How To Become A Digital Nomad And Live For Free.

Would Free Accommodation Help Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle?how to start an internet business with no money

Combine my #Top Recommendation with the awesome house sitting gigs, to become a digital nomad who lives for free!

Here are 5 of the awesomest connections to slash your accommodation costs to zero.

These  opportunities  all offer amazing, in- depth experiences in diverse and fascinating  lifestyles, cultures and nature. 

You’ll have plenty to write home about.

Plus I will give you the best tip ever to make sure YOU GET CHOSEN above everyone else who is trying to score these amazing adventures.

Live For FreeMake sure you get free accommodation with one or all of these clever travel hacks.

WARNING! This info is guaranteed to make you feet itch!

  • HOUSE CARERS. Worldwide.

    House is the best virtual smorgasbord of rent free house-sit and boat- sit opportunities on the planet. You can browse every listing of houses, to see the amazing places to stay for free. If you see a placement that you really like, you need to sign up for a Tiny Annual Fee which will cost you less than one night in a hotel! Good house sitters are in high demand across the globe. You could find yourself in the coolest houses, in beautiful towns and cities, in countries you have dreamed of visiting…rent free.

    Find Out More About House Carers Here.

  • GUMTREE. Australia.

    On Gumtree you can pick up a Free sailing trip, or scuba safari or fishing trips in the magical land Down Under, Australia. Boats in the famous Whitsunday Island Group and The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park are always offering free boating trips. You will mostly have to be prepared to chip in and help with the boat handling or galley work, but that’s all part of the adventure.

    Gumtree also has ride share opportunities by road. You could travel the scenic routes from Cairns to Brisbane,  Gold Coast to Sydney, Byron Bay to Melbourne for Free, Free and Free.

    FRIENDLY TIPS; Be flexible, be generous, be happy. Keep your Gumtree search broad to start with, then narrow it down as you go, eg; use the largest distance first, the pull it closer.

  • WWOOF. Worldwide.

    How To Become A Digital Nomad and Live For Free
    Willing Workers On Organic Farms is a Fantastic Way To See The REAL World

    What could be more welcoming to inquisitive travellers than free accommodation in a real local family home including free home cooked meals? This is part of the deal with WWOOF, which stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms.

    What do you do in exchange for such awesome hospitality? Well, it is a matter of negotiation between you and the host, but generally you will provide casual, manual labor on working organic farms.

    There is no better way to get your nature fix than to work alongside food producers who are committed to sustainability and protecting our health and the planet.  Learn the latest practices in food production and soil and animal health. For a tiny WWOOF Registration Fee you can travel the world and be part of this incredibly noble movement.

  • CARIB 1500. USA.

    Are you keen to learn to sail? Would you like to visit the beautiful Caribbean? Do you want to sail the islands for free, with experienced boat owners?

    Here’s your best chance to find out how, now. Join the annual sailing rally from Portsmouth, Virginia to beautiful Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. This golden opportunity is open to sociable rookies with a keen ambition to learn the ropes of sailing, cruising and friendly racing. They need you to be an extra pair of hands and eyes.

    To join for free go to CARIB 1500 and introduce yourself on the ‘Ocean Crew’ page.

  • CREWBAY. Worldwide. is an adventurer’s best friend if you want to sail the oceans of 5 incredible continents for FREE. Amateurs are encouraged to apply, you only need to be sensible and flexible. Volunteer crew get to dive,  sail and cruise on yachts and powerboats.

    FRIENDLY TIPS; Show them all your existing skills because versatility is highly regarded on the ocean. Be willing to do any kind of work, anywhere on the vessel, in the galley, on the helm, in the head, on the winch or anchor. Mechanical and electronic skills are also valued.

Make Sure YOU GET CHOSEN over all the other applicants?

How To Become A Digital Nomad And Live For Free
Check HSA Info; How To Score The Top Gigs With Free Accommodation

As you can imagine, there are thousands of people applying for these awesome experiences every day. You need to know how to make your application stand out and make an amazing and unforgettable impression on the selectors. To guarantee you get chosen for the best gigs,  go to the House Sitting and read through their tips for an impressive introduction.

Get the unfair advantage over all other house sitters and nail the primo gigs. No BS, just learning how to claim the best housesitting gigs on the planet and knock out all competition.

You see, it’s like this…

Sometimes in a fortunate life the stars align and our dreams just fall into place.

Some would call it being in the ‘Flow’ or just ‘downright lucky’. When you ‘put it out there’  it comes back to you even better than in your dreams.

You can feel the joy of ‘follow your heart’.free beauty  A blissful state of being. Trust

 The life of a digital nomad.

The richness of his lifestyle seems casual and accidental. In reality it is all of his own design. He dreams the dream and then takes the most important advancing step. He dissects the dream into many small points of a major process. He plans and develops and educates himself of all that is  needed to live his life on his own terms.

He is committed to himself.Volunteer Samoa He moulds his dream. Focus

 The work of a digital nomad.

 The unconstrained wanderer calls on satellites and high speed wave bands. Technology is the tool of his ethereal office. His cerebral domain is filled with the click magic of ‘you can do anything’ here. And he can. He siphons an income from websites and socialised devices.

He earns his freedom online.Free Stay Victoria, BC He lives his passion. Open

 The passion of a digital nomad.

 His entrepreneur’s citizenship to the world wide web opens doors for him that are not available to the more risk averse. He is unashamed of his opportunistic lifestyle, hungry to experience it all. He moves in seemingly random directions through adventure, awareness and improvement. He seeks stillness through connecting to a broader humanity.

He finds true compassion. He travels the planet. Challenge.

By The Way, Cover Your Ass… ets

Life is a daring and beautiful adventure or nothing at all. Sometimes, accidents happen while you are exploring your boundaries, but don’t ever let that stop you. Get simple travel insurance geared to your level of adventure, it is your failsafe if things  go pear shaped.

Cover your ass with insurance from people who understand that some adventures are worth a risk. My preferred insurer is World Nomads Travel Insurance. They cover travellers who are on voyages of discovery on land or sea or mountains.  World Nomads have cheap insurance for wanderlusters like us  who seek an extraordinary life.

Find out more about World Nomads here.

Important: My Number One Way To Earn Money While You Travel

Niche websites are an exciting way to earn a recurring income and have the freedom to explore your passions at the same time. I’ve been working online for a couple of years now, while travelling under sail. Anyone with a bit of spark can learn how to profit from their own experiences and knowledge with a website. You just need to find a reliable training platform to show you the right way.

If you’re interested in creating a ‘profit blog’ site you should check out my #Top Recommendation here.

See where I got my start to earning online, here.

How To Make Sure You Score.

Get the primo gigs you’re after.  Read the free mini training course to start learning the tricks about getting the best house sits, boat sits or yacht rallies or farm stays. Go to The House Sitting Academy where you will learn information to keep you at the top of any candidate list.

Combine my #Top Recommendation with the awesome house sitting gigs, to become a digital nomad who lives for free!

Do you have a question about travelling, house sitting, boat sitting, or internet marketing?

How to Become A Digital Nomad and Live for Free
Janelle, founder of exploring Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Australia.

Drop it below. Share this post with your coolest friends. All comments are welcome.

Go far and go well from Janelle

Founder of           Earn Your freedom Online

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  1. Hi Janelle, I am so glad I found your website! Freedom is what I am looking for. I may never travel the world, but I would like to travel home more often to visit my family and be independent. I like your writing style and enjoyed reading your website. Thank you for the great money making info. Happy travels! Gina

    May 30, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Gina. Yes I think freedom means different things to different people. If you can find ways to add value to your life or someone else’s, that is freedom. I hope your endeavors on the internet give you that opportunity. Go well from Janelle

      June 1, 2015
  2. Lucinda Freestone said:

    Hi Janelle

    Great article.

    I have the wanderlust and have travelled a lot. I have lived in Paris, Geneva and Brussels. I came overland to Australia.

    Your tips on how to travel the world free are fantastic and I will definitely look into them. I am presently living at a friend’s house and would love to move as it is in rather an isolated position. I think house sitting as I am no longer tied to a 9-5 job.

    Thanks for these great ideas. The world will soon become my oyster I hope.

    September 20, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Good luck Lucinda. If you have a chance and a desire for this lifestyle go for it. We know well what we can handle and what we can’t and then sometimes you just gotta take a leap of faith. City house sits are just as fun as the countryside ones. Sydney has amazing opportunities constantly and the short notice ones are easiest to get, if you can go that way.

      September 20, 2015
  3. Maarten said:

    Hi there,

    Living the digital nomad lifestyle is very much in taste these days. 🙂 Thanks to the internet and some great incentives like the ones you describe here (House carers, Crewbay, gumtree) make it easier than it used to be.

    It’s a life that needs a lot of planning at first, and comes with a cost. I myself have been living like this for the last 8 years (My entire adult life), and can surely say I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂

    What would be your idea of what people should be careful about when jumping into this lifestyle?

    September 20, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi. I have experienced some awkward situations in my travels. So many things can go really wrong, like a when a pet dies at a house sit. You need a plan or written agreements in place and that is where the agencies can save a lot of heart ache. The house sitting academy that I mentioned, walks you through most scenarios, as well as how to discuss insurance and responsibilities. Whenever possible, you should meet the owners and their pets before agreeing to an appointment. Not all of them are as idyllic as they sound.

      Same goes or crewing on up before committing to appraise the condition of the vessel and the other people on board.

      September 20, 2015
  4. Victoria said:

    Hello Janelle

    It was such a breath of fresh air coming across your website. I too am a student of the Wealthy Affiliate University and absolutely love it. I am semi retired and love to travel.
    Your tips are great and have given me new inspiration.

    Thank you so much

    October 19, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hello Victoria. It’s always great to hear from a happy fellow student of WA. I hope you get a lot of opportunities to use your new skills and travel. Go with it and go well from Janelle.

      October 19, 2015
  5. Andrew said:

    Hi there, I am very happy to have found your site. Personally all I want to do is travel but it has become very expensive and I have to spend a long time saving before I can book a trip. It is great to see that there are free options all around the world to explore!
    Which one would you recommend the most?

    December 14, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi. If you like to get really involved with a community and help with some chores in exchange for hospitality…I would recommend WWOOFING.

      Crewing on yachts can get you into some amazing locations for free or cost of food….instead of paying 3k to sail the Whitsundays/ Carribean…you can do it for one tenth or less.

      If you like your own company …housesitting has its benefits too. I say mix it up, do a bit of everything!

      Flexibility, adaptability and an open mind are the keys.

      December 14, 2015

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