Dreams To Reality – How One Affiliate Marketer Escaped The Rat Race

How to Break Free and Start Your Dream Life Now.

I am an internet marketer. I trade in words and images. I  affiliate with companies who pay me to promote their wares.
I live on a yacht and travel from place to place the slow way, under sail. My lifestyle is one that many people dream of, but few dare to make it a reality.

Manono Samoa
Manono Samoa

I had to make some big changes in my life to get what I want. And now I’ve learned new ways to make a  successful  internet business while I travel.

I quit my job, sold my car, had farewell parties with my friends and kissed my darling grandchildren goodbye. That was Tough with a capital T!

I held on to my husband, just in case you are wondering!

Is travelling part of your dream?

If yes, don’t let the farewells stop you from going. Satellites, Skype, email, and phones are our best friend…and air fares are the cheapest they have ever been. So when you need a dose of daughter or a cuddle from Dad, they are really only a few hours away, 24 hours at most.

You don’t have to sail.

You probably have other desires in your heart. Do you want to crank up the RV for a long haul cross country or  cycle down the coasts of Vietnam and Cambodia. How about we  stalk the Rolling Stones in five countries on their world tour? Does a landscape painting holiday in Florence grab your imagination. Big shiny motorbikes through Turkey? Jazz fest- New Orleans- Cadillac on Route 66?  I’m just throwin’ ideas around. The possibilities for excitement and beauty in this amazing world are endless.

Untie the lines that hold you back from your life long dream.

Whatever your transport, whatever your quest, you are gonna need  money. That is why I built The Cashed Up Nomad website.
It’s all about affiliate marketing and all the other ways of earning more money with a portable business. More money, more freedom, more living.

The secret to make your dream a reality is to take one small step at a time.

  • Ask yourself  “What is my dream and what behaviours do I need to change to reach it?”
    Be realistic now. Can you really become an expert overnight or make a million dollars in a few days. It just doesn’t happen that way, hey?
    Decide, learn, change and adjust…these things are major life transformations…allow them  some time.
Change is the only constant
Change is the only constant
  • Changing old habits and patterns is a process, much like muscle building. Choose the muscle you want to exercise and work at it each day. You will see results if you persist.
  • Example; If you want to exercise your ‘assertive’ muscle, maybe start using phrases like “Sorry, I am too busy to do that for you”.
  • Create a ritual or routine around the goal you would like to achieve. If visiting Moscow is on your bucket list, set aside some time each day to read up on it. Maybe learn the basics of Russian language, follow the local  cultural events. You can see how this would make a trip to the Eastern Block an easy transition.

It’s the same with creating an internet business. You have to take it step at a time and be realistic. Read my take on realistic expectations at my Wealthy Affiliate profile page.

No fun in doom!

Beware the doom predictor in your head.  Look at each negative thought in a rational way. Really, what is the worst thing that can happen if you change something in your life? There is always another way, none of the ways are completely right or wrong, but simply different. Avoid catastrophic thinking, it will paralyse you.
By all means do your due diligence when taking new paths, but don’t be ripped off by your own negativity. This is the time of your life.

Stay on Course.

Choose your path and stay on course, no matter what. Nurture your dream.  Protect it like a child, from people who want to bring you down. Their insecurities are holding them back, not you.

Never, Ever Give Up.

When we decided to build a yacht and sail the world, we didn’t expect it to take twenty years ..but it did!

Dreams can come trueDuring the course of building it, there were so many people who thought we would give up. Unbelievers! Humph! I must admit that at times we couldn’t see the dream ourselves, because of all the work that was in our path.

I’ve even apologised to my daughter for being an absentee grandmother. Her response made me very happy. She said that her kids thought I was the awesome-est Nan, who has great adventures. The love is just as strong. She hopes to replicate my empty- nester behaviour in time. She doesn’t want sailing, but definitely wants to get out and enjoying the next phase of her life.

I read this quote just recently and thought it was cool.

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what other people say you can’t do.”

I thought about it some more and decided..“No, the greatest pleasure in life is doing what I say I can’t do!” Oh yeah!

Dreams To RealityI did it!

Now I’m sitting here on my yacht today, my home, affiliate marketer afloat. I escaped the rat race. You can too.

My first step in the new direction was to build this website. Anyone can do this, there are so many ways t make money online. Here are just 6 ways to fund your new lifestyle with an internet business using a wordpress blog.My Top Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate



Is your ‘Comfort- Zone’ keeping you from reaching your dreams?

Are you ready for change?

The Easy way to start, just read this.

It explains everything you need to know about how to get into online business.

See my review of the Wealthy Affiliate, the learning center for people who want to earn money online and get more control of their life.

I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line in the comments box below, because communication is the key to everything good!

Go well from Janelle
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  1. Phil L said:

    I always learn something here and come away inspired. I have to come back more often. Thank you for your great work.

    January 2, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hello Phil, I love to be inspiring! Please come back again and again,I’ll be posting a lot more in the near future about finding ways to live out some of our dreams. Janelle.

      January 2, 2015

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