How to Sell Event Tickets to Hungry Online Punters. Affiliate Marketing is just the ticket.

Event tickets are the coolest way to make money online. Did you know you can sell event tickets online with NO CASH OUTLAY? Read on to see how affiliates marketers do it.

It’s all about the experience!

I totally relate to the hysteria around special events. Who doesn’t want an awesome ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. Big events get bragging rights too. Punters, your target audience, are hungry and pumped for amazing and unforgettable experiences. Sporting events, concerts, festivals, public appearances and unique experiences are highly sought after by people whose disposable income is growing steadily. They’re ticking off event bucket lists like there is no tomorrow.

Online Event Ticket Sales for 2016            Source; Ibis World Research 

USA                                                        Australia                          

Revenue $5 billion                           $281 million                   

Annual Growth 4.8%                       3.6%

Employment 3,972                           857

Businesses 540                                    43

While the large majority of online ticket buyers are aged  24 to 35, there is also huge numbers of people in parenting and grandparenting age groups buying tickets online. And never underestimate our cashed up Baby Boomers who are insatiable event consumers and internet savvy.

You’ve heard of Ticketmaster or Live Nation?

Live Nation now owns Ticketmaster and along with eBay they hold the market share 22.8%  of the industry’s revenue. But there is also a steady growing number of niche websites selling online tickets to their readers.  Old school physical tickets and ‘print at home’ tickets are giving way to a full online and mobile ticketing experience.

Now you can give your niche audience a chance to do what excites them most, without buying tickets up front.

What Event Gets Your Niche Audience Excited?

The adrenalin of a big show or a wild adventure is the best thrill going. There’s events for the oldies and they go by the busloads to Opera House Matinee of “Les Miserable’ or ‘Singing In The Rain’ and ‘Tribute Shows!’ Tickets for Kindy shows like Disney On Ice or The Wiggles. What about Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon.

Hungry Punters and Keen ContendersSell event tickets online

Your customer is already so passionate about acquiring tickets to his favourite event,  it’s easy for you to be the one he buys his tickets through. He is really just looking for someone to give his money to!

Become his ‘go to guy’ for each time a relevant event or product is released. Better still, give him a heads up before the tickets sales are announced. Offer him ‘exclusive’ access to the highly prized events and the best seats in the house.

3 Tools of the Ticket Trade (and my secret tip for you to succeed.)

The most effective method to sell tickets to this affluent and insatiable audience uses these elements

  • a niche website in your chosen field of passionate interest
  • an affiliate program with ticket sellers
  • an email list to contact your website audience
  • Top Keyword TipA critical step for success in online ticket sales!

Make sure that your website is mobile responsive. Statistics show that online ticket research and purchases are made on mobile devices. Don’t kill your chances of a sale with an unresponsive website. Learn how to test and make your website mobile friendly (on a budget) here.

The benefit of affiliate marketing is you can provide lots of information and opportunities to your audience.  They come to trust and value your experience and opinion and they will come back for more. Repeat customers and recurring income are gold to affiliate marketers.


Read here about how to become an expert in any niche.

Your niche is your passion…and your audiences passion too!

Whatever your niche is about, there will most likely be event tickets to suit your readers. You would think that a shaving equipment website or a guitar lessons website might have trouble finding an event to sell tickets to.

So, think about your own favorite events. Lets say it’s football, or tennis or heavy metal. How many people who buy shaving gear also like football? How many readers who learn to play guitar also like to go to concerts and festivals? Do you think your readers might love to get some awesome tickets? Oh Yeah!

Being an affiliate event ticket seller is completely free!

Companies want all of the tickets sold and they want you to spread the word for them. You can get their product out to a wider audience, for a cut of the ticket price. And trust me, some of the ticket prices are substantial!

Affiliate marketing is awesome because you get to share your passion with like minded people. You get to research and write about the best bands of all time, or the clash of sporting legends or the adventure of a lifetime.

There’s bonuses attached to the marketing of events, too.  Like, affiliates are notified in advance about special events and discounts. You get  access to the best seats and sometimes you get promotional incentives like free tix and passes.

How it works with horse racing tickets.

Garry is an Affiliate marketer with a website all about what he loves most. kentucky derbyHis niche is famous race horses. On his website are facts and stats, weights and times and pedigree bloodlines. He tells stories about the handlers and quotes from the trainers of the legendary horses. He details the history of geldings and colts. You can find out how many furlongs on the course and the dazzling value of a purse. He investigates age old trackside scandals and modern gambling tactics.

One  of Gary’s posts is about  the world famous Kentucky Derby where some of his beloved horses won their fame.  His website is elegant and simple with a luxurious theme…. as you would expect for the ‘sport of Kings’. He promotes upmarket, trackside accommodation and gambling products.

Gary is a also affiliated with  Prime Sport Affiliate program, who carry  horse race events tickets. PrimeSport gives Gary tracked links to tickets to use on his posts. The links are inserted into text or banners. When Gary’s readers click on his links to buy the ticket, PrimeSport reads the code and he gets paid.

In the lead up to the Kentucky Derby he primes his readers about this special event. It is a once in a lifetime thing for some of them. He offers a range of tickets to the combination races of ‘The Oaks’ and ‘Kentucky Derby Day’. These event tickets are valued to about $3,000.00 (USD) each. Yes these are some of the best seats in the house but he can also offer cheaper tickets.

How much does the affiliate get?

PrimeSport will pay Gary 8% (a little over $400) commission on sales, which is tracked and linked to Gary’s Paypal account.

PrimeSport provides direct access to events in sport and music. Their affiliates earn 8% commission and a cookie life of 30 days. Their average order is a substantial $1000.00(USD) and therefore $80.00 to the affiliate. PrimeSport will send you a live feed of their upcoming events.

A quick glance at the PrimeSport event tickets affiliate program shows other different niche options with high volume interest and high ticket price events around the world.  

  • U2  (Rock Concert)  in London, Stockholm or Paris @ $495.00(USD)        
  • The Final Four NCAA (basketball) in Indianapolis @ $1187.50(USD)***

best derby tix


 Ticketnetwork is another affiliate program focussed on event ticket sales. They pay 12.5% commission and give you access to over 75,000 events including concerts, sports and theatre tickets. Ticketnetwork average order size is $350.00, equating to around $43.00 for the marketer per ticket sale.

These are just two examples of the many companies you can work with. Remember  that most event tickets are sold in multiples and that these sporting events and concert circuits are repeated annually. You can see how a regular income can be derived once you have your key elements in place.

How to Start Selling Event Tickets Online.

If you already have a niche website up and running all you need to do is find an event ticket affiliate program to promote. If PrimeSport and TicketNetwork don’t have what you need, try this easy little trick for finding affiliate programs…

Go to Google search and type in “Event Tickets + Affiliate Programs” there’s plenty to share around.

1. Get a website with a funky, catchy-matchy, clever website domain name that will stamp your brand in the ticket sellers niche. Here some suggestions off the top of my head…

  • ticketfairy dot com,
  • tickety-bo dot com,
  • festyfever dot com,
  • itsracetime dot com,
  • gettix dot com

Find awesome domain names, or check their availability and prices at Site Domains.

2. Find an affiliate network to match your niche.

Dedicated affiliate networks manage the overall operations of payments, tax declaration certificates, link and sales tracking and customer(affiliate) interface and resources.They also provide easy to read affiliate data about each company’s sales volumes and other products.

Affiliate Networks have various terms and conditions and policies for affiliates. When you have read and understood those terms you then get access to lists of companies looking for affiliates to market their products and services. Some accept you and some don’t, for various reasons. Be aware that the stated terms and conditions can change.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (previously Commission Junction)

  • payment method Check, Direct Deposit
  • cookie life 45 days
  • commission 12.5%
  • advanced mobile tracking, data and tools

LinkshareMake Money In Affiliate Programs

  • payment method Check and Direct deposit
  • cookie life 45 days
  • commission 12.5%
  • Simple to use

Impact Radius

  • payment method PayPal, wire transfer, check
  • cookie life 45 days
  • commission 12.5%
  • advanced tracking, reporting and interface


  • payment method ACH Transfer, PayPal, Check
  • cookie life 45 days
  • commission 12.5%
  • Simple interface and detailed history tracking.

What to look for in an Affiliate Network?

      1. Payment methods that suit you. (Paypal is not always available.)
      2. Long cookie life. (eg. Amazon is 24 hours,Wealthy Affiliate is lifetime.)
      3. Ease of use. (If it is too complicated, it can waste a lot of time.)
      4. Good training and affiliate support. (Do they have a designated affiliate page.)
      5. Good resources for links and graphics. (Is there an event calender, nice banners.)
      6. Good reputation for help and payment. (Are affiliates complaining?)

 How to be a successful affiliate.

A great affiliate influences and helps his customers with pertinent and high quality information. Engage the audience and grow a really helpful relationship. The audience will come to trust and follow their informed recommendations.

A great affiliate is well networked and active on social media. Good affiliate marketers are driven by commission sales  while helping and protecting his well earned readership.

More about the affiliate marketing business.

The relationship triangle, audience – marketer – affiliate, is key to successful internet marketing. Today’s online marketers know that they need to connect on a very human level with their audience. They share a passion with their audience. Read here how Angelina does it for Louis Vuitton.

People are savvy to scamming and spamming and won’t waste their time on anything that smells remotely of junk mail. Give value through your marketing and you will be rewarded.

Learn how to set up an internet marketing business in your chosen niche.  Learn how to scale it up, to generate high volume repeat sales. Learn how to leverage social media to grow your business. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn it all.

Do you want to be part of this multi billion dollar industry?

See for yourself how it works.

 For nomads like me, it’s all about the experience.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to sell event tickets online with no cash outlay.My Top Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate

What events would you like to sell tickets to? Maybe I can help you find an affiliate program in your event niche. Do you have questions about the details of affiliate networking? Do you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate? Let me know in the comment area below.

Click here to see my No 1 Recommended way to earn your freedom online.

Go really well,

from Janelle

Founder of      ‘Earn Your Freedom Online’.

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  1. Della said:

    Thank you for sharing information on affiliate marketing. Nice to know.

    April 21, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Della, glad you got something out of it.

      April 21, 2015
  2. Julie said:

    Wow I didn’t know that ticket sales could be a great way to earn extra income! I’ve just started online marketing recently since I quit my day job in favor of working from home to spend more time with my kids. But of course I still have bills to pay and need to put food on the table. I’m also so happy to find out about Wealthy Affiliate – these are just the tools that I need! Any other tips you can suggest on how to succeed as a beginner with affiliate marketing? Thank you for sharing.

    March 13, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Julie the best way to make this work for you is to find a niche that is really in demand/popular and that has good products for you to promote.

      Go to Wealthy Affiliate and look at some of the training on how to go about it the right way. You can start and go a long way for free, but you will get way more information if you take the paid option.

      March 13, 2016
  3. mark said:

    Great article, ticket selling is absolutely an amazing way to make good money, a great chosen niche, high in demand, very effective , starting your own business and being your own boss is one of the greatest freedoms there is and a great way to become very successful also, enjoyed your article, I haven’t though about that niche, very nice!

    July 15, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      It doesn’t even have to be a niche, Mark. Like Lynne above , she has a mummy/baby website. To buzz up her audience she can list tickets to toddler entertainment…world wide.

      July 15, 2016
  4. Lynne said:

    I love affiliate marketing and I never considered ticket sales but now that you have mentioned it my mind is ticking away thinking how I can either incorporate that into my current websites and also whether I have the time to create another niche website…
    I love this idea, thanks for sparking my interest once again.

    July 15, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Good one Lynne. You could sell tickets to ‘The Wiggles Concerts’ or who ever is big on the toddler entertainment circuit in your country. Hang on a minute!

      You could sell tickets world wide, because your mummy website is universal! Awesome!

      July 15, 2016

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