5 Top Textbroker Complaints From Freelance Authors and a couple redeemers.

Textbroker Complaints ReviewTextbroker Review For Freelance Authors by The Cashed Up Nomad.

I’ve been searching for a freelance agent that doesn’t charge the worker to work. Textbroker is unique as the only one, so far, to be 100% fee free for authors.

But, before you sign up to Textbroker, see these 5 most common complaints from freelance authors.

Heads Up; Freelancing is the simple exchange of writing content to order, for cash. It is not about creativity or passion or writing about what interests you. If you want to let your creative juices flow, it would be more satisfying and far more rewarding to have your own niche website.

Name; Textbroker International

Website; Textbroker.com

Owner/Founder; Jan Becker-Fochler – LinkedIn

CEO ; Phillip Thune – LinkedIn

                                              My Rating; 60/100


Textbroker international head office is in Las Vegas Nevada, US, plus overseas branches in Germany, UK, France, Portugal and USSR. Founded in 2007, Textbroker is an agency who connects freelance authors to businesses wanting to outsource their content production.  

5 Most Common Textbroker Complaints From Authors;

# Number 1 Complaint –

“The Pay is too low.”  

In 2016 Textbroker pays a 4 star author  $42.00 for a 3000 word open order. I am a self rated 5 star author. When I was first published 20 years ago, I was earning $70.00 for 800 word articles in high distribution magazines. Why is it so dramatically low? Technology has improved Textbroker must be taking a huge slice of the fee to clients. See my final conclusion about how to earn far more money.

5 top text broker complaints
Calculate Here How Much You Can Earn at Textbroker International

So, how does Textbroker calculate earnings? They have 3 different ‘order’ systems, each paying a different rate of pay. 

  • Open Order = 1.4 cents per word…..For authors who like a flexible work schedule and want to choose projects as often as they like.
  • Direct Order = 3 – 5 cents per word…..For authors who prefer to work with specific clients exclusively and like to receive orders on a regular basis.
  • Team Order = 2-5 cents per word…..For authors who regularly want to write for specific clients and/or projects.
Textbroker Complaints from Freelance Authors
Textbroker Order/Star /Payment system

To figure your personal star rating, you will need to submit a sample article of 200 words for evaluation by the editors. You will be awarded 1 to 5 star quality rating based on spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, style and readability.

Textbroker Complaints from Freelance Authors

# 2nd Most Common Complaint –

“Random demotion for punctuation discrepancies.”

This complaint is commonly mentioned by authors who have had their star rating downgraded because of the use, or misuse, of too many commas. The use of serial commas, otherwise known as the Oxford comma, has been inconsistently penalised by Textbroker editors. The confusion leaves authors uncertain as to which punctuation method is officially acceptable. It seems that some editors allow Oxford commas and some don’t.

Yes. On first impression this sounds like nitpicking until you consider the financial impact a star demotion has on an author’s payout. Unfortunately, it may takes months for Textbroker to review and reinstate a star rating. So it can be costly to work at the 3 star level, when you previously earned 4 star pay.

It is suggested that Textbroker’s illogical penalties for serial commas enables a mass downgrade. This is seen by some as a cost cutting exercise to benefit the company and certainly not the authors.

# 3rd most common complaint –

“Textbroker requires too many personal details from authors.”

Authors have understandable reservations about ID security since Textbroker has recently introduced new ID policies. Now, only US citizens and residents can write for Textbroker.com. Upon registration an author must provide official government issued ID documents proving residency and IRS compliance.  

They store all personal details ie; drivers licence or passport, bank details, email and residential addresses, birthdates etc. It’s not suggested that Textbroker will abuse this information but it does risk your ID being vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves.

Non US Freelancers must apply to Textbroker in their country of residence.

Textbroker clients can choose to have their content in German, English (US & UK), French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (BR & PT), Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian.

Germany – Textbroker.de

Russia – Бюро копирайтинга Textbroker.ru

United Kingdom – Textbroker.co.uk

France – Textbroker.fr

# 4th most common complaint –

“The work is mundane, boring.”

Textbroker has an extensive list of subjects for writers in all areas of expertise. Yet, authors often complain about how tedious it is to write about subjects you have little or no interest in. The demand for content mills to churn out volumes of articles is huge in all of these categories. It’s also where you can lose valuable hours trying to find a topic that doesn’t bore you to death.

animals arts and crafts automobile beauty
business children computer diet
economy education environment esoterism
fashion finances games health
history hobbies home and family horoscopes
hotels humor internet jewelry
jobs languages law literature
logistics marketing media miscellaneous
movies music news plants
politics presents press releases programming
real estate recipes science shopping
software sports sweepstakes technology
telecommunication television translations travel reviews

# 5th and most repeated complaint

“Writing Promotional Material and CTAs For Products You Know Nothing About”.

The thing is, people aren’t stupid. Most readers online have very well developed BullShit detectors. Unfortunately, a lot of the orders at Textbroker will be asking you to write ‘fake’ comments, reviews and press releases,  expounding the amazing qualities of…well something you have never heard of, let alone know enough to make an informed report on.

The only way to get legitimately informed is to do your research. The catch here is clients don’t pay for the research time. So your meagre earnings are further reduced.

Is Textbroker any better than other freelance agencies?

In the end, only you can decide which agent suits your needs. Meanwhile, here are the good points that make Textbroker unique.

  • Textbroker is 100% free of charge to authors.
  • You can work from home or most other locations and choose your own writing schedule.
  • You will be paid for every word you write, twice per month through Paypal with a $10. minimum payout.
  • The interface is simple to use.

My Conclusion;

Textbroker stands out because it really is free for authors. If you can figure a way to produce huge amounts of content fast, it is possible to earn $1000 dollars per month. Freelancers get paid once for each article they write, unlike affiliate marketers, where one article can earn repeat payments over and over.

OK, an author has to start somewhere and build their reputation. But you won’t get well known through the content mills. Sadly, freelance authorship, no matter which agent you work for, will never be attributed. Textbroker clients typically publish your content without a signature.

Personally, I believe you are worth more.

There are better ways to get well paid and recognised for your good work. Like I said earlier, a niche website will satisfy your creativity better than slogging the keys for someone else. Once your site is set up it will pay better than freelancing and eventually earn a passive income.

Would You Like To Learn A Way to Make Money Online Without Jumping Through Someone Else’s Hoops?

best way to make money online

Here is how it works for me.

On this website I have pages written 18 months ago. They contain affiliate links to help readers find exactly what they need to know and where to get it. If the reader chooses to buy through my link, I get paid a commission. One 3000 word article here pays me $200.00 over and over and over and I get acknowledged as the author and I have full control of my content and opinion. These are the important points that make my writing challenging and rewarding.

See where I got started here.

To understand how to set up a niche website go to my # Top Recommended Way to Learn How To Earn Money Online.

Name; Textbroker Internationalthumbs down

Website; Textbroker.com

Owners/Founder; Jan Becker-Fochler  – LinkedIn

CEO ; Phillip Thune – LinkedIn

My Rating; 60/100

The Cashed Up Nomad
Janelle, The Cashed Up Nomad, always sniffing out safe ways to make money online.

Hey, if you would like to add a comment below, I’d love to hear from you. Do you need more info?

Go far and Go well from Janelle,

Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com where you can earn your fredom online.

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  1. Derek Marshall said:

    Hi Janelle,

    Great article and I am quite surprised as to how lowly you rate this agency. Sure pay is cr*ap but a 5 star author can pull in $50 per 1000 word article which equates to a nice $1,000 monthly if the writer can produce just one article per day Monday-Friday.

    I actually like the fact that they are strict as to who they accept as writers based on residency as it cuts out somewhat non-native speakers and acts as a back up to their rating system. You know as well as I do that someone from outer Mongolia would be happy to send you 1,000 words of poorly written content with a whole host of errors for $17!

    Interestingly, this does make Text Brokers an interesting place for bloggers and content marketers to find and get quality content written for them. Have you used their service in this way? if so what was your experience and how much did they charge for a 1,000 word article?

    September 18, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Thanks for your input Derek. I gave it the thumbs down as a way to earn honest and lucrative money online while travelling. That’s what my website is about. Textbroker is not lucrative and the new US Resident policy does not support an international mobile lifestyle.

      I don’t know about you, but for me to write 1000 word article from scratch about something I know nothing about…takes time, at least a few hours. There is no way I want to invest that much time for $50 once, let alone 5 days a week.! My time is worth more. Like I said, I was earning $70.00 for 800 words 20 years ago! and I did not have a huge reputation.

      There are very few five star authors at Textbroker and there are plenty of US resident authors who are non-native english speakers and are also capable of poorly written content with a host of errors for $17.

      Put simply, Quality content is not cheap and it should stay that way for the health of the industry. Cutting payment just causes authors to churn the spin mill harder and faster, sweatshop style. The author suffers, the reader suffers and the client can’t possibly expect to benefit from rubbish content.

      No, I have not bought content through Textbroker. I don’t support their system. If you want to buy content, Upwork authors produce quality work. The good ones cost more. My preferred premium article service is at Human Proof Designs…where you get a 10 pack of 1000 word great articles for $200 US.

      Give me affiliate marketing any day. I get paid $200 for a 3000 word article, not once, but over and over.

      Thanks dude, Janelle

      September 18, 2016
  2. Glen said:

    Your site is quite bright and inviting!
    Your article on the 5 Most Common Textbroker Complaints From Authors was intriguing. It reminded me of the days when I was writing for a few content mills. Talk about boring, Yeesh! I could feel my creativity seeping out of me drip by drip.
    I wish you well on all your future endeavors!

    September 21, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Thanks Glen. Yes there are some way cooler ways for writers and hobbyists to make money online. One place I know of where a writer gets treated well has an arrangement where the ‘ghost writers’ produce a package of 10 articles for a client, allowing a work flow focussed on one subject , instead of jumping from niche to niche. It creates stability for the author and continuity for the content buyer. Win win. You can find out more about them in my HPD review. Cheers. J

      September 21, 2016
  3. Travis Smithers said:

    I’ve never been that familiar with how companies would pay somebody for writing articles, and I can see from the information you supply here that you need to know your stuff if you plan to make any real money at it.

    Just considering the downgrading of a star rating for punctuation would be enough for me to find a better method. I see you do recommend an alternative method.

    Does your recommendation have better leniency for writing and improving as you go?

    September 23, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Travis. I did mention that you can earn more money at Upwork. As you build your confidence and refine your skills and learn how to rise above Average Joe as an author, then you can charge more for your work. Pleas see my Upwork review with tips on how you can stand out from the mob.

      I found another interesting site yesterday for freelance authors. I have not reviewed it yet, but it seems very civilised to me. ProBlogger Jobs Board. Take a look, there are a million content sites around now.


      September 24, 2016
  4. rule2020 said:

    This article is very informative and educational for people who wants to try their luck at Textbroker. You clearly exposed what’s inside this platform and what are the things people can expect.

    The rating of 60/100 strongly suggests that it is better to find other options than focus on this one because of the very low benefits that you can get.

    Your guidance is truly appreciated.

    November 29, 2016
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      hi. Yes text broker was recommended to me by someone who hired writers. He was happy with the low fees he paid.

      When I looked closer I found those fees were unsustainable for freelancers.

      November 29, 2016

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