How To Find Top Keywords

Top Keywords describe exactly what your audience is searching for. Each niche has its own set of evolving keywords.Well chosen keywords help you create relevant content for your visitor and outrank your competition in the search engines.invite a guest to post

In this post I will show you

  • how to find the most searched for keywords in your niche.
  • how to figure traffic volume in a keyword
  • how to assess your competition for the same keyword
  • how to make your content super relevant to the search term
  • where to find free and paid keyword research tools
  • the 3 secret tips; alphabet keywords, what to avoid, the metrics of a top keyword

Let’s use Kyle’s and Janitas websites as our examples.

Kyle has owned a number of successful websites since 2008. We can use Kyle’s How To Lose Belly Fat as our example. In this video he walks us through the steps to find his ideal keywords, using 3 different Keyword Research Tools. 

  1. Google Instant
  2. Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool
  3. Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Research Tool.

Using his famous ‘Alphabet Soup Technique’ Kyle shows how he finds top keywords and content ideas. See his low competition keywords and hear why he thinks they are the best keywords to target.

How To Find Top Keywords video
From Keyword To Content To Rank


Janita has a different website, about Rare Parrots.

You may have read about Janita, from Florida.  In reality, Janita puts more video content than posts on her website. She is simply more comfortable talking than writing, go figure! Be it video, podcast or image and text, she still needs to find top keywords for her content, because that is how people search.

Finding Free Google Instant Keywords for Janita

When you type into your search bar these two words…  rare parrots….up pops a list of what keywords are being searched (and therefore what information people are searching for.) Immediately we find good ideas for new content.

Janita can create a video about the ‘rare parrot twitch’.

The google instant drop down shows people are searching for humour about Rare parrots too. Janita can include funny stories of her own. Visitors will come back for more humour and they love to share funny videos on social media. In turn this sends more traffic back to her site.

Secret tip 1. Keyword + Alphabet.

Top Keyword Tip Use Google Instant and the    ‘Alphabet Soup’  technique to    find hundreds more keywords and  ideas. Here’s how…

Type in rare parrots a. Google shows more popular keywords …Amazon Parrots, Australian Parrots, African Parrots. Could any of these keywords be useful to Janitas content? Oh yeah.

Like some more alphabet soup? 

rare parrots b…Popular searches are rare Blue parrots , rare Baby parrots and Buy rare parrots.alphabet soup technique

Work your way through the alphabet with your keyword.  Google Instant will reveal all kinds of info searches. You can do alphabet soup backwards to get even more results. Just put the letter in front of your keyword ie; A rare parrotsB….C…..D…E rare parrots etc, etc.

Google Instant shows a nice, long tail keyword for ‘E Rare Parrots’…Extremely Rare Parrots. Janita can create content around extremely rare parrots.

Assessing the competition for Janita’s keyword.

In Google Instant she types the new long tail Keyword Extremely Rare Parrots. She wants to know

  • How many competing pages are there?
  • What quality is the competition? 
  • Are they an authority site?
  • Did they buy their rank?
  • Can she rank higher than them?

Google says there are 797,000 results for Extremely Rare Parrots! But Janita wants to know the exact competition, so she puts her keyword into quotation marks, like so..     “Extremely Rare Parrots”

Now it says there are 1,060 results…it’s starting to look better. Yes? 

Scrolling to the bottom of this page and can see there is only one more page of results. On page 2, there are only 2 more results for that keyword. Google states there are 12 results in total for that keyword phrase.

The quality of the competition is manageable. Although they have relevant posts using the same keyword, her competition is made up of news reports, bird traders and conservation.orgs. They are all niche websites, much like Janita’s.

Secret Tip 2. Competition to avoid.

Top Keyword Tip In terms of competition and keywords, you have more chance of outranking a smaller pack of competitors  than a large pack. ..just like a raffle with 100 tickets vs. a raffle with 250,000 tickets.

 Go for low  competition-high search volume keywords, sometimes called the low hanging fruit method. Get  on page 1  faster by targeting these less competitive keywords.

When to choose a new keyword; If your keyword search shows paid ads fill most of the first page…it means a couple of things..1. The niche is in demand and selling 2. The competition is huge. Find another keyword. It is almost impossible to rank on page 1 against  e commerce sites and a half page of ads.

How to tell if you can beat the Competition.

The kind of competition that is easier to outrank with top keywords usually have these elements;Thumbs up

  • niche review sites
  • Q & A sites and Forums
  • Social urls, like facebook pages
  • old and outdated posts

Secret Tip 3. The metrics of a top keyword.

Top Keyword Tip The metrics you choose your keywords by, depends on what type of article you are writing. I personally try  to work within these parameters below.


Metrics For Top Keywords Monthly Search Volume (MSV) Competing Pages(QSR)
Blog Post – website, blog roll, video, podcast >100 < 75
Pillar Post – evergreen article > 500 < 200
Root Keyword – domain name > 1000 < 300
Local Post – local content > 200 < 100

Let’s see what top keywords come up for Janita, using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

Top Keyword Tips From Jaaxy
Alphabet Soup in Jaaxy

Jaaxy’s alphabet soup technique is automatic, so you don’t have to add the alphabet one letter at a time.  Jaaxy’s search for parrots + a, and a + parrots are automatic to. There are many keywords here just with that give ideas for content to write about. Further down the page Jaaxy has done the whole alphabet for you, giving hundreds of keywords for a chosen niche.

We need to inspect the competition to see how good these keywords really are.

Jaaxy Top Keyword tips
Jaaxy Keyword Search Results

How to use the data to determine the keyword quality and competition

  • Avg MSV (average monthly search volume)
  • Traffic (estimated monthly visits to your keyword)
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results / the number of competing pages for a keyword)
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Index /red = very difficult to rank, yellow = medium difficulty, green = easier to rank)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, a high number keyword will rank more easily than a low number.)
  • Domain (tells if a .com, .org, or .net domain name is available for this keyword.)

Did Janita find top keywords for her ‘rare parrot’ niche?Make Money IN Affiliate Programs

Using the metrics (secret tip 3) she wants MSV >100 and a QSR <75 for a new video or post. Can you see which Jaaxy keywords will work for her? It’s a process of elimination. Don’t use the red or yellow KQI’s and rule out the low MSV’s. Going by our metrics table, there is only one keyword Janita should use…

cheap parrot cages …MSV = 144 and QSR = 61, plus a great SEO  = 94.

An exception to every rule.

In the early stages of niche website building, the easiest way to get ranked on Google front page is to use keywords with super low competition. Our search above has some pages with a QSR of 0 and 6. Although the search volume is very low, a post with these keywords virtually guarantee rank on page 1 or 2.

It is worthwhile for Janita to use those keywords…How to breed extremely rare parrots, or How to breed a parrot. Over time, as the website gains rank and authority, she can move on to tackle more competitive keywords.

Find more info about Top Keywords and a listing of free and paid Keyword Research Tools in my Free Keyword Tool post.

Do you need more help with keywords or content?

In this post we’ve seen how to find top keywords, figure traffic volume, assess the competition and make your content relevant . I’ve revealed my 3 secret tips and we had an insight into two working websites.

Apply these same keyword research techniques to create relevant and therefore, high ranking posts in your own niche. Finding the top keywords is bit of a science and an art, that you can become highly skilled at with practice. Enjoy your search!

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Go really well,

From Janelle,

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  1. Alex said:

    Hey Janelle,
    I have been struggling finding keywords for some of my posts and this article has been a huge help. I hadn’t used Jaaxy before, but it works great and will help a lot with future keyword research. I am just using the free version of Jaaxy now so I am considering upgrading to either the Enterprise or Pro version.
    Do you recommend one version over the other?

    February 8, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hey there Alex. I am using the pro version of Jaaxy and I am very satisfied with it. Enterprise is obviously superior and there are many more functions available to you…but it is more than double the price.

      February 8, 2016
  2. Julie said:

    I’ve just started my career in digital marketing and I’m learning a lot as I go… I had no idea that I had to learn about various metrics for keywords and that there were all these amazing tools for me to use online. Now I know how to determine keyword quality and competition well. I will check out Jaaxy. By the way, Wealthy Affiliate sounds interesting. How long have you been in the program? Thanks!

    March 13, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Julie. I am addicted to keyword research because I like to uncover high demand niche ideas and check for great domain names to match them. For post I always aim for over 100 monthly searches and under 100 competition. Jaaxy does all of this and more.

      You ask about Wealthy Affiliate, I have been a member of that program for a b it over two years now and I couldn’t be more happy with the support and information I get from them.

      You can contact me for more info about WA through my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

      Go really well Julie,

      from Janelle.

      March 13, 2016
  3. Derek Marshall said:

    Hi there Janelle,

    Again a lovely top class tutorial, I am having a Sunday funday on your blog. Learning absolutely loads!

    I was a bit cheeky a took a screen shot of your metrics, just for reference.

    I totally love this site! you make everything seem so easy to learn.

    March 13, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hey Derek, I’m flattered that you are using my stuff. Maybe we need to collaborate on some work?

      March 13, 2016

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