21 Powerful Tips On What To Make A Killer Website About

It’s really frustrating to get stuck at step one …. What Am I Going To Make A Website About!

You either have too many choices or no freaking clue! Right? You want your website to be awesome and inspiring. You want it to be popular. You want it to make money. You are almost afraid to make the wrong move!

In this article I’ve packed 21 solid strategies that will help you decide, with confidence, what to make a website about.

Your website will be awesome because the tips we cover here are backed by research and  data. I’ll show you how to find the data and see for yourself, the potential of your site.

You are about to lay the foundations for online success with these powerfultips.

  • What are the 6 Pillars Of A Successful Website and how to apply them to any idea.
  • Where To Find Niche Products To Create Wealth
  • 10 Trending Niche Ideas, All With A Promising Future
  • A case study; How ‘Average Joe’ Tested His Idea For A Website
  • 5 Hot Tips To Guarantee A Good Website Choice

A niche is just a group of people who share a common interest.

A website can be about almost anything.

You can roll a dice to choose a random idea to make a website about. Believe me, the world is full of niches. A niche is just a group of people who share a common interest. Your niche  website, when you decide on it, is going to provide useful information and advice to the group of people with the same interest.

Every one of us have many interests  

each of those interests is a potential niche. 

It Seems Crazy, but ‘Dice rolling’ could actually be a niche!

In fact I just did 1 minute of research on ‘dice games’ and the result is surprising.

I found there are 8,554 monthly searches on the internet for stuff about ‘dice games’. This level of interest in dicey stuff is a topic you could make a website about.

It would help a lot if you actually cared about dice games. Why? Because you will be spending a lot of time on your niche.

Meet Average Joe, our budding entrepreneur.

Joe is deciding what to make a website about. He has an interest in Muay Thai Boxing. Actually, he is completely nuts about Muay Thai Boxing. He wants to practice it more, learn more, train harder, maybe teach it, read more about it, watch movies about Muay Thai.

You could say Joe’s passion is Muay Thai Boxing and he’d like to make a website about it. Joe wants to earn money from his website, quit his day job, travel to Thailand and be a boxing entrepreneur. We will see the  steps he takes using the 6 P’s to test his website idea before he launches. 

Use the 6 Pillars of a successful niche to test out your website idea.

The 6 P’s of a profitable niche site.

  • Popularity

    – Is your audience big enough? How much interest is there about your niche topic?

  • Problem

    – Identify the Problems your readers have and find ways to help them solve it. Not necessarily bad problems, any kind of problem. Some examples could be; Mary’s new baby has a problem with colic, she is searching online for a natural remedy. Alan wants help with the gear box on his Chevy restoration project, he is searching for a repair guide or an expert in old gear boxes. Enid wants new for recipes for preserving lots of pumpkin, she is searching for  people who have knowledge to share.

  • Product

    – In order to make money from a website you need to find the best products  to promote to your audience/niche. There are many companies who want you to review and recommend their products. This is called affiliate marketing and you, the publisher, gets paid commission on sales that come through your website. 

  • Purchasing Trends

    – Use free online statistics to determine if buyer interest in your niche is consistent, or increasing or if interest is dropping off.

  • Players 

    –   Players are your competition. A manual search in Google will show you how powerful are the other players  in your chosen niche. If your keywords keep turning up e-commerce sites and huge authority sites in the first 5 or 6 positions on page one, you may have to reconsider the niche.                                                                                                                         Note; don’t be put off by the high authority of Wikipedia, Facebook and Youtube.  You can work with them.                           The good news is, if there are lots of small affiliate sites playing your niche, well, you have every chance of out ranking them by making your content better than theirs.

  • Persistence

    – Yes building a profitable website takes time, just like building a new bricks and mortar business. Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

    The 6 P’s are the foundations of your online success.

How Average Joe Applied The 6 P’s  to his idea (and you can too).

Because there are 3.4 billion people online, Joe knew a website was the best way to reach other Muay Thai fans.

Turns out there are 11,004 monthly searches on the internet relating to Muay Thai, which means that his niche has a good size audience.

= Popularity = Yes!

What To Make A Website About How Big Is The Audience
Check Your Audience Interest in a Website Topic with Jaaxy, which shows monthly search volume for any given term

Where can you get  search statistics?

Well, Joe went to the free version of Jaaxy, which is a keyword research tool. He just typed Muay Thai in to the search box and whoosh! Jaaxy collates all search data for that term from the main search engines like Google, Bing and Youtube. 

See how many times per month your niche keywords are searched. Jaaxy lets you search up to 30 different keywords for free.



What kind of problems will a website audience need help with?

To get an idea of what people are asking for help with you can simply Google your niche keywords. Look for forums and blogs about the things in your niche. Facebook is also a place to find the problems people need help with. Search with words commo to your niche.

In Joe’s niche, people were searching for information on Muay Thai Gyms,  training tips and videos, ways to avoid getting injured, ways to build stamina, movies about Muay Thai, information about legend fighters, training videos and self defence tips, Youtube videos on technique, training gear, heros and legends, nutrition advice, famous Thai fighters, shin guards, head gear, kick pads, treatment for pain!

= Problems = Yes!

HOT TIP 1. The three most popular niche arenas are Health, Relationships and Money.

Because those terms are extremely broad, you need to narrow down your area of focus so you can be the ‘expert’ in your field.

For example; If you are interested in nutrition ( which is still a very broad category) you could narrow your website to ‘Healing Teas’ or a tighter focus like ‘Matcha Tea’, which is in the Health – nutrition niche.

See the statistics below on Matcha Tea in  ‘10 trending niche ideas with a promising future’. 

Where To Find Niche products that create wealth?

First, go to Amazon and eBay and type in your niche keyword. You will get a good an idea of how many products you can relate to your niche. Eg; If your niche is ‘men’s shavers’ you will see thousands of shaving products and accessories.

At Amazon, Joe found 183 Muay Thai products listed, mostly Kindle books and videos. When he digs a little deeper there are Muay Thai related products for muscle building, nutrition, pain relief, equipment, apparel.

The product listing on eBay looks like a gold mine! eBay listed 2,156 Muay Thai products!  

= Products = Yes!


What To Make A Website About - Are There Suitable Products For Your Niche?
Amazon and eBay have massive product listings in every niche. There are many other places to find good products to promote.


HOT TIP 2; Remember many products  also carry an extensive line of accessories. Eg; 3D printers use various consumables like Filament and parts. The shaving category carries razors of every description plus creams, after shaves, colognes and hundreds of other men’s grooming items. 

Where to find Purchasing Trend Statistics.

Joe went to the Google Trends –  Explore and typed in Muay Thai Boxing. Google Trends collate the data and you can see daily, monthly or yearly trend reports on most topics. It is very easy to use, just type in a word that describes your niche idea.

The graphs that come up will tell you if buyer’s interest in that market is rising or falling or steady.

Joe’s Muay Thai niche shows a steady buying interest over many years.

= Positive Purchasing Trend = Yes!

What To Make A Website About. GTrends Purchasing Trends Research
Google Trends shows buyer interest in mUay Thai Boxing is steady over the past 5 years and rising now.

Scrolling down to the G Trends page you will see a  geographic chart (pictured below). It shows which countries Joe’s largest audience are located.

What To Make A Website About - demographics GTrends research
The majority of Joe’s audience is located in Australia, Thailand, UK and Canada with USA and Spain interested, but to a lesser degree.


HOT TIP 3; Watch for spikes in trends. Some spikes are caused by Christmas shopping and others are definitely seasonal, like say, ‘Hooded Snow Jackets’ , they will obviously slump in summer.
HOT TIP 4; Scroll further down the Google Trends page to  ‘related queries’. In Joe’s search of related query ..Muay Thai Boxing Near Me shows it is rising + 1200%.
HOT TIP 5; When looking for article ideas for your website scroll down the Google Trends to ‘related topics’ on the bottom left. This is an awesome place to find high trending topics to discuss with your audience. The top  related topic in Joe’s Muay Thai Boxing niche is hugely popular Conor McGregor, martial artist. It’s a ‘Breakout’. What are the hottest topics in your niche right now?
What To Make A Website About GTrends Research - related queries
I don’t know why they print it so pale, but look closely and you will see how these search terms are rated in GTrends data. If you see “Breakout” instead of a percentage, it means that the search term grew by more than 5000%.

Look To Amazon and eBay for more Purchasing Trends

Joe found more positive information about purchasing trends by checking the bestseller lists at Amazon Bestseller.

eBay also shows which products are  trending on their best seller lists.

Positive Purchasing Trend = YES!

How Tough is the Competition in your niche? Who are the top PLAYERS?

A simple google with your keyword will show who is ranking on page one for that particular term. Don’t worry about page 2 or 3 or whatever, because no-one ever goes there anymore! The main Players are on page one. 

Investigating other Players in your niche is also known as SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) which is a way of analysing competition. In terms of competition for Joe, he found 3 encouraging signs that this niche is promising.

  1. There are no paid ads on page one
  2. The only authority sites were Youtube and Wikipedia
  3. The other Players had low Page Authority and Low Domain Authority

When there are many Youtube entries and only a few blog entries this means that Joe has a big opportunity to rank for many keywords in this niche, with blog content. He may choose to incorporate some of the Youtube videos in his posts, which becomes a win win, double exposure for both parties.

Wikipedia just IS! It is in every niche. I don’t class it as competition, in fact, I like to link to Wikipedia in my posts when appropriate.

To Find Page Authority and Domain Authority of the other players, Joe used a free tool called  MOZ. When the other players have low PA and DA (anything under 35) makes it easier for Joe to outrank them….thus getting close to the top of page one for each well researched keyword he uses…..which is where we all want to be, Right?

= Players Beatable = Yes!

Persistence will be rewarded – Rewards foster persistence.

10 trending niche ideas with very promising futures;

Niche Monthly searches Products Purchasing Trend
3D Printers 68,333 Machines, parts +


Drones   138,770 Vast range + accessories Growing
Matcha Tea 10,395 expensive consumables + accessories Exponential Growth
Adult coloring books 8,685 Consumables + accessories, watch for new products Spikes at Christmas and growing
Ultra HD TV 43, 572 Large Range of sizes/prices Spikes on Black Friday Sales plus growth
Compost Tumbler 5,656 Large product range Very seasonal – steady
Wedding Cake Toppers 10,467 Vast Range Steady – seasonal
Cigars 33,958 Pricey, portable + many accessories Steady
Stand Up Paddle Board 6,783 High Price,  Big Range   + lots of Accessories Steady – big in Australia

Are you ready to get started on a website?

The quickest way to get a websites is at Wealthy Affiliate. They also teach everything you need about how to build a website the right way, with a solid foundation. When it’s done correctly, no matter what you make a website about, it will pay you for years to come.

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Is Your Best Niche Right Under Your Nose?
Often, when  people get stuck on what to make a website about, they are ignoring the stuff they already know so much about… like their career!
If you have worked as a cake decorator for 15 years, you are an expert. It is a good niche, why would you go choose meditation or cycling as a niche?
If you have worked as a Phlebotomist for ever, you are an expert, it’s a good niche!
Are you a four wheel drive mechanic? Niche.
Are you a body piercer? Niche
I understand how you want to break free and do something different, but you don’t have to. It can be hugely rewarding to compile all your existing knowledge, experience and expertise into a very helpful (and profitable) website. You already have most of the answers to your audience problems!
A website is a great way to make money from the skills you already have.
Do the 5 P’s on your existing knowledge you can share.

I hope this article has helped you uncover what to make your website about. I am excited to hear your plans. Let me know in the comment section below.

Want to learn exactly how to make money online with a website?

best way to make money online

Hey, if you need help with this website niche stuff, I’m pretty sure I can help.  Please drop me a line.

Go well from Janelle,

Founder of The Cashed Up Nomad.com    Where We Earn Our Freedom Online

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  1. Nick said:

    You provide some very useful tips. Some of which I use on a day to day basis, and others I haven’t even thought of. As a blogger and affiliate marketer, its so important to know what trends are popular and what people are searching for. I personally use Jaaxy and it’s a power house.
    I actually never thought of using Amazon best seller list. It’s a brilliant idea that I’m going to utilize in just a few mins =D

    January 18, 2017
    • Janelle B.M. said:

      Hi Nick. Jaaxy is good.

      But the most powerful feature in this list, in my opinion, is the Google Trends – related topics and queries. When you get good at the art of article writing using some of the suggested related topics, your traffic goes nuts.!

      Using the muay thai example, if you wrote a post along the lines of “Learn to fight like Conor” your audience will be so drawn to it, all ages too.

      Thanks for stopping by. J

      January 18, 2017

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