Exciting Jobs Online For Teens With Massive Ambition

Are you searching for jobs online for teens but really hoping to find “I Wish I Could Get Paid For Doing What I Love”?  Consider affiliate marketing to achieve the future you imagined. Anyone can, no matter who you are or where you live or what you look like! OMG You don’t even need any money to try it out.

OK guys I’m not kidding! jobs online for teens

When I say “Exciting Jobs Online”,

I mean ..this is SO awesome and rewarding, it’s all you’ll want to do. It’s fun. It’s addictive and once you learn how, it can pay really well for a long time. Years.

When I say “Teens With Massive Ambition”,

You need to see yourself as a budding entrepreneur, crave success, want to create to an amazing future for yourself. Are you determined and hungry to get rolling?

Well, gather up every dream, every bit of knowledge, every great idea and bring it! All of it! 

“No Matter Who You Are”

You might be 13 , 15, 19 or anywhere in between. You might be in a wheelchair, or speak Spanish and Dutch, or have 17 brothers! You might ride a Hoverboard, have a hundred piercings. Do you want to save the whales or help underprivileged children. Whatever!

If you are into movies, sport, fashion, astronomy, animals, technology, babies, xbox, surfing…anything? You can do this.

“No Matter Where You Live”

You can do this from almost every country, every town and city. You might live on an isolated farm, or on the side of a great mountain. You can live way out in the desert or at sea on a cruising yacht. Wherever. You can do this anywhere.

Not an ordinary job.

The great news about online jobs is you won’t be flipping burgers or minding the neighbours kids. You will not pack shelves or man a checkout. No retailing, no cleaning, no lawns, no deep fryers! No need for adults to drive you.

Do this work at home, part time, online.

No, not online surveys!

Online surveys are great for a bit of cash. If you have no experience online at all, then surveys are a good place to get started, get familiar with everything internetish. With surveys you get paid to answer questions, give your own opinion and feedback. 

Teen’s opinions are highly valued. jobs online for teens

Teenagers have a massive influence on trends in language, technology and retail. Which means they also have a big influence on the marketing industry and of course other teenagers and parents.

In the USA alone there are approximately 41 Million people aged 10 to 19. Your point of view is important to the world.

Earn money from your favorite passtime.

The only online job where you get to discuss your favorite things is called niche marketing or affiliate marketing. Here is how it happens.

  • You make a website (too easy) about something you have knowledge or passion for (your niche).
  • You write a bunch of posts about the different aspects of your niche.
  • You write reviews about the products that fit the niche.
  • If readers feel your blog has helped them or taught them, they buy product through your links.
  • You get a small percentage of the sale price.

Jeremy West wrote this short version of the basics of affiliate marketing. Or you can read my detailed explanation of how it works here.

There is an Affiliate Program for every interest. See for yourself now. Pick a word or phrase, type it into your browser, type + affiliate program next to it, hit search.

Surprising yes? These guys want to pay you to talk about their stuff. Tell me what you found (drop it in the comments section below.)

What teenpreneurs should know before you get started.

  1. Always, always protect your identity online.
  2. Get support from a parent, guardian or mentor. (someone who ‘gets’ the internet is best.)
  3. Legal Docs for taxation and banking might need an adults signature. (same as a part time job.)
  4. Some Affiliate Programs do not allow under 18’s.

How will my website make money?

The money comes as commission from sales made through your website. You will join some affiliate networks (always free) who can connect you to companies with products in your niche.  They give you a unique identifying number which tells them to credit you, each time a sale is made through your site.

Affiliate programs also provide lots of info about their products, plus banners and links for you to copy and paste onto your site. They mostly payout to Paypal once a month when you earn the payout minimum.

What actual work will I do? jobs online for teens

  • You will build and manage all aspects of a live website, including all forms of content and promotion on social media
  •  As the website publisher, your job is to create helpful, informative and unique stories about your particular interests. 
  • You get to control how it looks, what to write, good or bad reviews, show ‘How To Do Stuff’ articles, interview others for blogs, invite guest posts about your niche.
  • You can add videos from Youtube or make your own. Use your own photos or download them, create podcasts or do unboxing features.
  • You will spend some time researching your topics.
  • Another important part of managing your website is answering the questions and comments that visitors leave.
  • As mentioned above, you can promote your posts through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, any socials you want.

What niche marketers don’t do. 

You don’t buy or sell any stock. You do not handle any stock, or orders, or payments, no dispatch, no deliveries, no returns and no complaints. All of these factors are taken care of by affiliate networks and the advertisers. Sooo good!

What will your website be about?

It is totally your choice. That’s why affiliate marketing is so exciting and addictive. You simply choose to blog about what you love and then it’s hard to stop! Here’s what some teens are doing.

 Andrej and his dad are drone freaks. They have bejobs online for teensen buying, testing and reviewing drones  for about 3 years…almost since drones first came on the market. Initially this was a hobby for  Andrej after school. The website activity increased quickly and now he has audiences in the UK  and  Canada.

 Andrej is an ace drone operator and he can advise on which drone is best for certain applications.  Recently the guys advised their local energy company on the most suitable drone for inspecting  power line connections…and then sold three ‘top of the line’ drones to that company.

They have rated almost every drone on the market and a lot of the accessories too. They also offer a quick guide training session and a link to where you get a commercial drone operators licence. The only stock they handle is the actual test drones. Occasionally they get free drones to test from the advertiser.

Every other part of the sales system is managed through their affiliate network, Amazon Associates. Commissions from Amazon are relatively low, but a lot of Andrej’s drones are high ticket items. Plus with Amazon, if the visitor orders anything else while coming through Andrej’s site (socks/jocks/ wigs! whatever) he gets a commission on that too. Sweet! 

jobs online for teens This isolated teen works part time while sailing the Pacific. Faith has  been cruising on a  sailboat  with her parents for 2 years. She is 14 and earns money online.

 Faith is a creative nail artist, yeh, she designs patterns to paint on fingernails and toenails. When  her family make a long passage, she loves to sit in her cabin and create nail designs (after her study is  done). She has a few tools, just some toothpicks and brushes and nail polish and remover.

 As each new  design unfolds she photographs the stages, then posts them in a gallery on her website with  the step  by step instructions….like a little training sequence.

Guess how she makes her money? She is an affiliate for Julep Nail Polish which is supported on the Shareasale Affiliate Network. She uses many brands of polish and she blogs about their quality, but she prefers Julep products because they are toxin free. Faith is thinking of expanding her website into make up, hair braids and extensions. Her comish is 3 to 10%.

jobs online for teens This Little Youtube Pre Teen smashes Barbie Adventure Hits.

Grace is a very young lady who loves to make short Youtube videos about Barbie Dolls. Her audience is  beyond vast. Her props and tech are minimal, just dolls and her voice and camera. View her video below and  take a look  around her Youtube channel. Notice her collection of staggering statistics.

When you create a Youtube Channel you will see the options to monetise it with ads. But Youtube is also a fantastic way to drive hot, targeted traffic to your website, which promotes products related to the videos. The sales potential is huge if Grace sent only 10% of these viewers to a website.

To work as an affiliate in this niche, you would join the affiliate program of a big toy sales company like Mattel.  Also, in the toy  niche, there is Toys R Us Affiliate Program and others. It is a great idea to diversify your affiliate connections, join a few different ones.The if something happens, like in Mattel’s case, you still have income from your other sources. Do your search like this…Barbie Dolls Affiliate Programs.

See Instructional video How to Link your own Youtube Channel to Your Website. (sorry this lady’s audio is patchy, use a headset.)

Suggestions for niche ideas.

  • Xbox aficionados; Microsoft Affiliate Program product line covers PC’s, Windows Store, Apps, Games, music, movies and TV, Surface and Office 365 (up to 10 % commish)
  • Casual Gamers; BigFish Affiliate Program. You must have a website with lots of traffic and you must do walkthroughs and reviews to get accepted.
  • Book Worms; Amazon Associates is a massive book seller. Review teen books and sell loads of copies through them. Sell any Amazon listings.
  • Soccer tragics; SOCCER.COM is the world’s largest online soccer gear catalogue with an affiliate program. If you like their stuff, this is your niche. Consider promoting ticket sales to big games too with Footballticket.net
  • Travellers; Teens in Theme Parks, Teens in  New York, Chicago, Miami, Oahu, Legoland, Disneyland. What was your experience? Impact Radius is the affiliate network  for Go City Card Destinations.
  • Cruise liners for Teens; Carnival Cruises works with CJ Conversant Affiliate Network. Does your family Cruise? Blog about it.

The reality for teen webmasters.

 THE EXCITING BITS                   Thumbs up                                                    

Self employed, learn about business                                         

Ability to grow and multiply online business                        

Work with and develop your passion                                        

Earn money building and managing websites for                 

yourself, for friends, for local businesses                                 

Create websites to sell (flip)


Self discipline and work alone

Time away from friends

It takes time to learn how to set this up

It takes time to earn the money

Less time for homework

What is the future for jobs in affiliate marketing?

Niche/ content/ affiliate marketing and social media marketing are a new employment category in high demand. Shopping online is in a state of explosion. Growth in Affiliate revenue is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2020. Watch the live stats in this link 3.3 BILLION people accessing the internet.

Those people online want info, entertainment, shopping, solutions, answers, explanations, introductions…..everything. They search specifically and expect results fast. You can be part of the answer to their search.online jobs for teens

Corporations want staff with skills in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media, Website development and content creation.

Go to LinkedIn/jobs/SEO or any job search site in the field of online marketing. They want people who know how to maintain a competitive online presence. Internet marketing has unleashed the most phenomenal business expansion in history.

Affiliate Programs for Every Interest, Every Business.

Whatever your passion, there is an affiliate program to match it and plenty of content to create around it. Learn to build a website around that passion and you will have an online job. It’s a business really, with you in control and the online world at your feet.

Where can you learn how to do this?

There is only one place that I would recommend you learn affiliate marketing. It is where you will create your own exciting online job. Perfect for teens like you, with massive ambition.

Achieve the future you have imagined at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a learning center for all of the skills you need to make you an expert at online marketing.

Try the free trial for free, yes, don’t pay any money to try it out. Get 10 free lessons and two free websites with free hosting. Find Out More.

Like To See Some Success Stories From Wealthy Affiliate?

These guys are having success with their Wealthy Affiliate Training in a few cool niches. Yes, they are just out of their teen years, but they both have youth on their side. That is their best advantage!

WA free trial

Do you need help? 

Click here to see my No 1 recommended way to earn your freedom online.

  • Can’t think of your first niche? I can help.
  • Need help to find an affiliate program to match your passion? I can help.
  • Want help with a good domain name? I can help.
  • Trying to link Social media to a website? I can help.
  • Want to monetise Youtube? I can help.

Want To Learn How To Get Your Own Profitable Website?

(Without Spending A Fortune?)

best way to make money online


Maybe I can help you. Just drop your questions into the comments box below and I will do my best to help you.

Go really really well,

from Janelle.

Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com     Earn Your Freedom Online

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  1. Denis said:

    Is there a link to that girl Amelia’s youtube channel?
    Also the link to join Mattel Affiliate Program on their site doesn’t seem to work.

    January 28, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      I apologise for the broken link to the Mattel Affiliate Program…but thank you for pointing it out. My enquiries lead me to understand that the site is being overhauled and will return to normal soon. Until then I have removed that reference from my post.
      This is a good opportunity to recommend diversity in your affiliate relationships. Having more than one affiliate program for your site, safeguards against loss of income in the event of an upgrade or withdrawal of an affiliate program. Unfortunately it does happen occasionally.
      Cheers from Janelle.
      P.S. I have linked the video and added a new Affiliate Program link that would suit the toy niche. Please let me know what you think.

      January 28, 2016
  2. Dave Sweney said:

    Hi Janelle,

    Very interesting post that is exciting and thorough at the same time. I think you were able to connect with th targeted audience and their problem, that of finding an exciting job online that teens having ambition can pursue.

    The posits were very solid and convincing, as were the real life examples you added in to the post. Myself, on the other end of life (as in old) could very well see myself as a teen reading this and taking action…

    I will be sending this url to my grandchildren, two of which are at that age when they could use a post and information such as what you have presented.

    The kids nowadays want to have so many things, but the entrepeneurial spirit is still there, at least in the case of my grandchildren lol! I appreciate you packaging this as you have, and I am sure they will as well!

    Dave : )

    February 7, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      thanks Dave. Tell those grandies to comment on the post. Its mobile friendly BTW.

      February 8, 2016
  3. Joon said:

    I agree. This will teach teens at early stage to learn how to operate their own business and be an entrepreuner. It’ll give them a boost of confidence as well. It’s awesome how internet is so widely availabe thesedays compare to when I was a teenager. Now teens are making videos on youtube that allows people to follow. Let alone make videos, I had to wait hours for a music video to download from the internet when I was a teenager.

    March 11, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks Joon. Any teenager who gets into online business so young, will have the world at their feet.

      March 11, 2016
  4. Steve DAngelo said:

    I really love how your post directs the youth with ambition. Learning the skills of affiliate marketing along with teenagers point of view is huge. The Markets that they can tap just because they are tech savy is amazing. Thanks for pointing out the pros and cons also. Especially the part about working alone and being self disciplined . Its not for everyone but just as adults, there are plenty of teens that will love the opportunity.

    April 9, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Steve. I’ve just been watching my grandson, 8, make stop motion videos with Lego. He is so patient and clever…creates a storyline and characters and posts them on his Youtube channel! It’s just fun for him! But the knowledge is going to be super valuable when he is ready to monetise it, if he ever does! Thanks for reading.

      April 10, 2016
  5. stefan said:

    Hi Janelle!

    How I wished this website had crossed my path when I was still a teenager. My life would be completely different by now… most probably I wouldn’t be stuck in this 9-5 rubbish wishing I could be somewhere else.

    I have started my online business in 2015 and I know it’s not an easy task. You need to be extremely motivation to achieve results, but I really believe that if we stick to it, there is no way we can fail.

    Thanks for the inspiration to keep going!
    All the best

    August 8, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      The coolest part is age really does not matter in this business. We all have to learn and we all have to sit at a computer. Young or old. That’s it. Thanks for stopping by. Now get back to work! LOL


      August 8, 2016

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