your aged website is ranking on Google

 Aged Sites cost just under $1,500  

From May 2018 the price will increase, so now might be the best time to get your own aged niche site and start earning sooner.

Just have a look at what you get for your money!

  • Unique Site Design
  • Premium Plugins
  • Premium Theme
  • Premium Images
  • Disclaimer & Privacy Policy
  • On-Page SEO
  • 16,000 Words Total of Content
  • Social Media Account Set Up
  • eBook Lead Magnet
  • Existing Rankings Report
  • Keyword Research Report
  • Competitor Report
  • Detailed 6 Month Plan
  • Free Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime Access to HPD Video Training Library
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Ability to see the site before you purchase!

Current Price: $1,497
May 3rd Price: $1,797

The aged sites are fully set up ready to earn. Upon handover they will instruct you how to activate the affiliate links.

These aged sites have proven search numbers and are receiving traffic, which is shown in the report. It’s a matter of turning on the money switch and watch the sales wheel start turning.

Still not a fully automated system. You will still need to build links and social signals. Clear and concise training is provided if you need it.

Every month a new selection of HPD aged sites come up for sale.

See the latest aged sites HERE remember to click on the ‘view details’ to see potential profits of each one and ‘view site’ to see the whole website.

NEW; 2017 HPD Private Membership Area

As the HPD team expands with the rapid growth of the company, so too do the services. From May you will be able to learn from Dom as he shares his experiences and successes with making money online.Benefits of membership start with a regular weekly ‘over the shoulder’ viewing of Dom’s exact steps to building niche websites from zero to $10,000 per month.

Go here to join the Human Proof Designs private membership area.

NEW;  HPD Podcasts;

The podcasts help you learn easily by listening to the experts who will be discussing the best ways to get ahead with your websites.

Podcast themes covered so far are;

NEW; HPD Professional Press Release.

What is a Press Release and why should you get one for your new site? 

Well a Press Release is an accepted form of high quality white hat SEO and a smart method to kick off your link building. Press Releases enable great first links to a new website and Google logically expects to see these links built first.

When you order a press release with your new HPD site you get a professionally written article which will be seeded through multiple high quality ‘brand’ distribution channels. Adding brand links can help a site get out of the sand box faster. HPD builds the links as soon as the site is live, which gives you a real kick start.

HPD actually guarantees notable publication with Google, Bing and Yahoo News.

Are Press Releases with these links safe?

Doms says the problems with Press Releases arise from inexperienced users messing up anchor text or using poor quality article distribution services. That is why they offer this Premium service, so it is done correctly and with top quality.

Dom also alludes to doing more powerful link building in the future and diversifying your backlink profile with Press Release quality links creates a cushion or safety net later. Links are a huge part of getting ranked.

Until 15th June 2017 you can have a free professional Press Release created for any HPD site you purchase. It will be priced at $149.00 after that date. The best way to take advantage of this free Press Release offer is to pay for a site now and choose a niche later, when you are ready.

NEW; PBN links building service.

In July 2017 HPD released their full blown link building service. 

Why do niche websites need links?

Dom – “Many think links are a declining ranking signal in Google’s algorithm, but this is far from the truth. Recent studies have shown the opposite and have determined links are more important than ever for ranking. And of course, the higher you rank, the more visitors you will get, and the more sales you will make.

We’re here to help you succeed and this process is no different. We’ll help you choose which URL is the best to target first and give you anchor text advice. We highly recommend link building as part of your SEO strategy. ”

Are these links ‘safe’?

DOM – “If PBN’s are done correctly, I consider them to be safe. I personally use them for all of my sites and always have.

It’s a best practice to have a combination of different types of links to stay ‘safe’. Including PBN Links, outreach links, blog commenting, press release links, etc.

We recommend waiting at least a month after your site is live to start building links. When that time is up, we’ll send you a form so that we can get started.

  • Human Proof Design PBN Link Service is PRIVATE. Rest assured that what you’re getting is a selective network.
  • Unique Articles. We don’t recycle content like many PBN link services out there.
  • Link Placement is always natural and relevant. We don’t just spam any article. Your links will be included in on-topic articles.


Do You Have A Great Niche Idea Of Your Own?

Human Proof Designs has introduced a Custom Site Build Service for anyone who has a good niche to work in. You need to submit a Custom Build Request which Dom will evaluate. If your idea meets their viability standards they will build your special niche site for you. This could be great for someone who has their own product to promote or someone who has a niche that HPD hasn’t come across yet.
It’s true, there is a lot of work and time and expertise involved in building a site. They have created a smooth build criteria and system, which saves you enormous amounts of time.


So How ‘Done For You’ is one of Human Proof Designs websites?

Well, if you take advantage of all the new services we have talked about here, your niche website is about as close to automatic as you can get! The reality is websites are never really ‘DONE’. It’s a living evolving thing that needs monitoring, guiding, tweaking…and HPD can help you with everything.

The cheapest HPD websites are about about 80% ‘Done For You’ at purchase.

The more expensive Aged Sites are already ranking  and well on their way to earning.

HPD websites are perfect for;

Human Proof design Review Gamers Motherboard Niche
Gaming Equipment Is A Fast Evolving And High Demand Product Niche Providing Good Scalability And Profitability.
  • time poor people (who isn’t?)
  • those who think they can’t learn how to build their own website.
  • impatient people like Dom (and me) who want to earn sooner

Pros and Cons of Human Proof Designs


  • The website themes have beautiful, modern styling, high speed load times and simple to user experience.
  • For the website owner/ manager these premium themes allow super streamlined functionality.
  • HPD use of premium images set their websites apart, presenting a startling professional feel to each site.
  • The Thrive range of products have a focus on conversions at every step and stunning visual appeal.
  • The content is keyword oriented to extremely high monthly search volumes.
  • Personally, I think Dom has underestimated the value of the 8000 words of content he includes in this package. When you look at its structure, in terms of SEO, the Human Proof Design content is the latest in best practice and a superior model for a web business.
  • HPD provides a set plan to follow with huge amount of details to grow your website business.
  • Compared to the cost of setting up and running a ‘bricks and mortar’ business, niche marketing is very positive in terms of ROI.


  • This is not a press button business, definitely not a ‘set and forget’ – unless you outsource everything , including a manager.
  • The cost for additional HPD services could be initially high – but offset by efficiency and productivity.
  • It could be months before you start to see the trickle of first income.
  • There will be an extra cost of website hosting, price range from $5 to $50 per month.
  • Some training is required if you don’t already know internet marketing techniques.You will also need to learn the mechanics of maintaining a healthy website, including consistent add and update of content.
  • You need to understand how to effectively incorporate Social media, keyword research, content writing, affiliate links and back linking. All this really means is ‘Do the Training Provided’.
  • Overall, it may take more time than you anticipate.
  • One website alone probably won’t earn enough for a full time income. Most affiliate marketers manage a number of websites across different niches to reach their desired earnings.
  • If you plan to make a full time income, I suggest you buy a new HPD website for each niche, remembering they could be complementary niches.

Is HPD legit?

Yes. It is 100% Legit. I believe you will be satisfied with this purchase. In fact, this is a product I would buy over and over again. No scam. Human Proof Designs is going into its fourth year stronger than ever, expanding in customer focussed directions plus more business acquisitions in the pipeline.

Is it low risk?

In terms of cash outlay, I believe it is very low risk. I know well how much time it takes to do this same amount and  high standard of work. To pay HPD $499. to get a site started is great value for your money.

Be aware that Income is not guaranteed with Human Proof Design sites – because of many variables out of the control of HPD. I also know first hand that bricks and mortar income is not always guaranteed.

Is it affordable?

Yes. I really believe the HPD prices are too low! considering how much time they will save you. The extra keyword and article packages and website hosting will bring your costs up a bit. And of course, more than one site will cost more but their is a discount if you buy 5 or more sites.

What Do Existing Customers at Human Proof Designs Think About Their Ready Made Sites?

Ok don’t just take my single opinion on the HPD products and services. Get a glimpse of other users experiences with these ready made websites. See these customer testimonials and success stories. You will find these testimonials are actually very well balanced, not a bunch of hyped up hirees.

My Final Opinion;

Human Proof Designs Review DIY Shed Niche
The ‘DIY Shed Plans’ Niche. Every man needs a shed. Every project needs a shed. Every household needs a shed.

My only concern is that you might think this is a ‘passive’ income generator. It is not, at least not to begin with. Once your site is well established with solid traffic and profitable product links it will tick over almost by itself. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing.

Whether you buy, build or rent a website, they take time and commitment. I would not advise a beginner to buy more than one site to start. Better to get a good understanding on one site first, then add to your portfolio over time. You can still pick up the HPD discount later.

Choose a niche that you can enjoy reading, writing and thinking about a lot. It will definitely occupy your brain.

Do you need to be passionate about the niche? In Dom’s words, “if a site is making you good money, you will be more than happy with whatever the niche”.

Top Keyword TipMy Best Tip.

Buy a HPD website in an ‘evergreen niche’ which will give your site longevity.

Why? Because the big money fad niches can be very profitable, but short lived. For example selfie sticks, printed wrist bands, hair extensions… Yes they were hugely popular – once. The owners of those websites did very well while the product was hot, but had to start a new site once the fad died down.

On the other hand, an evergreen niche will keep working for you, over and over for years. An evergreen’s popularity is never going to die off completely. Look for products that are always being improved or restyled so you have opportunities to keep your site fresh and current and scope to expand. Evergreen niche examples is log splitters, chainsaws, luggage or  shaving gear and water filters.

Why did HPD get 97/100 from The Cashed Up Nomad?

HPD offers everything a nomad needs in a business. It is the complete package for an online affiliate marketing business. Your work is to promote other people’s stuff. Therefore you don’t need to buy stock. No warehouse, no invoicing, no deliveries, no face to face selling, not even phone calls! It’s a great opportunity.

There are two ways you can go about creating an online business.

  1. Learn how to build your own website. The advantage is it’s the cheaper way to go, you will get a thorough understanding of working with websites and you can duplicate the steps to make more websites.
  2. Buy a Done For You site from HPD. The obvious advantage is you will earn money sooner by saving all that learning time.

If you are undecided on the best course of action, I suggest you take a look at Dom’s Free Video Crash Course and learn the fast way to succeed, so you can start earning in half the time.

Or simply register here to receive email updates on everything that happens in the world of Human Proof Designs.

Name ; Human Proof Designs                              Thumbs up                         

Website ;

Owner; Dominic Wells

Cost ; $499.00 to $799.00

Rank ; 97/100

Visit Human Proof Designs.


I am very happy to recommend Human Proof Designs as a safe entry into the multi billion dollar affiliate marketing industry. But if you are not ready to commit to this work just yet, I suggest you join the HPD membership group and see exactly what you could be doing as a website owner. Join here.

Go to Human Proof Designs now.

Stay well,

From Janelle.

Founder of The Cashed Up       Earn Your freedom Online.

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  1. Jim said:

    Hi Janelle,

    I tried to leave a comment but kept getting a CAPTCHA error and pretty sure I had it in there right.

    Anyway, Well written, wish I could write like that well. I hadn`t heard of HPD. Interesting, got me wondering now. A little confused though. Read all the way down the page after getting the HPD talk, Then at the end, the number 1 choices is….it just kinda threw me off.


    March 19, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Yes HPD is good, Wealthy Affiliate is my opinion.

      March 19, 2016
  2. Wes said:

    This is a sick post – so incredibly detailed. Bookmarked! I heard about human proof designs but did not know what exactly cane with the packages. This is incredibly helpful. Real quick: where can we find that amazin affiliate calculator?



    March 20, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Wes glad you liked this review. Yeh that is an exciting calculator hey! I found it on the HPD site and they refer it to a private blogging network… (PBN wooo, something grey hat that I don’t know much about.) But really when you look at the details on the calc…it’s not hard to do your own calcs using your own variables eg; traffic volume, percentage of conversions, average sale price, commission percentage etc. remembering that your commission rises with your sales volumes.
      You could also ask Amazon Associates if they have a potential earnings calculator.

      March 21, 2016
  3. Riaz Shah said:

    Hey Janelle,
    Wow Dom’s website is being reviewed, this is so cool! I’ve always admired him as a veteran Internet marketer and has always been amazed by his achievements.

    He’s definitely the real deal and I think there are hundreds more who are as inspired by him as I am. When you see someone taking the time to go through the trouble and write monthly reports, you know that he’s someone important with big potentials.

    March 20, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hello Riaz. The funny thing is that Dom seems like a veteran, when in fact he’s only been around for a few years. It just shows what passion and persistence can do for your sites. Yeh, I’m a big fan too. Notice where he got his start? That’s the best place to learn all this stuff.

      March 21, 2016
  4. Roopesh said:

    Hi Janelle
    I thank you for exposing me to Human Proof Designs. I was not aware of them at all, and glad to learn more here.

    What a brilliant idea! To help newbies get into the online market with a “done for you” website. Though, as you mentioned it is far from complete as you still got to maintain it, the main point is that it get your foot into the door….

    And it saves on time and skill… I wish that I had heard bout this earlier.

    I was particularly interested in looking at the “unusual” niche selections listed here, that are potential money generators. This is already exciting.

    Do you get to select the niche with these guys, or do they select one for you?

    Thanks for this.

    March 20, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi there Roopesh.

      You can see how tight the niche selection is. HPD ‘dig down’ to find profitable niches, there is nothing vague about them..

      Yes with the HPD websites it works like this. You enter your email address and your expression of interest. Then they email to you a selection of niche sites that are ready to kick off. If you like one of them you can proceed to follow the instructions on how to purchase and what to do next. If you are not interested in any of those niche sites, then you just wait for the next round of sites to be presented.

      As Dom says, you can grow to like a niche when it earns regular money for you! Also, if you are interested I can pint you to a very good training that tells how to become an expert in any niche. Let me know. Cheers from janelle.

      March 21, 2016
  5. Jason said:

    Thank you for this informative review. I myself use quit a few of the websites you have listed. I agree with the one website at a time comment when you are new to this. Get one website up and running then add more as you grasp the knowledge of the way this industry runs. Thanks again.

    March 22, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thank you Jason. Your first site can be a beast, but as you get comfortable with the whole process, you can expand for sure. Thanks for stopping by.

      March 22, 2016
  6. Henry said:

    Hello Janelle,

    HPD sounds almost too good to be true!
    No doubt, there’s a big time saver here to get your project up & running fast. It also can be double edged sword depending who you are & the level of experience you currently have.
    I like the reasonable price for the whole package you receive from this deal. It’s realistic & I give thumbs up for that.
    Although if you’re a complete beginner you are likely going to buy your way into something you don’t know much about.. & this is where your journey might end for a little while until you catch up with your own expertise to make better use of your new “toys”.
    What do you think? Or am I too far off?
    On the other hand, anyone who’s already familiar & comfortable with building niche websites I believe Human Proof Designs is something amazing. Sounds like personal niche-website building machine on steroids to save you massive amount of time since you already know what you’re doing & where you’re going.
    As a WA member it’s wonderful to read about that such a successful person has emerged from WA community.
    We can be so proud of him. Thanks for your effort & thanks for sharing information!


    March 22, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Henry. I think you are spot on with your call that HPD sites are a bit much for a beginner. The reality is that you must learn how to do this kind of work. You gotta start somewhere.

      It’s also pretty exciting for those who have grasped how affiliate marketing works. They can launch a site and be earning in the shortest amount of time.

      Thanks for your input. J

      March 22, 2016
  7. Mr Pianoforte said:

    Hey thanks for the HPD review. I’ve had my eye on this for a while now. I was thinking about starting out in affiliate marketing but had no idea where to go or even how to begin. At least there’s something out there that is honest about putting in the hard work and patience. Thanks for the review!

    March 23, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Mr.P. yes hpd will get you going…but there’s a lot to learn as well. J.

      March 23, 2016
  8. Larry said:

    Hi there I’m Larry and I’m a newbie at WA, also at the computer. I was one of those average blue collar workers, I made pretty good money as a Building Contractor until my back gave out and 3 surgeries later, Now I’m learning to use a computer and WA at the same time. Enough of me I’m here to talk about your website. I thought it was fantastic, I know I’m probably not the right critic but I thought It was very informatable, with all the reviews, the
    online jobs and your recommendations. Lots of good information. With the hopes that I am able to do half as good of a job. Very well done!!!!!

    April 20, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      good luck Larry. Its a long road ahead…but if I can do it , anyone can.

      April 24, 2016
  9. Marcus said:

    Yes, I have seen Human Proof Designs in the past. I know Dom really knows his stuff and has made a lot of money online. That is very reassuring. For some people, a service like this could be just what they need. Instead of having to build a website themselves from the ground up, they can get a head start with one of Dom’s ready made websites. It also takes the worry out of niche selection because he does all that for you and even gives you an estimation of the earnings potential of the site. I must admit, I am really seriously considering this. I’ve just got scrape together a few hundred dollars, but I think it could really be worth it to get a successful new niche website off the ground.

    November 23, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      yep. I think the cheapest ones are about $600 US. I love how the package comes with lots of optimised content. His keyword selection is impressive. J

      November 23, 2016
  10. Michel said:

    It is very tempting to use pre built sites like this to start off with and to get you going with quickly. The only problem with doing this is that you never learn how to do it yourself.

    There is a lot of value in learning to build your own websites, as it will stand you in good stead for the future, and you will know how to generate an income for yourself.

    November 27, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      that is correct. You still need to understand how to manage your site. J

      November 27, 2016
  11. Paul said:

    Hi Janelle,
    We share the same lifestyle and I know it is the envy of all my friends. If only they could see, freedom is my number one goal and I will settle for nothing less.Your story has inspired me to continue to chase all this life has to offer
    Thanks mate

    March 29, 2017
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Gidday mate! I am so glad you found something to inspire you in my story about Human Proof Designs. There is so much on offer in this big old world. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night for all the opportunities I keep seeing.

      Go well Paul.

      March 29, 2017
  12. Maxx said:

    Amazing, Dom’s website being reviewed. I have heard about him before that he created a successful company after learning what he learns from Wealthy Affiliate.

    Really amaze about his works and the idea he brings for service people.

    People have a hard time for spending time creating amazon affiliate site and he creates a solution for them.

    Secondly He also giving the solution that people are having difficulty in writing SEO article. Then he created affordable pricing for those people.

    Thumbs up for Doms.

    April 19, 2017
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Yes I agree Maxx. Thumbs up for Dom. His business is really skyrocketing now and Im happy to recommend it.

      April 22, 2017
  13. Vertical Veloxity said:

    This is pretty awesome. I am always looking for better ways of making money online. And yes the time and energy that it takes to build a website can be discouraging.

    This seems awesome! Wow you will never be without work and the less you want to work the more you have to pay someone else. This is a great help for those of us who love success and want it right now… Then we will build on it.

    I will be back to your site in a few months when I have some investment money. I favorited your site. Thanks for the information.

    April 20, 2017
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thank you Sir. I would not recommend this opportunity if I did not believe in it. HPD is an amazing resource for so many things a niche marketer needs. Thanks for stopping by. J

      April 22, 2017

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