How to claim the best house sitting gigs on the planet and knock any competition out of the picture.

House sitters are wanted right now

around the globe.

In this article you will find out

  • what kind of amazing house sits are on offer.
  • where to view a house sitter’s directory.
  • which countries you can house sit in.

Get the secret tips on “how to make yourself one of the special chosen few house sitters and get the best house sits on the planet.”

I’ll introduce you to the House Sitters Academy, too, where you can discover how to build your house sitters profile so that every homeowner wants YOU to take care of their ‘fur babies’, their homes, their prized possessions.

You can be top of the list for exclusive house sits in the most amazing locations on the planet.

 Click here to look inside the House Sitting Academy.

Trend alert for nomads and cruisers.

Do you love to travel the more leisurely route? Here’s a chance to immerse yourself in new communities and absorb the environment, instead of the superficial skimming of a  regular tourist. The house sitting concept has its roots in the sharing economy, a philosophy of paying it forward.

It relieves the home owners and their pets from the stresses of kennel/cattery lodgings and costs, as well as providing security for their property.The demand from home owners has never been greater or more diverse in location and uniqueness. Only a few years ago you probably wouldn’t have considered house sitting as a travel option, but  it’s just so darn enticing now!

These properties are Free Accommodation for the right house sitters.

The best house sitters directory  in the whole world is

Here are some excerpts from their listings;

  • Free…2 months in Umbria on the Tuscan/ Umbrian border.House Sit Castle                                                                                                            

  • A house sitter is needed to care for a delightful, one bedroom, stone apartment carved into an ancient Italian watchtower. Inside, the rustic stone walls are enriched by a voluptuous décor of soft and eclectic comforts. The centuries old building nestles comfortably on a hillside with glorious views of the misty Pierle River Valley. Meander your bicycle  on a peaceful country road to the local village, where the marketplace has all you need for sumptuous and earthy cuisine. The surrounding gentle hillsides are  graced by historic castles and the authenticity of the region is breathtaking.                                                           Your responsibility is to care  for one lucky and very friendly cat.
  • Free…3 months in Australia near Byron Bay.Pet sitting

  • A house sitter is required to care for a sprawling timber beach house complete with spa and day bed, at South Golden Beach. Just 50 meters to a quiet surf beach you can watch the sun rise over the ocean and sleep with the sounds of the rolling waves. When the peace and quiet gets too much, you can drive 15 minutes to the famously hip town, Byron Bay…a visual and performing artist Mecca and festival capital. 42 kinds of yoga and an alternative healing enclave and organic foodies heaven where you experience alternative living in full swing. Climb to the most easterly point in Australia, go river kayaking and rainforest bush walking amongst waterfalls.                                                                                   Your responsibility is to care for two little well loved dogs.
  • Free…15 days in London.

  • A house sitter is invited to care for a funky inner city garden flat close by to the famous Clapham Common,london just a few minutes on the underground ‘tube’ to central London. Wander the quiet residential streets adorned with historic mansions to find yourself at the centre of a bustling and fashionable shopping precinct. The vicinity is littered with gorgeous local pubs, music festivals, comedy central and a fabulous clubbing night life scene. By day you can enjoy sunny picnics, kite flying, a spot of cricket and cycling on the Common.         Your responsibility is to care for one elderly rabbit with fading eyesight and a     humping fetish!

The beauty in the landscapes, comfort in the homes and the rich experiences in communities, cultures and nature are all on offer to you. It’s understandable why house sitting  popularity has galloped ahead in recent years.

There is a massive increase in competition for the best house sits.

Back in 2010, house sitters were casually picking through the best opportunities. Since all of the positive exposure in media, house sitting as a travelling style has sky-rocketed and the competition is getting fierce. You need to be super cool and on the ball to get the best gigs. Home owners are reporting dozens of applicants to their ads and the candidates have some mighty fine credentials.

So the two big questions are…

  1. What is a quality house sitting opportunity?
  2. How to stand out in a mass of competing candidates?

How to choose the prime gigs

We all have different ideas about what a  quality house sit looks like. I have some very specific needs for house sitting that I don’t really want to live without, but if the pros outweigh the cons dramatically then I can be more flexible.

Remember Umbria

It’s been a dream of mine, forever, to live in Tuscany for a while. The Umbria ad appeals to me so much, that I would ‘think about’ stocking up on a range of antihistamines (cat allergy). I notice that the unique home also has no public transport and a 45 minute slow cycle to a very small town. It sounds almost idyllic to me, how about you?

In my experience, isolated locations are often out of range for internet connections. I would need a firm answer on that question, because I work online. I might still consider it, and ditch connectivity for …what was it? Two months? Hmmm. You see there are some points you really have to weigh up very carefully.

Define what your needs are to feel confident in yourselfpet carer

Think about what is absolutely necessary to you and what responsibilities you are not prepared to undertake. You see, I personally don’t want to inject pets with medication and it does happen that some poor darlings are insulin dependant… and I am just plain chicken! I would cross that one off my list, but just so you know, I’m fine with poop and vomit!

Yet, some other wonderful house sitter, possibly with veterinary experience, will have no problem with injections.  All I’m saying is be very honest with yourself when you are assessing your competencies. Make a list and add it to the filters on your house sitting directory search. Your choices reduce even further when you refine the search by  other important factors like…

  • how long you can be away
  • what  season will it be at the house sit
  • how much will it cost to travel there
  • are you ready to commit

Reliability is the key quality of a great house sitter

You may be  responsible for a cat on medication, or special meals and exercise for elderly dogs. There may be a prized rose garden that is on a water and fertiliser schedule. Often the pH balance in a beautiful swimming pool needs monitoring.

You may have to run water through the house pipes every other day, to stop them freezing up and exploding! No seriously, in Nova Scotia and some other cold climate locations, this is a requirement for household carers

They need a reliable house carer.

At (free to browse) the search filters are by Location/ Country/ State and Calendar. You can also search for a house sit through by Google Maps, which is way more fun. Green pins for today’s postings, yellow for yesterday’s and red for all of the unfilled house sits. Read more about them here. How will you spend your leisure time in your ‘adopted’ home?

How to knock your competition out of the race

You can see how easy it is to list yourself on the house carers directory . That’s why there is so much competition for the prime house sits…especially scores like a beach house at Koh Samui in Thailand or the B & B down Mexico way.

Top Keyword Tip 3 secret tips to make you irresistible to homeowners

Create an amazing profile that answers everything a home owner needs to know about you.  Including your  relevant professional qualities and interests. Demonstrate your practical side. Tell them why ‘common sense’  is your middle name! Set out to impress them, but keep it accurate

Top Keyword Tip

Include glowing references. Your referees should be appropriate. Make sure they can vouch for your credentials and help to prove you are a responsible and honest person?


Top Keyword TipTo keep those offers coming to you try to make a lasting impact on the home owners. A video is one awesome way to imprint yourself on their memory and show your personality and natural qualities. They will connect better with you through a personal video.

House sitting is not rocket science,

but there is a formula to get the best gigs.

If you really want to absolutely outstrip the competition, hands down, and nail the best house sitting gigs on the planet..sign up for a quick house sitter’s training course with the House Sitting Academy.

A school for house sitters?House Sitting Academy

So much easier than school The House Sitting Academy coaches via 6 free emails. Owners, Jodi and Nat who are professional, international house sitters describe the Academy…

“We have poured a ton of information, tips, strategies, experience and interviews into the Academy from some of the world’s most experienced, successful and sought after house sitters. We then combined this with marketing psychology and consciousness teachings to create the most comprehensive resource available for house sitters to learn every step of house sitting… from confidence and mindset, setting up ready to sit, to completing the sit, gaining referrals and networking.”

 House Sitting Academy

The Academy offers 2  free courses. One specifically for people who have no house sitting experience.  The second course is for those who have good house sitting qualifications but are not getting the sits because of their competition. The info that Nat and Jodi give away free, in both courses, thoroughly covers every step of the house sitting game. Their techniques will have you brimming with confidence and scoring your dream sits.

1 ‘Prep School’ …6 emails for Newbies

If you are new to house sitting and you are excited to get involved, the House Sitting Academy has developed a ‘Prep School’ for you. The emails will help you start on the right foot and save years of trying to figure out your own strategies.

Topics covered are

  • what to expect in a house sit
  • a flow chart that maps out each step
  • details on how to get going
  • the number 1 tip that got the owners ‘back to back sits’.
  • List of Potential Referees’ to help you build  your own list
  • the top ten house sitter skills, written by veteran house sitters

 2 ‘Bootcamp’ … 6 emails to revive your house sitting mojo

If you’ve been into house sitting for a while and you aren’t getting the sits that you want, the Boot Camp course is exactly what you need now. These emails will whip you into shape and tidy up your sagging profile. Home owners are looking for the new improved you! Here is how to get it.Queenslander home

  • The absolutely essential ‘Top Ten House Sitter’s Skills
  • A list of the types of people that can give you a glowing reference
  • A ninja tactic that will dramatically increase your selection rate
  • 7 page check list of important things to include in your profile
  • Essential key inclusions to make your application worth opening
  • Ready to sit, the House Sitting Success Formula
  • Access to House Sitting World, Mobile Magazine


The only way to nail the best house sitting gigs and slay the competition is to jump into the House Sitting Academy and get started for free right now. It’s too easy.

Click Here To See How The House Sitting Academy Can Make Your Travels So Much More Affordable.

Experience shows and experience counts

Nat and Jodie are the founding members of a group of highly experienced and seasoned house sitters from across the globe. With their combined ‘first hand’ knowledge they have gathered and developed successful and market tested methods to get awesome (and often back to back) house sits in fascinating and beautiful locations. The House Sitting Academy is a wealth of insider information about making house sitting accessible to those with a passion for it.

The House Sitting Academy Membership

The new ‘members only’ area in their training program is where you can exponentially grow your professional reputation as an in demand and successful house sitter. You have access to an elite range of resources to help secure your place in the adventure of a lifetime, providing you with a lifetime of adventures.

10 Indispensable Membership Benefits ….

  • TEN – C Confidence System…10 modules
  • Templates… 1.Your House Sitting Profile   2. Your Application Email   3. Your Formal House Sitting Agreement
  • Successful Examples… of email applications, profiles, profile videos and home owner interviews
  • All Check lists for home owner and house sitter contacts details, vital briefing instructions, creating your profile video
  • 15 interviews with experienced house sitters and full time world travellers about how they secure their house sits and get good referrals and all about travelling through house sitting.Dog Loves Carer

3 Killer bonuses for members only…

Bonus 1…Exclusive ‘members only’ Facebook group for high level connection, collaboration and networking.

Bonus 2…House Sitting Academy, Live..log in and ‘Hangout’ with members in real time. It’s like having a private mentor in your lounge room.

Bonus 3…10% off annual membership fee with the directory (goes down to US$45.00)

Members of the House Sitting Academy – Inner Circle know how to milk their unbeatable advantage over house sitters who are going it alone, blindfolded.

Are you getting the house sitting gigs you want ? Are you dying to travel and stay for free in awesome locations?

Click Here To Find Out How.

Do you have a question about house sitting or the Academy? Drop me a line below. Share your stories with us all, there is a lot of interest in this nomadic lifestyle. See my article on How to become a digital Nomad and live for free.

Go really well from Janelle

Founder of

Image credits…,   Sallotto – Umbria


  1. What a wonderful idea. I am a bit of a nomad and am looking for change. I think I might put my name down as a housesitter.

    Thanks for the great article and great idea.

    April 21, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Yey! Lucinda! The more the merrier I think. Researching these articles make my feet itchy! I found some further succulent information that I will release later this week. I’m going to take advantage of one of the suggestions very soon and I am so excited about it. I hope you will be too.

      April 21, 2015
  2. Geoff-n-Jane said:

    We really like this idea. The way you describe everything is really effective, interesting and enticing.
    The whole article is very thought provoking, and the supporting pictures are great.
    Some questions though!
    Is it possible to house sit with your own dog with you?
    And, how about overseas, how easy is it to take your dog with you?
    We are also wondering if you have, or are considering researching free accommodation situations for mobile home travelling?

    April 21, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Geoff n Jane. Welcome back. I have a little Jack Russell who is by my side almost 24/7. As you will know, owning a dog restricts your lifestyle sometimes and house sitting is one of them. I have had some great house sits where the owners had no pets and were happy for my dog to be there, some indoors,some strictly outdoors. It’s when you are trying to blend with their pets that your choices are more limited. You might be surprised by how flexible homeowners are.
      I would not take my dog into other countries because of quarantine times (up to three months). Dogs who travel to Asian countries are refused re-entry to most western countries. I have a couple of very special friends who care for my dog when we are OS. Infact I’m heading off to Thailand next week for a month to assist with a yacht delivery from Thailand to Malaysia. Dog stays here.
      Regarding mobile home/ house sitting/ travelling…Every time I have checked the site, I have seen opportunities for mobile home owners to park their vehicles and caretake properties…it is common, particularly around regional Australia. It’s great to see Gray Nomads in demand.
      My next post, out soon , is full of links to boat sitting and house sitting and amazing free passages as rookie crew on yachts around the world.
      I will endeavour to include some contacts for mobile home owners too.
      Thanks for your questions, I enjoy this subject so much.

      April 21, 2015

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