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Janelle, early morning in Brisbane's Moreton Bay.
Janelle, founder of thecashedupnomad.com

I told my boss,

“I’m leaving. I’m going sailing….indefinitely….

I’m going to become an internet marketer, a digital nomad.”

She grinned over her shoulder briefly, then went back to her online shopping!

Hey! Welcome to the Cashed Up Nomad.

I created this site for people like me who are tired of being dependant on someone else for there livelihood. Like some politicians, employers are not always good to their word. It’s unsettling to rely on people who can change the rules at any moment.

Give me my freedom!

As you know, life is short and it passes you by very quickly. So if we want to squeeze some awesome moments into it, we better take control of our own lives.

The best way to get free and survive is to work online.

I’ve researched and used a bunch of ways to make money online. Throughout this website I give you the details of what has worked for me and what you should avoid.

You’ll also get a glimpse into some of my beautiful adventures along the way.

In 2012 we set sail. 

We launched our catamaran, our dream machine and we’ve been  been sailing ever since. Most of the time we’ve been at sea, sometimes not touching mainland for a four or five weeks. Other times, we have sailed into a town or city and liked it so much, we stayed for months.

We’ve poked into every creek and river town, every island, lake and estuary along the east coast of Australia. We’ve skipped out of the country a couple of times taking golden opportunities as they come along.

Just me, my husband, the dog, the laptop and the…….no that’s it.

We recently had a three week stay at the stunning Lizard Island in Far North Queensland, Australia. We snorkeled every day in the ‘Clam Gardens’ and climbed the steep island bush trails. Did some croc spotting and swam with turtles (and sharks!).

On Lizard we found a bunch of new like minded friends, sailors, fishers, divers.  Every day the yachties gathered on the beach for  ‘sundowners’ to celebrate the passing of another day in Paradise.

We swapped home made bread and pickled fish and tall tales of the sea. We played guitars and sang songs from the sixties and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then one day, when the wind was in our favor again, we hauled anchor and said goodbye to Lizard and the stayers. We headed off to a new location, to new adventures, to new opportunities.

Who knows what is around the corner? Not us. We just like the flexible lifestyle, to grab a chance as it comes along or kick back and relax when we need to.

My dream machine
Our ‘Dream Machine’ a 45 ft Wharram sailing catamaran. Do you like my design?

We are not millionaires, we are nomads who aren’t afraid of staying in one place, occasionally. We seek out ways to make money and keep travelling.

Dream Big And Do It.

My stories in this website are meant to inspire you to ‘dream big and do it’.

There is info here on ways to finance an unconventional lifestyle. How to keep the cruising funds alive. Adventures that can make a positive difference in the world. Opportunities to explore your own boundaries. If you dream of being an entrepreneur, this is for you.

It’s about living the dream and finding ways to achieve the sense of freedom so many people crave.

When you start a dream the journey has begun.

I know for sure it takes courage to live a dream. It can seem crazy to others and sometimes even crazy to you! But abandoned dreams don’t die and they are never really forgotten. Unfulfilled dreams become sad regrets tucked away in a melancholy pocket.

My favorite inspirational quote about having the courage to act on a dream comes from

Marianne Williamson, author of New York Times Best Selling Book, ‘Return To Love’.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

 Your playing small does not service the world…And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Thanks for looking in on me. I hope  your visit with The Cashed Up Nomad is inspiring and rewarding.

Go here to read my favorite way to add extra paychecks to your ‘cruising funds’.

Acting on our dreams is the key to our real freedom, don’t you think? Drop me a comment below.

Go well from Janelle

Founder of TheCashedUpNomad.com    Earn Your Freedom Online

email; janelle@thecashedupnomad.com  or  go to my WA Profile @Whitsunday






  1. John said:

    Inspiring profile Janelle!

    Living our dreams and life on our own terms is no easy feat but there is no juice in playing small!

    Go for it I say!


    November 23, 2014
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks John. My intention on this website is to inspire people to take the plunge and be what they dream of being. It takes some courage for sure..but it is worth it. Go well from Janelle.

      December 1, 2014
  2. Kinda Bush said:

    Your website is amazing. You are a great writer and so informative. I am so happy that you get to live your dream. Its amazing how much we have in common. My mother has been to Australia 3 times. She absolutely loves it there. I hope to go their sometime too!

    I look forward to our journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I wish you much success and a prosperous future.

    Happy Sailing

    Kinda Bush

    December 8, 2014
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks Kinda. I’m glad you found it informative. Go well.

      December 9, 2014
  3. Geoff-n-Jane said:

    Hi Janelle, WOW you have had a really active varied life … all the different occupations and lifestyles. What a great page.
    We hope you now have the lifestyle that you love the best.
    All the best.

    April 16, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks for the sweet comment guys. You know what? I am a blogger and an internet marketer so that I can continue to have variety and change in my life. That’s what gives me the freedom to keep shakin’ it up. I feel a bit like I’m on constant standby, seriously, if something really cool comes up tomorrow, I’m pretty well ready to go. So yes, I do have the lifestyle I love the best, now, and if it changes again, well that is probably going to be good too.Yey!

      April 17, 2015
  4. Dan Labbe said:

    Hi Janelle, you have a great website and I am inspired by the way you write about it. Dan-L

    May 30, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks Dan. The more I write about the things I love, the more positive I feel. I’m glad it filters through as inspiring.

      June 1, 2015
  5. Joan said:

    Wow – reading more about your site and your life. I always find it so interesting to hear other people’s stories. You give me inspiration to go for the freedom and the joy of a laptop lifestyle.

    Thanks, my friend!!!!


    October 16, 2015
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Joan. Thanks for revisiting. I’m glad you can find some inspiration on these pages.

      October 19, 2015

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