Getting Started

Do you ever think like this?

I Wish I could
When you wish upon a starfish..your dreams come true!

I wish I could…earn extra income online! I wish I could… quit my boring job!

I wish I could work at home! I wish I could… travel the world and still earn money!

“I wish I could work for myself,  be free to travel as I please , visit my family whenever I want, do nothing at all occasionally! I wish I had an internet business that pays me while I live my dream life!” Oops!  Sorry, that last wish was mine.! Ha!

If you want to spend more time doing the things that are important to you…and you need to find a different way of earning money so that you can do those things…but you don’t want to spend a pile of money on it…maybe you should try working online.

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Top 10 FAQs on How to Make Money Online

Q. How can I get started in an internet business?

Your first step to prepare for business on the internet is to get your own website so you can interact with customers.

Q. Where do I get a website?

There are website builders in nearly every town these days. You can find them on the internet too. If you hire someone to build your site it will cost from about $400. The price will depend on how complicated your site is,  how long it takes to build and how many changes you make along the way. There is normally a monthly fee for website hosting as well.

You can buy a ready made website from a great company called Human Proof Designs. I do recommend them and their sites come already stocked with posts and pages in the niche of your choice. HPD websites start at around $400 too. You will need to learn how to manage the site and help it grow. Find out more here.

The cheaper and smarter way to get a website is  learn how to build your own. That way you have total control over the content and can change it around whenever you need to at no extra cost.

These days you can create your own website in just a few minutes. It’s not as complicated now as it was  years ago.  All of the programming work has been done for you. You really just choose a design  from the  catalogue and press ‘go’. It is  possible to build your own website for free in 30 seconds! Here is a quick training video to show you how easy it is.

 Click here to Build a website for free here!

The real work on your websites is in the content creation. This will involve doing some research, refining your information, typing it up, collecting suitable images and publishing your work on the internet and social media.  


what is your niche 020IMG_0934 what is your niche 022Q. What would my website be about?

The majority of websites focus on one particular subject or topic, called a niche. For your own site you can choose a niche on a topic you have some knowledge about or hobby you would want to share with other people who have similar interests.

Game fishing? Honey bees? Real estate? Your niche could be absolutely anything. The beauty of the internet is  there are billions of people are searching the web for all manner of information and products to help solve their problems. They want answers. ‘How to bake a marble cake’…… ‘What  is the best lampshade for a baby’s room’.

Just think about your own recent searches on the internet, what niche were you searching? Was it ‘How to make money online’?

 Q. How can I make money with a  website?

The two most common ways to make money with a website are…

  1. Create and sell your own products on your website. Your product can be a physical thing like hair extensions or Hi Fi cable or anything really.
  2. Sell other peoples stuff, otherwise known as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates often do reviews about other peoples products on their websites. For example; Jonny makes and sells Hi Fi Cables on his website, but he also has an affiliate agreement with Peter. On Peter’s website about Hi Fi gear he reviews some of Jonny’s products and recommends the good ones. Jonny pays him 6% affiliate commission on each sale that comes through Peter’s link. Find out more here.

Q. How does affiliate marketing work?

As a website owner you partner up with sellers who will pay you to promote their product or service. For example, I buy my website domain names  from a company called Site Domains. Find out more here.

The business of Site Domains is selling domain names to website owners. I enrolled in their affiliate program and now each time someone buys a Site Domain  through my affiliate link, they pay me a commission.

A very popular affiliate program is run by Amazon.

Amazon Associates is big business for a lot of internet marketers. You write a review about a product listed for sale on Amazon. When a sale is made through your website link, Amazon pays you the commission. They make millions of sales this way every day.  And not all commissions through Amazon are peanuts.

Consider reviewing higher ticket items like a Vitamix 2000 blender @ $650.00 with 4% commission. Start an Internet Business with No MoneyThis is how you earn a bigger commission and don’t forget there are multiple buyers, multiple countries, multiple products relating to multiple niches. Please stop me when you get it! With Amazon your commission starts at 4% but as your sales increase, so does your commission…5%, 6% etc.

Why I prefer the affiliate marketing business model.

I don’t need to buy, sell or store any products. If you like to travel and earn, like me, then stock is just a burden. Overheads like purchases, storage,  freight and packaging don’t exist for an affiliate marketer. No lumps of cash are tied up in stock. Affiliate Marketing  is fully digital and therefor you can do it from anywhere.

Q. How do I get my hands on the money?

You can receive affiliate payments through a PayPal account. Some companies save up a credit balance for you and then make a larger payment at the end of the month or when you have accumulated a certain amount. Others pay straight away. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you sign up.

Q. Where can I  learn how to do all this stuff?

Learn everything you ever needed to know about creating a profitable website from the industry leaders, Wealthy Affiliate. WA has over 800,000 members learning and working in affiliate marketing. Get answers to all the hottest questions about running an online business.

  1. How much money can a website make? We examine the profitability of niche websites and the Return On Investment – ROI.
  2. Is Affiliate Marketing A Real Business with a Real Future? Get the latest Statistics and forecasts. Find out which of the Big Names have affiliate programs in this $Billion Industry and find out 5 more ways to monetise a website.
  3. How have others succeeded with Wealthy Affiliate? 3 profiles of successful WA members and how affiliate marketing works for me.
  4. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? A quick walk through the Wealthy Affiliate free trial and the members classrooms. Get an insight into all of the other services Wealthy Affiliate provides.
  5. How to reduce the cost of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and still get ALL of the benefits.

Read my Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review – Can You Get Cashed Up? 

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Q. Is there a course like that near my town?

Wealthy Affiliate training is completely online. You can do it anywhere that you have internet access. There are no face to face classes. All of the tutorials, classrooms, webinars and trainings are there.

You come and go as you please and set your own study schedule. Full time, part time or just a few hours a week, it depends on your other commitments. Some people fit their courses in between their day job and their family time.

I personally do my work whenever I have the time and the internet connection. I’m not on a formal schedule. Some work days are like marathons at the laptop, 8 hours or more. Other days I do zero because some places I travel to are too remote for internet connection. Sometimes I’m busy with family and friends. I make the most of those wonderful times by surrendering to the moment’ and enjoy my surrounds. I know I can catch up with work and learning again when I come back into range.

Q. Who would help me if I  need it?

Learning about internet marketing is mostly a solo pursuit,  you need to concentrate and focus on the lessons to build a solid business.

Wealthy Affiliate gives all the support you need to keep going. You will need feedback on your progress, quick answers when you get stuck, encouragement when you need it. A laugh now and then and great extra study tips are a bonus at WA that you won’t find anywhere else. Perspectives from older and younger students keep your website work lively too.

A lot of other courses leave you on your own once they have your money. At WA you get a powerful and friendly community to engage with. You can also questions to the owners. These are real people not ‘fly by nighters.’

You have access to 24/7 live chat and a technical support crew that usually responds within an hour.

Q. What if I sign up and then have to interrupt my learning?

Life gets in the way of all great plans sometimes, it can’t be helped. In fact diversions are the spice of life.

WA will hold you work over for you, not wipe it out. If you have to leave for a while, your place  you can be suspended. Come back when you are ready,  pick up right where you left off, even if it takes a while.

Q. Why do I still feel a bit anxious/excited?

Your adrenalin might be flowing because you have  just stumbled upon the best opportunity to learn a new way to earn an income. You can see that  there is a lot of foundation work to begin. You can see  how internet marketing will allow you to work where and when you want.

You are nearly ready to take  the next step to start your own new internet business. This could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Be excited and enjoy it!

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I am so happy to pass this information onto you because  Wealthy Affiliate is my #Top Recommended way to make money online.  It’s not instant cash and you actually have to learn and apply the knowledge and get the wheels rolling. This takes time.

P.S, I have a couple of quick questions for you.

Would you love to be your own boss?   What special interest can you  share?  Do you want to create  extra income streams? Let me know  what you’re thinking because I have a feeling this will help you  fulfil some of your wishes.

Leave a note below. Like me, Pin me, G+ me, Tweet me. Or contact me at WA @  my WA profile link.

Go really well, from Janelle     Founder of


  1. pete said:

    Hi Janelle.

    Wow! I love the way the way you answered all my questions and gave us readers a direction to go in.

    Because sometimes it’s hard to make a new step and tread into the unknown especially when it’s on some hyped up sales page by some self proclaimed internet guru i will never know.

    I’m glad i landed here and listened to a real person give me some good sound advice and answers.

    It’s been good to read from your website as i feel it has a personal touch and i trust your recommendation,thank you

    Wishing you the very best of success.


    December 8, 2014
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thank you Pete. Don’t get me started on gurus and hype! I’m glad you got something out of my words. I’m trying to keep it informal and friendly. I will be posting more articles about travelling and marketing and how the two can come together if that is what you desire. A lot of people just want to work from home…it is very do-able. Go well Pete.

      December 9, 2014
  2. Bella said:

    You shouldn’t be lonikog for the highest paying affiliate program. You should be searching for products that will help your customers and then check to see if they have affiliate products.To tell you the truth. You’re not going to make any money online, if you sign up for an affiliate program that you have no passion for. I recommend that first you find out what you can talk a lot about, find a targeted market for it, look for products that would help out that targeted market, then check if those products have affiliate programs (which they usually do), and then try to profit online.If you don’t you’re not going to make much from an affiliate program.

    April 10, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Bella. I agree with you . You definitely need a strong interest and good understanding if you are going to promote anything. Personally, I like affiliate programs, within my niche, that support and appreciate the work of their affiliates, with good percentages.

      April 13, 2015
  3. Angelique said:

    Hi Janelle,
    Making my way into online business myself I must say your website gives the most accurate information about the subject.
    I’ve been looking for a long time to make legit money on the internet and wasted a lot of time. I would have started a long time ago if I had found your website
    To everyone wanting to change your life forever and wanting to start an online business , Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the only and best choice.
    Thank you Janelle for sharing this .
    Kind regards,

    October 4, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      I wish you great success with your online and real life adventures. I think it is a great idea to take a careful look at what is available for online business coaching. I too spent months researching the field before I committed to Wealthy Affiliate. I haven’t looked back.
      Go with it and go well, from Janelle.

      October 9, 2015

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