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Do you value your freedom? I sure do, it is my most treasured asset. I start to feel trapped when I can’t do the things I love.

This website was created for people who, like me, need to find  new ways to claw back control of their life. If you want to free yourself from the 9 to 5,  the commute or the minimum wage, you will find plenty of opportunities on these pages.

I hope you find your freedom here.

My Mission;fix_1

I can help you find safe opportunities to make money online. I am digging up all the Low Risk Escape Routes. You will get a bunch of interesting ideas of how to earn a living from your passion. You can learn how to create multiple income streams and earn extra cash. 

Help For You To Create A Recurring Income;

Learn the real steps to building a successful and enduring internet business by creating systems that will pay you over and over again.

Find Low Risk Methods;

I have reviewed a lot of ways to make money online here, to reduce the risk factor for you. My personal recommendations get the highest scores and I also review the ones you should avoid.

Satisfy Your Passion;

Find programs here about how to make money using your existing skills and knowledge. Create an income around your passion. Learn how to become the ‘go to’ expert in your field and make money from that.

Get More Flexibility;

Find opportunities to work from home or be location independent. Free up your time. Get more involved with your family, balance out your lifestyle. Find out which internet business models allow you the freedom to be self directed and take control of your work schedule and your leisure time.

Design Your Own Kind Of Freedom;

Learn ways to make money online that let you work from anywhere in the world. Have the flexibility to hop from country to country on that long postponed travel quest you’ve dreamed of. Work towards retirement in your own version of Nirvana and create a stable, passive and recurring income.

We Can Make A Difference, Online;

Find ways to make a difference in the world. Do Good Business. Share your knowledge, teach others your skill, simply volunteer, create a not -for-profit. Start your own charity.

Every positive action we take counts towards a better, safer, smarter, healthier world. Find out how to make a contribution in your own style.  The Cashed Up Nomad finds ways to make a difference.

Are you ready for success?

Your Brain Is Capable Of Amazing Things

 Wherever You Are On This Beautiful Planet…

Take Your Passion And Make It Your Livelihood.

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Go well from Janelle

Founder of TheCashedUpNomad.com Where You Can Earn Your Freedom Online.

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